Anti-2A Senator BOASTS About Pushing Unconstitutional Bill [Video]


Am I the only one who finds it absolutely appalling when government openly wastes time and our tax dollars? It just infuriates me.

Now, we often see that with spending bills that send money to all kinds of different things, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

No, the situation that I’m talking about here is when legislators waste time trying to pass a bill that they already know will be thrown out almost immediately because there is already legal precedent from the Supreme Court on that very issue. So, what will happen is that these people will pass a law that will be immediately challenged in court and thrown out.


They could have been using that time (which we’re paying for because they’re on taxpayers’s payroll) doing something productive instead of ridiculous legal posturing.

But, apparently, anti-2A politicians like Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) think that it’s perfectly acceptable, even good, to spend time and taxpayer dollars on political posturing to harass legal gun owners, most likely for the purpose of political positioning going into the 2022 midterm elections.

Now, if you think that I’m going overboard with my thinking about this, then, I would recommend listening to an actual lawyer, Colion Noir, talk about this (hat tip to here for the lead). You can watch that video below.

Now, did you pay close attention to that video? If not, take a moment to go back and watch it. It’s less than six minutes long.

At this point (if it wasn’t already), it should be abundantly clear to you that anti-2A politicians don’t care about anything other than power. We can have a discussion about whether they have good intentions, but the fact remains that they continually show over-and-over that, for them, it is all about control and not about anything else.

In other words, they show themselves to be the exact type of politician that the Second Amendment was put into place to protect people from.



  1. I’m tired of our employees aka government officials saying they represent We The People and love what the nation not country stands for , while spitting and stomping on Our Freedoms/ not listening to We the People or picking a small group and saying well that’s gives government the right to dictate all Americans. Ps shall not be infringed

  2. I’ve never been more concerned in my whole life,about loosening my constitutional right, first and second amendment s being stomped on by renegade politicians that definitely do not represent me. I live in Washington State and the liberals in Seattle decide the elections for the whole state and that my friends really sucks!

  3. While less than a third of the American citizens own firearms, the majority of American citizens think the Second Amendment should be preserved and upheld. It takes but minutes to get onto a computer and send emails to the elected officials in our capitol, but either very few people are letting their congresspeople know their feelings on the matter, or Congress is ignoring what the majority wants. I recommend that everyone with internet access who also believes in the Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers should write to their elected officials, describe what they want, and offer to vote someone else in if they don’t get it. If the poorer 90% of Americans, who have been essentially ignored by Congress for the last half century, all write in, we might be able to get some decent candidates in office.

      • Amen! My U.S. Representative hears from me on the telephone on many different issues; from fiscal policies; domestic and foreign policy, as well as our God-given Constitutional Liberties which have been under assault by leftists and RINOS for decades! We the people need to stand up and speak up now before we see our beloved Country become the Communist utopia these evil politicians are advocating for the United States of America! 🇺🇸🇮🇱🙏✝️📖🕊💒🙌💟


  5. If things don’t start to change in November and beyond there will be WAR (revolution).The “People” have had it with government, deep state, media,big tech. And that includes R.I.N.O’s too, they’ve got a big target on their backs and will pay for their disloyalty. The “Great Reset” is going to have a real new meaning.

  6. Besides instituting term limits for COngress and the Senate we need a law that would automatically strip any federal, state or local legislator of his/her seat and his / her pension if they propose and/or vote for an unconstitutional bill of any sort. In addition they would not be allowed to run or hold any government office for at least 10 years after the event. With these kinds of laws in place, I would guess our legislators shall pay closer attention to what they are doing and mostly act like patriots instead of slavish party loyalists.

  7. The Communist Democrats will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. They should have been removed from office years ago for being the corrupt traitors they are. They attack our Freedom of speech and Religion along with our 2nd Amendment rights. They use DOJ and other law enforcement agencies like Hitler did, to go after the opposition. They use the Race card and things like the Virus to lock us down. They brainwash our children and military with CRT, a Marxist propaganda doctrine! They don’t enforce our laws. They don’t do anything about terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BLM who openly advocate overthrowing our Republic. They have been occupying, burning buildings and police cars, harassing and assaulting Police and citizens for two years now in places like Oregon. Yet they launch bogus investigations like Jan 6th to keep Trump from running in 2024.

