Did 1 Anti-2A Governor Video Himself Breaking Gun Laws? [Video]


Is it just me, or do you get irate about how absolutely ignorant anti-2A politicians are when it comes to firearms, too?

We see it nearly everyday. Some anti-2A politician makes a ridiculous statement about how a 9mm bullet can blow a person’s lung completely out of their body (see here for that) or about how an AR-15 is more dangerous than a hunting rifle without having any clue at all about caliber of ammunition or any other factors involved.

And I would say, “Don’t get me started about when they show that they don’t even know the basics of gun safety,” except, that’s exactly where we’re going today. Yes, the anti-2A governor of one state may have actually committed a crime with his blatant safety violation while filming himself in an anti-2A propaganda video. I’m not kidding (hat tip to here for the lead). You can watch the video below.


Did you notice the violations of even basic firearms safety procedures in that video? Waiving a firearm around with no consideration of who or what you are pointing it at. It’s appalling.

And, then, there is this to consider: Did Newsom break the law in that video? USLegal.com gives us a definition to consider:

Federal law defines brandished as, “with reference to a dangerous weapon (including a firearm) means that all or part of the weapon was displayed, or the presence of the weapon was otherwise made known to another person, in order to intimidate that person, regardless of whether the weapon was directly visible to that person. Accordingly, although the dangerous weapon does not have to be directly visible, the weapon must be present.” (18 USCS Appx § 1B1.1)

Now, Newsom waived around that firearm for the purpose of scaring ignorant viewers. In other words, he was trying to instill fear in people to get them to support gun control, but what is instilling fear by showing a firearm but a type of intimidation?

To put it plainly, Newsom may have broken a law. Sadly, though, it seems pretty unlikely that he’ll suffer any legal repercussions over this while you and I would be absolutely crucified for doing the same thing.



  1. Just another uneducated a$$hole politician preaching to the masses on something they have zero clue about in an attempt to shove UN Agenda 2030 down our throats while wiping their a$$ with the constitution and Bill of rights. ANY POS POLITICIAN WHO VOTES FOR GUN LAWS NEED TO BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM OFFICE. You took an oath same as me to defend and protect the constitution yet you vote against it using lies and more lies. The AR is not a weapon of war Gavin and I’ll debate you any time on that fact. Besides you will noy save a single person by banning a tool. A person intent on harming someone will use whatever tool is at hand!!!!! Hammers kill more people every year than a so called assault rifle does. Hell ban hammers, or what about knives, they Def kill more people. Or what about heart desiese, let’s ban that it’s got to be a top 3 killer. Or how about real Americans ban politicians! They truly kill more people on this planet than anything else.

  2. I agree children should not be in possession of high powered rifles…. who sold or gave you that weapon?


  3. Did this JACK-ASS really just tell me that gun sellers are marketing weapons to baby’s with binky’s in their mouths ??? I’d really like to know where he got those skull baby pictures, and sue that person for false advertising, and creating fear into people that gun shops would ever really sell a gun to an INFANT !!! SHAME ON YOU NEWSOM for creating such bull shit lies and using it as propaganda for you to violate OUR SECOND AMENDMENT !!! 2024 IS COMING BUDDY and God is recording your every move !!!

  4. Amen to that!! American Patriots: Fire every politician who votes for bills attacking any or all of our God-given Constitutional Liberties!!!!

  5. We know the fool is not obeying his own edicts.
    We know the left in california is less than intelligent.
    We know they brake all the amendments of the Constitution, only to suit their needs. As well as the laws they pass.
    Will there ever be enough Conservatives to join the intelligent democrats who will stop voting left when they see the damages done to their billfold ?

    • Your first mistake was to use intelligent and Democrat in the same sentence. Second was to even think voting is going to make a difference. Public opinion like what we saw DC on Jan. 6 will get the message through though. It isn’t over yet ! Nothing in this country makes it immune to a revolt such as other countries have seen, it’s just a matter of when, and how much worse things will get before it happens.

  6. “” These don’t belong in the hands of our kids or on our streets. “”
    They don’t belong in politicians hands either …

  7. Newsom is as two-faced as politicians can be. All we have to do is go back to the night he and his cronies were fine dining at some trendy french restaurant MASKLESS while HIS own state was under a mask mandate AND a lockdown.

    And who can forget that over half a million of California’s citizens thought that he was crappy enough of a governor to initiate a recall election. It doesn’t matter if he won. Most people are tolerant or indifferent but when 500,000+ people go out of their way to try to have you removed in the middle of your term, it’s a clear sign you are definitely doing something wrong.

