Glock Toting Representative Gives This HARD Truth About How To Help Women


I like Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert. If you’ll remember, Boebert is the owner of a Colorado restaurant which encourages open carry of firearms (see here for more on that), fought and won the right to carry her Glock on her person on Capitol Hill (see here for more on that), and (possibly) my favorite: she trolls anti-gun members of the House of Representatives on every Zoom call (see here for more on that).

She is the type of Second Amendment advocating member of Congress that Americans deserve to have.

And, now, she’s gone after one of the political left’s sacred cows, and her solution to the problem will leave you nodding your head because it just makes so much sense. Micaiah Bilger writes,


Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert called out pro-abortion lawmakers Wednesday for promoting the lie that rape victims need to abort their unborn babies.

Boebert, a pro-life Republican, said women need guns to be able to defend themselves from sexual assault, not abortions, The Independent reports.

“‘Rape victims need abortion.’ Wrong. They need love. They need support. They need safety and healing. They needed a Glock 19 when it happened,” she told lawmakers on the U.S. House floor. “Rather than focusing on the baby, it’s time to focus on the [rapist].”

Speaking to Democrat Congressional leaders as they prepare to vote on a radical pro-abortion bill, Boebert refuted several lies about the killing of unborn babies in abortions, according to the report.

“The first lie is that abortion is beneficial to women,” she said, according to the Washington Newsday. “That’s some CNN fake news right there.”

Now, my point here isn’t to get into the debate about the legality of abortion. We’re focusing on guns here.

I will say, though, that Boebert is right on point. Rape victims need to have firearms to protect themselves from rapists. Women trained and carrying a firearm will radically reduce rapes and, therefore, the need that leftists perceive for abortion.

But empowering women to be able to defend themselves from violence, apparently, makes too much sense for political leftists (of which anti-gunners are almost always) to even consider. Which is tragic for women who deserve to be able to defend themselves from violence.



  1. The Looney Left has wasted so much time and money on creating entitlements and social narratives to enslave to population, they’ve lost sight of our basic human rights. Everyone has the right to defend themselves from any threat.

    You will always be your own first responder. If you decide to take responsibility for your own safety, get proper training. Speaking of training, it is far more important to understand the laws around self-defense than it is to be able to place 50 rounds of 9mm in a 1-inch group at 25 yards. Also, take out liability and legal insurance.

  2. I am truly in love with this congress woman! Kick some ass and take their names so we can have those commie traitors removed from office, tried and convicted! Sent to a jail in Tibet. Keep up the great fight for you voters and the american way!

  3. An intelligent, ballsy, attractive woman! Everything the dems hate, watch your back Lauren!!

  4. My daughter and my daughter in law are both carrying, permitted, and deadly shots.
    I taught my children to fire a weapon when the found my S&W Airweight, 2″ barrel. That same afternoon, I picked up the ammo, ( well concealed), a friend with a 22LR and in the desert we went shooting.
    Both kids experts. Then we went for heavier Cal. They both went in military and played with REAL toys then!
    My kids were 4 and older! START THEM YOUNG!
    Get your dogs used to the shotgun and rifle too!

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