Is Your Name On This List, And Will That Prevent You From Buying Another Gun?


Anti-gunners have an ugly history of abusing government power to strip people of their right to bear arms (which, for many people, effectively leaves those people defenseless). It’s evil and wrong even when well-intentioned.

Now, we have another example of that ugly tendency in action as the Biden administration looks for ways to steal American’s rights, and this one may affect U.S. citizens who had previously not been effected by Federal gun control efforts. John R. Lott and Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) write,

When the [U.S. No Fly List] first started being compiled in 2003, no one would have dreamed that so many names would end up on it. Even as late as 2009, there were 400,000 names — little more than a fifth of today’s number. The fact that almost 2 million people are on the terror watch list is a sad testament to the power that we give unnamed and unaccountable bureaucrats and should caution those who wish to use the list as a basis for far-reaching policies.

Being on the watch list doesn’t mean that you are guilty of anything. You can be on the list simply because the FBI wants to interview you about someone you might know. As of 2014, about 40 percent of people on the watch list were under “reasonable suspicion” despite having “no affiliation with known terrorist groups.” People can get nominated for the list by various government agencies, and no oversight agency exists to ensure that these additions are justified.

The Democrats want to strip all 2 million of these people of their Second Amendment rights. When he was president, Barack Obama called for a ban on gun sales to people on the watch list. Sen. Dianne Feinstein tried to add a ban as a budget amendment in 2016, but Republicans blocked it. Republicans had their version of the ban, but they at least required a court hearing before people were listed, which was unacceptable to Democrats.

So, you might be asking, if Republicans blocked the Democrats bill, what is the concern? Lott and Massie answer:


People shouldn’t lose their right to protect their families because some unnamed bureaucrat put their name on a list for some unknown reason. With Democrats in complete control of Washington for the first time since they started pushing this legislation, we’d better keep an eye on what they might try to sneak into this year’s budget.

Lott and Massie are right. With Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer controlling Washington, D.C., Second Amendment advocates need to remain vigilant because all three of those leftists would love nothing more than to strip Americans of gun rights.



  1. That is pure asinine to think that a bureaucratic government agency could strip you of your rights without due process in the court of law, that is just pure evil and against all constitutional norms, both by federal and or state laws to enact such unconstitutional laws against the law abiding citizen of this country!!!!

    • Especially the Takings Clause of the 5A: “No one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law and property without just compensation.” Guess what: confiscation is unConstitutional!

      • I’d like to remind you BOTH of how many CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS they have already broken ( INCLUDING : PROTECTING OUR BOARDERS ) !!! According to OUR CONSTITUTION , it is IMPOSSIBLE ! According to bidden & company , THEY DON’T GIVE A SHIT about our CONSTITUTION !!! AMERICA is in trouble !!!

        • Tracy read the patriot act. I dunno if this repub voted 4 or against but the Patriot Act destroyed the 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendments of the Bill of Rights which were not to be changed EVER. This is why I cant stand ANY POLITICIAN! I will leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Those who give up their liberties and freedoms under the guise of safety and security, will get none and deserve none”.

          • You are a true Patriot, Sir, or Ma’am and deserve all the respect that you have earned!
            However, I love this quote, and I let it be my by-word. I think the last word should be neither.

  2. You’re a fucking scumbag charging the american people something they should know for free. Matter of fact you can download these same instructions from the internet. For free. Profiting from terror is just as bad as dems trying to strip our constitutional rights

  3. I have family members with my same name, I’ve also seen complete strangers with n it as well so, yeah there is that.

  4. This is just another fragment of the deceit imposed upon the American citizens by G W Bush’s ( RINO elite ) so called ” Patriot Act” after the fear created from the 9/11 attack. ( which he (GWB) helped cause with his TSA polices)! Beware, It was one those , ” Vote for it and then, you can see what’s in it ” bills !!

  5. This bill cannot prohibit me from purchasing another gun for two reasons: one, I’ve never purchased a gun before and two, I rarely fly. The best way to take care of this matter, and many others plaguing our nation for the last several decades, is for people to quit voting for Democrats or Republicans, and put a party or people in place that actually care about what is right for the majority of American citizens. As it is, the two major Parties have focused on what is good for the wealthy and the corporations, at the expense of the working class, and they have been doing this for the last fifty years. This is shown by the fact that jobs moved overseas, the financial industry was deregulated, and the wealthiest 1% held 8% of the nation’s money before 1970, and now hold over 42% of it. Government policies allowed all this to happen, regardless of which Party was in power.

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