    How about the fact that the price of gas is absolutely abominable in California due to extremely high gas taxes? They aren’t imposed by the federal government. This is all Gavin Newsom’s fault. Oppressive taxation is a sure sign of incompetent and failed leadership.

    Lastly, the state is hemorrhaging citizens like an open artery. The number of one-way moving truck and trailer rentals is all anyone needs to know about how people really feel.

    Blatantly stupid anti-AR ads like this are a violation of basic intelligence. First of all, an AR-15 is not a “weapon of war”. IF you change the scary plastic stock and foregrip with more traditional wood, it looks exactly like a hunting rifle…because that’s what it is. Second, almost twice as many people are killed by hammers, or just plain fists and feet, every year than by modern sporting rifles.

    Californians, you have a beautiful state. Take your government back and rejoin the rest of the union. If you feel that you must relocate, we welcome you and eagerly wait for you.

  8. Any Law Maker who supports anti gun control should not be allowed access to Laws within American Government. They are graft greedy paid by the NRA. Cruz is a 200k $ grafter and shouldn’t be allowed to bought and paid for as a Representative of the American People. The massacres that have happened in the United States is a tragedy due to the weakened gun controls. A young ignorant Man bought a gun which wasn’t lawful and killed without any punishment regardless of protecting himself or not. The violation of buying this weapon was wrong in that it was against state laws and punishable under the law. Justice was set aside due to a White jury of whose of which communities? White racism allowed this young law breaker to go free breaking the law of age of having such a weapon of destruction.

    • Too bad it is above you to think before you open your yap. Perhaps you should read a little bit? Perhaps you immigrated here from elsewhere, and are ignorant of our Bill of Rights and Constitution? In that case, you need to get educated. As a member of a founding family of this republic, let me make one thing crystal-clear to you and those who share your views: those rights are our inheritance, and you have no say in my rights, life or affairs. You may have the right to open your pie-hole and stick your foot in it (1st amendment, that many fought and died to protect), but don’t expect others to obey you or others like you. It’s not gonna happen, buddy. If you want to call me a “racist” with “white privilege”, go ahead. I’m sure my Uncle Fernando would disagree with you. Perhaps you should leave us and find greener pastures (like maybe Mexico or Central America), where you can be as ignorant in public as your rulers will allow?

      • Excellent comment. Just watched that idiot Newsome. He is related to Pelosi, so what can you expect?

  9. Newsom is one sick puppy and God how I wish someone would take his ass out. The Pelosi and Newsom families are some of the most corrupt in California and have been manipulating our state for decades. We want them all gone, and we don’t care where they go, either six feet under or a move to a remote island in the arctic !

  10. Stupid people Newsom should no have any kind of gun even a bb gun he is likely to shoot his own eye out. People like him that don’t know ho to safely handle a weapon should not have one . He probably thinks he knows how to handle a weapon he should watch how careless he is. The weapon is not the problem it’s the idiots that pull the trigger that should haver passed a background check that’s who gives guns and responsibil owners a bad name. I haver saw a weapon fire itself let alone kill without someone pulling the trigger.

  11. He DIDN’T say say gun parts couldn’t be sold to children (or to adults). He said they couldn’t be marketed to children. He is so stupid, he doesn’t even know what he is saying.

  12. He DIDN”T say gun parts couldn’t be sold to children. He said they couldn’t be marketed to children. He doesn’t even know what he is saying.

  13. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but, Newsom was handling an “illegal weapon” per California law, prohibited to be possessed by civilians in his state. The weapon he was holding appears to be a law enforcement M4 (likely select-fire), completely off limits for civilians in most states (without doing class 3 paperwork or being an active commissioned LEO on duty). Last I checked, Newsom is a civilian (non-LE and non-military), therefore his handling of the weapon constitutes “possession”. When are any of the “honest” LEOs in that state going to arrest him, and when is he going to be prosecuted? If any other civilian had done that, they would be prosecuted and incarcerated by the state. Time to ante-up, citizens of California, and put that corrupt idiot out of office and behind bars, where he truly belongs!

  14. Newsome isn’t worth my comment. It’s all politics with him all the time. It’s also a big “i” thing. He just loves to toot his own horn. Disgusting!

  15. xavier le jon; you are an idiot. guns are not killing people. people are killing people. go back and study your facts. hate speeches kill. then burn out small busnesses and kill people who disagree with them, make hateful speeches want to pillage and burn and leave an area destroyed. these are the same type of people who use any weapon to mame and kill.

  16. How about banning all sales of all forms of alcohol, it serves me that this is a weapon that kills an awful lot of people,traffic, assaults etc. I must assume that all of these anti2a people don’t drink at home or drive if they do, none of which ever assulted anyone, remember Mary Jo Kapenik? Hypocrisy is always for sale.

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