Anti-2A Politicians Push PATHETIC Bill After Nashville Shooting


There are some things which are as predictable as a clock striking twelve twice a day: the sun rising every morning, dropping items fall to the ground, teenagers eat more food than should be humanly possible, and anti-2A politicians will push stupid, ineffective legislation while pretending that they have the moral high ground just as soon as the sirens stop after a mass shooting.

So, because they’re predictable, anti-2A politicians are trying to push through gun control (again) immediately after the horrible mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you haven’t heard the details of that terrible situation, a person identifying as a transgender man who was a former student at that school, shot and killed three nine year old children and three adults on staff at the school before being killed by police responding to the situation.


It was an awful situation, and the people who don’t even know how firearms work think that they have the solution to a problem that they don’t understand. Savannah Hulsey Pointer writes,

Four Democrat lawmakers have reintroduced the Gun Violence Prevention Research Act, which would provide $50 million annually for the next five years to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to further research and prevention efforts to address the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

Senator Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Representatives Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich), Mark Takano (D-Calif.), and Marilyn Strickland (D-Wash.) announced the reintroduction of the bill on March 29, just days after the Nashville school shooting.

Of course, the gun control legislation being pushed, just like the gun control laws already on the books that didn’t stop the Nashville shooter from legally buying seven guns, wouldn’t have stopped this situation from happening, either. Why? Because just like gun control in Chicago hasn’t done anything but allow gun violence and gun death rates to increase there, gun control, if passed, will do the same thing to the rest of the country.

And that’s all because gun control only disarms the exact people that you want to have the guns: law-abiding citizens who would only use firearms to save a life against those who willingly take lives (and rarely ever get their firearms legally).

(If you want an in-depth analysis of how mass shootings work and real-world solutions to reduce the death tolls in those horrible situations, you will want to go here.)



  1. No taxpayers dollars should ever be spent to weaken the Constitution of the United States. Lets spend those dollars to prosecute and deport those who attack this great document.

  2. If you really want to stop gun violence stop pushing the victim mind set and start following the Constitution and laws that are already there …
    Its not the law abiding Citizens that are doing all the shooting …

  3. As usual. How about ALL Politicians give up their Armed Protection First? Let’s see how that works.

  4. Technically you know as well as I do that this pain n’ the ass gun control is nothing more than a smoke screen. These idiots can’t even handle a wet dream, much less a real shooter would actually kill anyone of those fools if given the chance. And I’m talking if they should find themselves in a real life “This guy is going to rob me” type scenarios. The real reason for their so-called gun control, is to disarm every single american, so they can rule with an iron fist. We all would be doomed to a life of violence tyranny, fascistic evil that mankind has ever known. And what’s more they’re actually trying to get rid of the Constitution. Brother, we are living in perilous times.

  5. The Progressives are nominating the CDC, a blatantly anti-gun organization, to research control of gun violence? If they eliminate guns on the law-abiding side (since that’s the only side that will obey their laws), what are they going to do to control violence, gun and otherwise (why differentiate?) on the criminal side? “To force, nothing but force can be successfully opposed.” – Lord Melbourne. Maybe a better approach to stopping violence would be to stop letting the criminals out of jail and start supporting the police. It would also tend to slow down the booming rate of self-defense gun sales.

  6. Let’s spend the money where it will actually reduce these crimes. Harden the schools! You don’t have to turn them into prisons, but NO UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS means NO F**KING UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS!
    Say it like you f**king mean it, and either keep armed and trained On Site Security, or arm and train the staff already.

  7. The politicians who were ejected violated procedural rules of decorum while present on the Tennessee House Floor. You could have made their point without violating the House Rules. At the same time, they didn’t need to be expelled from their elected positions. They could have been reprimanded and remained in their elected offices. It would have done more to sending a message to possible future demonstrations.

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