A Gun-Toting NYC Mayor?


2020 was a strange year, and 2021 is shaping up to be as strange or stranger in many ways.

Some of what we’re seeing isn’t what I would call strange. Joe Biden’s calls for gun control, and government pushes to make America more leftist in every way are exactly what Biden and Harris campaigned on in 2020.

But there is other strangeness that I wouldn’t have believed if it weren’t happening. Larry Keane fills us in the details of one unexpected situation:


Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams is a former police officer and saw enough to announce his candidacy for mayor. During an NYC podcast interview, Adams was asked if he’d carry a firearm in office should he win.

“Yes I will, number one. And number two, I won’t have a security detail,” Adams said. “If the city is safe, the mayor shouldn’t have a security detail with him. He should be walking the street by himself.”

The second comment was a dig at Mayor de Blasio, who uses a taxpayer-funded armed security detail. He has no issue with protecting himself by those who are paid to carry firearms, but he can’t fathom that New Yorkers would keep and bear firearms to protect themselves. Adams sees right through the hypocrisy.

Adams’ bluntness and focus on the city’s security problem earned him voter attention. A new poll of the mayoral race was released showing Adams with the lead over previous longtime frontrunner and failed 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who embraces a wide range of gun control notions. There are still concerns. Adams railed against standard capacity magazines in 2011 while he was a state senator and backed budget cuts to the city’s police department in 2020 only to reverse himself this year.

Adams also advocated that off-duty police officers be allowed to carry their firearms while attending religious services and encouraged them to remain armed.

After a long string of leftist mayors of New York City from before Mario Cuomo (father of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and CNN resident leftist Chris Cuomo) to current mayor Bill de Blasio (who openly supported the communist Sandinista government of Nicaragua), someone who actually cares about gun rights in office there would be a nice change of pace.

Having said that, we’ll have to see if he can win. What seems certain, though, is that just about anyone other than the current mayor may be more friendly to gun rights, and, therefore, any replacement of Bill de Blasio could be a welcome thing.



  1. And when Eric will allow CCWD permits from out of state to carry in NYC, I will be glad to walk down the streets with him.

  2. If I was a police officer. I would carry my firearms even when I off duty! Never can trust anyone who has a record from being in jail! New York problem was created by DE BLASICO and CUOMO! Who ELSE LETTING CRIMINAL OUT OF PRISON? Knowing dam well they go back to doing what they know how! That KILLING AND ROBBING OTHER!

  3. NYC is about as corrupt as Chicago, which is likely how de Blasio got in power there in the first place. For Adams to get elected would require a serious reform of the NYC election system. Good candidates don’t have a chance against thoroughly rigged elections, as so obviously demonstrated last November.

  4. Makes me almost wish I lived in New York City so I could vote for him. Oh well, the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia is bad enough.

  5. When I first saw the headline I thought DeBozo with a gun has to be the most Frightening thing there could be. Then I thought no that would be DeBozo and Cuomo with Guns. But since they are LIBERALS the only people who should fear them are those around what they would be aiming at. This guy sounds like a good one for the Mayor’s office but since we are talking about New York I doubt the LIBERAL IDIOTS will vote for him. They will most likely pick whatever LIBERAL MORON runs.

  6. I think to voters in New York City are too stupid to elect a mayor with common sense and supports the US Constution!

  7. COMMON SENSE: Really, the ONLY required necessity in these troubled times. cuomo and deblasio have demonstrated their lack of this essential part of their job requirements. And most demonrats are showing the same lack.
    If the mayor knows how to use his weapon for the good of the people, GREAT! One more defender of the people’s Rights!
    Now, will he ask help from Rudy? That would secure his position even more!

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