Should This Pistol Be Your New Home Defense Firearm?

Image courtesy Beretta USA.

Beretta is a manufacturer whose name has been out there for a number of years, though, unlike some manufacturers (like Smith & Wesson, for example), people new to the gun market may still think of their Chevy coupe from their teenage years when they hear “Beretta.”

That’s not what we’re talking about here.

No, today we’re talking about a performance pistol from Beretta that, at least, one reviewer suggests may be a good choice for your next home defense firearm. Aron Bright writes,


Beretta’s new 92X Performance 9 mm pistol ($1,399, is a nice-looking handgun with the kind of eye appeal that demands it be picked up and handled. When you first pick it up out of the case you cannot help but notice its heft. This is no wonder nine polymer pistol; it is a steel-frame handgun with a little bit of heft that lends to its durable and rugged feel. This isn’t your ordinary 92, but a race-ready-built model packed with features.

Bright continues:

The 92X Performance blends parts of other 92 variants to build the ultimate race-ready firearm. The dual tone look of the gun is achieved, according to the Beretta website, by using a Nistan finish to treat the frame and slide surfaces, with the contrast provided by the black burnished barrel, black grips and small parts. It starts with the Vertec steel frame and the Brigadier slide, which take the weight of this hefty beast to 48.4 ounces including magazine. The weight increases pistol stability and reduces muzzle flip. Also found on the frame are the oversized magazine release button as well as nicely machined checkered front and rear that grab the hand when firing. The trigger guard is relieved and the beavertail is extended, allowing for a very high grip. The fiber-optic front sight is a proven performer in daylight conditions. The black rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The sights on this handgun are fine right out of the box.

And Bright concludes:

To summarize the features, the 92X Performance has everything the competitive shooter and the defensive shooter needs right out of the box. It is a fine-looking pistol and it has great ergonomics. The trigger is good to go as well. This is not just a new model of Beretta, it is an enhanced and improved Beretta pistol designed to take the podium in competitive pistol matches.

Bright also spoke well of the accuracy and trigger break on the Beretta 92X Performance when range testing the pistol with four different drills.

All-in-all, Bright obviously thought well of the pistol, so, if you’re in the market for a performance pistol for competition purposes or a pistol for home defense, the 92X Performance may be a pistol to consider.



  1. As a Beretta armorer I will not say anything bad about the basic 92 platform in any of its various iterations – it is a good solid pistol. The only comment I will make is that it is large and may not be ‘ideal’ for everyone. As the Templar Knight advised Indiana Jones – “choose wisely”.
    Full disclosure: I own an M9 variant.

  2. The Beretta 92 series is an excellent platform. I own a 92A1 and an M9. IMHO, the 92 is one of the most accurate pistols right out of the box, you can buy. It is a Full size gun, and is much harder to CC than Compacts and Sub Compacts. Not impossible to CC, just harder. It is a handful for those with small hands (not a problem for my meathooks, but for my wife it is).
    I’ve 3 staged firearms for home defense, not counting my CC weapon. Both of my 92’s occupy the quick access safes I use to stage. The 3rd safe has my Walther PPQ M2 in .40 S&W.

    I’ve not jumped on the Red Dot craze for pistols. As a retreat on a fixed income, it’s an expense I’d have to save towards, both for the Optic and replacing/modifying the current slides. I’ll most likely have a gunsmith mill my current slides, because it’s the less costly than replacing them. I like the Red Dots I have on 2 of my AR’s. Target acquisition is faster than Iron sights, especially with my aging eyes. The same for my CC weapon, a SIG P365.

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