See The Statistic That Is FREAKING OUT Anti-2A Activists


Let’s just put the real issue on the table and out in the open: anti-2A people are scared of guns.

I don’t mean that they’re cautious and respectful of guns (we all should have the presence of mind to not do stupid things with them). I mean that anti-2A people are scared. Terrified. Irrationally shaking in their boots.

That (and ignorance) is really what is driving the entire push from non-politicians for gun control (politicians have other, even more revolting reasons to push for gun control).


Knowing that, you can imagine what is happening in one of the most politically left (and, therefore, anti-gun) states in the union. Dave Workman gives us details about what is happening in that state:

The number of active concealed pistol licenses in Washington State soared by more than 11,200 in June, a possible reaction to a continuing spike in violent crime, and it is the second-largest number of CPLs issued in a single month since April 2013 when the number soared by 13,932 licenses, according to new data from the state Department of Licensing.

Last month, there were 644,417 active licenses […].

Now, if you were irrationally terrified of firearms to the point that you were convinced that they can go off by themselves and are more of a danger to children and the populace than nearly anything else, how would you respond to that news? You’d be freaking out, wouldn’t you.

But take a look at this additional bit of information from Workman:

Overall, the 655,709 currently active licenses set a new record, eclipsing the 650,403 set on April 1, 2020 just as the coronavirus pandemic caused law enforcement agencies to “suspend” accepting new CPL applications, even though there is no provision for that in state statute.

Yes, almost 2/3 of a million concealed pistol license holders are now in Washington State. It just makes you wonder what other political tides will be changing there as more and more people take their self-protection into their own hands.



  1. What are these revolting (and totally real) reasons for politicians to push for gun control?

      • Exactly, which is what the 2nd amendment is about and ‘explains’ why it was put in. The 2ndA protects the rest.

    • Socialism/ fascism banks on NO ONE having the possibility to defend one self against the TYRANNY the DEMON RATS, with the Karl Schwab and Soros of the One World Government, plan on installing here. Ever watched ELYSEUM? With Matt Damon?

  2. Ban guns but promote the mass importation of enough Phenatyl to kill almost every American. Think, why so much Phentanyl? To poison Americans in mass.

    • Not only that, but to eviscerate local police protections and embolden the criminal class in order to engender calls for federal protection, thus surrendering more power to the federal government.

  3. Excellent reporting. If those concealed L people would stop electing so many Godless politicians we could turn this country around. We have a morality problem. It is the immoral person doing the killing. Not those who defend themselves. “Thou shalt not murder” is still true today.

  4. Snowflakes! You look pretty but you melt in the heat of the sun. Sadly, you also melt in the presence of the Son. You have no courage, no real core to you, no faith, just fear. The one thing that doesn’t come from God. II Tim 1:7. For God has not given you a spirit of fear…. Fear is a spirit, and it does not come from God. Then it must by default come from satan. So those of you that fear guns are submitting to a spirit from satan.

    Look to God, abandon fear, embrace courage and truth. Guns are just things not evil incarnate. The evil lies within evil men and women. Our forefathers were wise enough to understand this. Guns are necessary for the protection of our freedom from foreign and domestic threats.

  5. I’m ex- military and I respect guns and there capable of doing in the wrong hands. But guns do not have a mind of there own. It takes a real live person to activate a gun. These false flag events that our government seems to want to perform is absolutely a travesty to the American way of life. There is only one reason this left wing government wants our guns. Look at Australia, Austria, even Ukraine where they took the guns from the citizens. Total and absolute control of the populace.

  6. IIRC the population of WA is around 4.5 million so the numbers of licensed folks is a fairly high percentage. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all carrying routinely but still that number is significant.

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