You Won’t Believe The RACIST Accusation 1 Professor Made Against Gun Owners


Have you noticed how people on the anti-2A side of the political spectrum like to accuse pro-gun people of being racists? It’s a common accusation from them, and they repeat it likes its a mantra.

It’s really disturbing, if you think about it.

What makes it especially offensive, though, is that the people who make the accusation of racism against legal gun owners are completely blind to the racism that they, themselves, push.


A recent example of this comes from a law professor, of all people, at a major American University. Dave Huber writes,

A Georgetown University law professor says Americans are “slaves” to the U.S. Constitution as their adherence to that document — written by a “tiny group of white slave-owning men” — has turned the country into a “war zone.”

Rosa Brooks made the comparison yesterday on MSNBC’s Joy Reid show and highlighted the recent mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

Now, notice that this law professor (at Georgetown!) apparently has no clue about the racist history of gun control (see here for more about that).

In fact, many of the founding fathers of this country both opposed slavery and opposed subjugating African-Americans, and those founding fathers worked to find ways around laws so that they could legally free their slaves. You can read up on both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington for information on that. It was actually the state governments that legally prevented them from being able to free their slaves during their lifetimes.

So, we see that both chattel slavery, and desegregation after that, were both kept in place by government and the racism put into place by governments. And what is the best way to be able to prevent government from oppressing any portion of the population? To allow that portion of the population to be armed.

Yes, guns help to prevent racism in a society, yet, one of the people who teach our children, the future lawyers and legislators in America, says that guns and gun owners are to blame for racism.

She has it completely backwards and is pushing for a situation in which racism could be reinstated on a massive scale in America.

This ignorant “teacher” is yet another example of why we need to keep educating people about the truth.



  1. Is there any organization, anyone who has, can or will form the country to save the Constitution of America?

    • Stupidity should hurt the afflicted with massive headaches and heartaches. You just can’t fix STUPID, but, you can end it. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C.

    • Jerry Nadler can hurt US with his hate filled and controlling attempts to make us slaves.

  2. So, a law professor thinks that the American People are somehow forced to obey the letter of the Constitution. What would happen if those same People voted out every incumbent and put in candidates who would be willing to change the Constitution for the better? Or, what would happen if those newly elected officials declared that the document must be upheld as our Founding Fathers intended, with no separation of Church and State, no separation or favoring of citizens by race or financial standing, and no power in the hands of the federal government not assigned to it by the Constitution? Did this professor consider how many of the People would simply stop obeying unfair directives from the government?

  3. There are some stupid people in this world who think the world will be better if guns are taken what fools,this government full of broken promises cares for no one but there pay raises and the moment firearms are confiscated all hell will break loose .this government loves where the trickery lies, unwilling to show disclosure because a contract is the meeting of the minds .and this must be carried out truth in the contract, trust the government now no way, they are evil and break agreements look at the indigenous red man, the broken promises,evil and corrupt legislation is the way murder and terrorism is the nature
    the almighty God Will judge real soon
    all people believe in is the debt note which is a trick and the private organization grows richer at 5he throats of we the people.

  4. Well first of all, slavery was legal at that time and had been around for thousands of years so Americans weren’t the only country involved with it. Second it wasn’t only white people who owned slaves, there were Black slave owners here also. Also slaves from their country were also sold by blacks.

    • Preston – never forget that the FIRST ‘legally’ owned slave in the Colonies by a judicial decision was a black man who was by that decision owned by another black man.
      But but but the claim is (still) that it was a Southern ‘problem’ yet only 4.8% of Southerners owned slaves and some of that percentage were also black. There were also slave owners up north, some of whom were not freed until well after the (not so) Civil War. Those facts ‘conveniently’ get ignored.
      And of course there is still slavery throughout the world, some guesstimates art that there are even more slaves now than there ever have been before.

      • The biggest slave owners in 1862 in Charleston, SC, we’re 2 black men…
        Slavery in Africa started around 4 to 5 thousands years ago with the arab tribes in the Sahara going to the black tribes of the Sahel and BUYING THE BEST WORKERS AND WOMEN, for the currency of the day.
        So, every EFFING black man or woman in the USA who complains should be told the truth: “you were sold out by your own people to the arabs…..
        And they choose to be Muslims. The Waring cult that put them in slavery!!!!!!
        Fitting the abject STUPIDITY!

    • Some people “live” to ignore history and just want to rewrite it to fit their narrative to fit a truth they want to exist, like the Democratic party, BY HISTORY, is a racist party created to enforce racism, but there are Blacks in the Democratic party. Why is that? To hide the lie about the truth of the Democrat platform was and still is based on racism. Or Using Blacks as a shield to attempt to hide the truth more likely. President LBJ was a known devout racist, but he knew for the Democratic party to survive he had to sign and convince his party to accept the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 for the party to survive. That is HISTORY. Take away America’s weapons and you end up a country of slaves to a party who will control every aspect of our lives and open our country to invasion that we cannot defend against, and proof was Japan feared attempting to invade USA because of that fact. The 2A is not about hunting but for Self-defense of home, way of life and defending ourselves against any tyranny, foreign or domestic. Domestic tyranny has arrived, in my opinion. Any free thinkers feel the same way?

  5. Does this professor, who is obviously educated beyond her intelligence, realize how many people of color own firearms legally. She needs to do some research before running off at the mouth like all liberals do.

  6. She is obviously educated beyond her intelligence. She has no idea how many people of color own firearms. I would think according to this dummy, they are racist also.

  7. Radical Muslim jihadists have nothing on the radical Leftists in this country! The Left doesn’t care about anyone’s rights as long as “The Agenda” is forwarded, and their will be done! The problem lies with the fact, that if following their agenda to the letter results in disaster, as per normal for the Left, they will always blame some outside influence for their failure, not realizing or caring that their plan was flawed from the beginning!

    • Both are equal in their fanatism, but the difference is Radical Muslim jihadists, want to KILL all who do not accept the false religion of Islam, while the leftist want to beat down everyone who will not allow themselves to be controlled by way of their “Agenda.” And YES, the Democratic “Agenda” is severally flawed.

  8. The Very, very sad part of this , is, that black or white anti gun people have taken up the banner of guns bad, no guns good crap as a religion. Dedicated to the death and ensconced in the hallowed halls of the IVVVey league sum depositories of leftist propaganda, that tun our brain dead drones who have no idea what thew hell they are taking about just repeating slogans like some clone.


  10. And this idiot is a slave to HABITUAL STUPIDITY. Do him a favor and put him out of his misery.

  11. It’s a common accusation from them for everything …
    Its becoming so common its loosing its meaning …

  12. Orwell meant this as parody, but DemoSocialists firmly believe it … “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

  13. Sounds to me like that prof is a slave to anti-American wackos wanting to kill the North American way of life and replace it with some other form of gov’t.

  14. In my opinion, the reason for the 2nd amendment is to defend ourselves against a tyrant government. Without the 2nd amendment we are at the mercy of our government. The current climate of our government wants to disarm the American citizen. WHY? So, the Nazis in our government can become powerful and decide who lives and who dies, stripping us of our Constitutional rights. WE THE PEOPLE can’t let this happen. (My opinion).

  15. In my opinion, the 2nd amendment was designed for American citizens to protect ourselves from a tyrant government. Without the 2nd amendment, Americans our at the mercy of our government. WE THE PEOPLE must never allow the 2nd amendment to be abolished.

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