Is This Really The ‘Thinnest, Smallest, And Lightest Micro-Compact Pistol On The Market?’

Image courtesy Diamondback Firearms.

As you likely know, the micro compact pistol market is red hot right now. The fact that you can carry so many rounds in such a small, concealable package is a huge appeal to many people.

Of course, recent shootings and the anti-gun hysterics in both the legacy media and from anti-2A politicians are driving that buying frenzy, too. Many people are buying now before they need the firearm (which is, hopefully, never) and before the government has a chance to prevent people from being able to legally buy a firearm to protect themselves.

With that in mind, Diamondback Firearms has a microcompact that is looking to its own claim to fame in the micro compact sector of the market. Friedrich Seiltgen writes,


Now we’re looking at the newly modified DB9 9mm Micro-Compact.  Diamondback firearms describes their new Gen 4 DB9 as the thinnest, smallest, & lightest Micro-Compact pistol on the market!

Diamondback Firearms got feedback from its customers and unlike many corporations, actually used it!  They gave the DB9 all the upgrades customers asked for.

The DB9 is chambered in 9mm with a six round capacity. It has a barrel length of 3.1 inches, overall length of 5.73 inches, width of 0.9 inches, and weighs 13.4 ounces.

In other words, this is a small, thin pistol.

Seiltgen continues:

The DB9 is a great EDC pistol that gives you pocket-sized 9mm firepower in a pistol the size of the Ruger LCP.

That’s a ringing endorsement of this pistol’s size, considering that one of the main draws of the Ruger LCP is the small size, though, many people would prefer their pistol chambered in 9mm instead of .380. If you’re one of those people who wants a really small pistol (without it being a single shot emergency back up pistol) but prefer 9mm rounds, then, the Diamondback DB9 may be a pistol for you to consider.



  1. I have a DB9 G4. It fits in the pocket holster I used to use for my LCP, and it has taken the spot in my pocket that the LCP used to occupy. Compact, reliable, and I can easily put two center mass at 7 yards.

    Highly recommended.

  2. I have a Kel-tec PF9 that I had all of the steel parts Hard Chromed, after doing some smoothing on parts. It works for me, without any problems. This gun is Ultra-Light, and won’t cause any sagging, when kept in a pocket.

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