Former Judge REVEALS How You Need To Buy Your Guns From Now On


The anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats in the Federal and many state governments around the country are like a bad rash. They keep trying to come back and make your life miserable.

If it isn’t a million hoops to jump through in order to legally purchase a firearm (so that you can actually exercise your Second Amendment rights) or efforts to take your AR-15 and AK-47 (Beto O’Rourke is still saying this kind of garbage), then, it’s some other power grab that they’re trying to make in order to take your rights away from you.

Now, anti-2A state governments have taken a new tactic to try to keep tabs on what you are legally doing. Former judge Andrew P. Napolitano writes,


Under pressure from the governors of New York and California and their enormous state pension funds, Visa, Mastercard and American Express have agreed to keep a list of commercial transactions made through their credit card systems at gun shops. These credit card middlemen make more money the more purchasers spend, but this pivot to social activism, though lawful, is dangerous to freedom and manifests an antipathy to constitutional norms by the corporations whose services many of us employ without a second thought. Of course, the government involvement is unconstitutional.

The pension funds, managed by state government officials with known animosities to lawful gun ownership, are large shareholders in the credit card companies. Their public pressure on the credit card companies to do anything to chill lawful gun ownership constitutes the use of government financial power to erode Second Amendment rights, which the Supreme Court has upheld three times since 2008.

The government officials who have pushed the credit card companies to do this apparently do not take seriously their oaths to uphold the Constitution. Or, perhaps, they deceptively take the oath of office to a Constitution as they wish it to be, and not as the court has interpreted it.

So, what can you do to protect your freedoms? Well, at this time, if you’re buying from a legal gun retailer, you can’t get around the ATF’s form (and I’m not suggesting that you break the law). However, you can rob those credit card companies and the would-be tyrants in anti-2A states of your financial information by doing what Napolitano recommends in the headline of his article that was quoted above: “Use cash to buy guns.”

For the moments, you do still have that as an option.



  1. From now on all of my purchases at any place that sells guns or gun accessories, ammunition, or any other products that can be tied to firearms will be be CASH ONLY! It is not that difficult to deprive the leftist bankers of their 3% credit card fee and deprive them of being the rats that the anti-gun morons want. At this point in time cash is still untraceable. Just call ahead, get the price of the item and make a withdrawal from the bank. They will not only lose the 3% credit card fee but any finance charges you may incur making payments to the credit card company will be gone, also.

    It is past time to make the banks start to feel the power of the people. When banks pay interest rates on your savings of less than 5% and charge you 15 to 25% on money you barrow, it is time to make them pay. And if you do use credit on 60-90 day no interest same as cash, you are using their money, as long as you make the pay off before the expiration date. Use their money instead of yours.

    Checks can be traced also.

  2. That’s a great idea not to use credit cards but with all the bullshit going on where you have to do a background check just to buy ammunition even if you buy with cash the transaction is still logged so either way it’s screwed but at least the credit card companies will not be getting any percentage of my money

  3. I use cash any place I can Always have.
    As to avoiding the 4473, buy from a private party, “assuming” you are in a state that still allows it.

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