  8. Who cares what crap bag says. Jefferson and Madison any law which is not constitutional is dead on arrival, not exactly their words but that is the gist of it.

    • YES , YES , AND YES !!! They are the communist party seeking to rule AMERICA ! I never understood how these ASSHOLES continue to stay in ”said power”” ??? I think they vote themselves in to stay in government, just like the insider trading SHIT DEAL that Piglosi is getting away with ! “”ONE REPUBLIC, UNDER GOD”” We need to do away with the democratic party TOTALLY !!! SHIT BAGS IN CONGRESS ! ! ! So TOTALLY “”NOT”” FOR THE PEOPLE !

  9. The solution to all of the Jerry Nadler’s of the Congress is an election! Elections have consequences and I would think that it is abundantly clear to all what the agenda of the Nadler types is by now. If you continue to vote for those folks, you are selling yourself and all of your family down the proverbial river and there will be no protections for you and yours if you allow them to continue on this path. Good luck America, you are clearly going to need it.

    • THAT’S EASIER SAID THAN DONE WHEN THEY RIG ELECTIONS ! I find it hard to believe that the people actually voted for these NASTY people !!! CAREER POLITICIANS CHEAT, STEAL & LIE 24 / 7 It has been more than time to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch !

  10. Balder, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of those communist assholes need to be kicked of our country, not just our branches of government. The three of them have done more to destroy our freedoms and rights than anyone else in modern times and I have been a Democrat all my life and I am ashamed to call myself a Democrat! GOD help us in November!!!!!

  11. Their being the exact type of politician the Second Amendment was designed to protect us from, is precisely why they are trying so hard to sidestep the Constitution and ban all types of firearms! “Assault Weapons” now, handguns next, then come the shotguns and bolt-action rifles! They will not stop until We, The People, step in and remove them from office, via ballot box or ammo box!

  12. America has been under attack for decades, but last two years have been noticeably more intense ! A few short weeks ago , some 2,000 + cattle were said to have died from heat exhaustion ? There have been 3 more heat waves since then with ZERO REPORTS of cows dying ??? Our food supplies are shrinking, our gasoline has become to expensive for many people, there’s the Baby Formula shortage, interest rates soaring, and lastly, ( so far ) , the debacle of Biden & company selling our oil reserves to CHINA & INDIA when it was designed for the American people ? W T F ??? This is the COUP De’ TAT aka REAL INSURRECTION on AMERICA ! IF THIS IS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE, MANY WILL DIE FROM HUNGER, arrested and thrown in jail UNJUSTLY !!! or simply callously murdered by raging criminals ! These pricks in congress NEED TO BE TERMINATED AT ONCE !!!

  13. No neck toad Gerald Nadler needs to be recalled, tried, expelled from Congress, along with the rest of the Global Cabal. I, keep asking the Question, YA’LL SEEN ENOUGH YET? THE WHOLE GLOBAL CABAL, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. YA’LL KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, GIT R DUN! NCSWIC,WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LGB, FJB AND ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS. I’m not a BOT nor spammer. I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. President Trump’s still my President. Yahweh save our poor souls, Amen.

  14. It is time to line up all these communist democrats, whether in government or Hollywood and demonstrate to them how the ar15s ND ak47s they fear work. They MUST GO. NO MORE.

  15. Intransigence is a sign of ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY. ( BTW: stupidity is NOT is a choice, just as homosexuality is.)
    To top it of, nadler is not intelligent enough to realize his stupidity will raise the awareness of the rightful owners of firearms. Which will lead to better fights AGAINST THE BANS ON WEAPONS!

  16. According to fbi: Dr prescribed prescription as of 2013 125,000 deaths per year has risen over 300 percent(375,000 per year)since 2016….firearms deaths 44000per year. Dr prescribed prescriptions kill over half million yearly….where is the outrage go and take their right to practice cause you WILL NOT take my right to carry….I nor my firearm have NEVER HARMED ANYONE!GFYS

  17. Maybe we need a law that states that anyone voting for an unconstitutional law when the court find the law unconstitutional they are then charged with treason and so punished. Because they took an oath to protect the Constitution

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