Should You Change Your Religious Denomination Because Of This?


Separation of church and state has long been a controversial issue in the U.S., at least as far as it’s concerned with the government being influenced by Christian churches.

That being the case, though, I find it unlikely that a push by a leader in a major Christian denomination to influence politicians in the U.S. is going to be criticized by the current administration. Why? Because the push agrees with one of the current administration’s pet policies. And that’s enough to tell you that it’s a wrong position, at least when it comes to the topic of guns.

See, this denominational leader has decided to try to influence politicians, which may not be an issue in–and–itself (depending on you viewpoint). No, the bigger issue, in my mind, is the fact that this denominational leader has decided to push an agenda with only a very superficial understanding of human nature and the issues driving gun violence (which makes you wonder if they should even be in a leadership position at all with those gaps in understanding). Chase Smith writes,


The leader of the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and former executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party is calling on Tennessee leaders to enact gun control laws in the wake of The Covenant School shooting.

From Leatherwood’s letter:

There are any number of potential policies that could be offered to prevent the atrocities that occurred at
Covenant from happening elsewhere in our state. I would like to highlight one in particular: The proposal
articulated by Gov. Bill Lee. It would strengthen our state’s orders of protection to guard the broader population
from those who are a danger to themselves or others. What he outlined is a thoughtful approach to ensure we
respect the constitutional rights of citizens while also helping to protect potential victims from dangerous
individuals. Allowing law enforcement to work with families in order to initiate action that involves full due
process in the judicial system will ensure individuals who could cause great harm are temporarily kept from
accessing weapons, protecting them and others from potential tragedy.

This is a sensible proposal worthy of your immediate support. Tennessee Code already envisions a course of
action that allows the judicial branch to quickly examine situations and efficiently determine whether a
plausible threat of harm exists. Expanding this area of the law, as Gov. Lee proposes, gives families the ability
to prevent loved ones from taking their lives or the lives of others, which would be an invaluable amendment to
our existing legal framework.

Sensible? Respecting Constitutional rights?

With all due respect, giving governments the power to abuse and to disarm their citizens so that those citizens are sitting ducks for criminals and governments to prey on them is not sensible, respectful of the Constitution, or keeping in line with the founding fathers’ clear intentions.

This guy needs to reread Romans 12:2. It says for Christians to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” not by the removing of your mind.

Gun control of any sort, including red flag laws, doesn’t protect people, doesn’t keep people safer, and doesn’t help Christians to protect the vulnerable and innocent. History shows us that gun control does just the opposite, and that’s why we should never accept it.



  1. Not all churches are in cahoots with the government. For instance, my church. On any given Sunday there are around eight of us armed. Including the pastor. Anyone tries to hurt this congregation will definitely be met with a life changing event.

  2. Some of the old “mainline churches are in dire need of an ENEMA. They are becoming ENEMA number one of their congregations. Such nonsense as supporting gun control, beginning to allow homosexuals in the congregation, and helping the government with Illegals, is just plain wrong. What is really appalling is that they are no longer teaching the true word of God.

  3. Starts with the satanic pope then the liberal satanic preachers. You can take this to the bank,God hated told told certain people to kill which they didnt and you see what we have, as for me you get my weapons only one way WHEN YOU PRY THEM OUT OF MY DEAD COLD HANDS. PERIOD!!@

  4. Separation of Church and State was addressed by President Thomas Jefferson when Danbury Connecticut Christians were concerned about government interference in and creating a National religion ! He basically said that the government will never interfere in or create a National religion or the practice thereof ! That’s the basic meaning of Separation of Church and State ! It also does not mean that government and Church are contradictory to each other but , should work together in an effort to create a GODLY ,CHRISTIAN ,CONSERVATIVE, PATRIOTIC, SOVEREIGN FREE REPUBLIC NATION ! ONE NATION UNDER GOD , FOREVER ! WE WERE FOUNDED ,BY GOD’S GRACE ,TO BE SUCH A NATION!!!!!!!! PRAISE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT, AAAMEN!!!!!!!!

  5. Paul tells us in Romans. “Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.” Did you choose your church because it is the denomination your mother and grandmother attended? (Your grandmother might think she was in the wrong church if she walked into it today.) Did you choose it because it is the most influential church in your community… because the people in it are nice and friendly, and are good social contacts for your children? Did you choose it because the building and church programs appeal to your pride… because it offers an ethical standard which isn’t too far above your ability to perform? Any of these reasons might be all right if there were no God and no eternity. But since God and eternity are realities, you need to examine your church doctrines and practices in light of the Word of the eternal God. If it doesn’t measure up, you should look around for one that dose. Time is too short and hell is too certain; eternity is too long, May God find your hiding place…

  6. God does not now, nor ever will recognize any form of religion ! Thousands of these on the planet.
    Satan created them all as a point of confusion and has managed it well with the help of the confused.
    ” God said: I am your FAITH, Your PHYSICIAN; BE OBEDIENT !”.
    Jesus; The Son Of God; THE MESSIAH said: ” Only by me will you enter into Heaven !”
    YOU require a desperate need to develop a “FAITH” and that faith is a one on one between you
    and JESUS the Christ … Absolutely no where is it mentioned that a religion is required.
    Be safe and blessed as you journey upon the earth.

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