UNBELIEVABLE: Simple Policy Tweak Could Have Prevented National Guard Rollout


There is a famous quote, often attributed to Albert Einstein, that says, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” I’ve always taken that quote to mean that you should make things as simple as possible while still making sure that it works.

Strangely, politicians leaning towards the political left seem to think that the reverse of that concept is what you want. They seem to think that you should make things as complex and convoluted as possible in order to, if at all possible, keep it from working while still being able to say that you’re trying to do something to fix the problem (because you’ve ordered people to do that complex and pointless thing).

That seems to be exactly what New York Governor Kathy Hochul as done to deal with a situation in New York City. Candace Hathaway writes,


New York Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday that her administration plans to deploy 750 National Guardsmen to New York City subway systems amid an uptick in underground violence.

During a Wednesday press conference in Albany, Hochul unveiled a “five-point plan” to address the city’s crime-ridden subways. As part of the new strategy to curb violence, Hochul will deploy 1,000 New York State Police officers, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police officers, and New York National Guardsmen to assist the New York Police Department with conducting bag checks.

Now, here’s the irony of the whole situation to me: with one single, simple thing, Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams could both cause the crime rate in New York City (and, yes, its subways) to plummet without needing to send out more police officers and without having an expensive deployment of National Guard personnel at those subways. Just one.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s to stop fighting constitutional carry in the State of New York and simply allow law-abiding people to both train and carry firearms at any time and anywhere, including in subways.

Two weeks of that would see criminals looking for other, legal ways to make money and other, legal to deal with their aggression issues. Because they don’t like someone returning fire at them.



  1. Now the national guard can’t even carry rifles while on duty in NYC subways. How hypocritical of the governor. She tried to make it look like she cares about reducing crime and acts the exact opposite with her new guidelines. I’m SO HAPPY that I don’t cross the
    Hudson to visit the big apple. I don’t want to even drive through that state.

  2. I live in he mountains of northern California. The cities in Calif. Are just as bad as N.Y. For that reason, l don’t do cities! The northern counties are a much better environment for people who enjoy the 2nd Amendment. Our sheriff said he wished everyone in the county had a carry permit. Calif.isn’t completely lost.

  3. All I can say is, it’s a good thing the MORONS running these blue states and cities, don’t run our military during war time. They’d be coddling the terrorists, sending them to spa’s, while sending our BRAVE troops to the firing squads. For doing their jobs, killing the terrorists, defending the innocent and the American way, because they used their weapons.
    These Democrats are the biggest haters of The Real Truth About The 2A and Firearms, Law and Order, America and the American Way, I have ever seen in my 63 years on earth. You watch, the first time the Nat.Guard, State Police or any other law officer gets into it with an illegal alien, the good guys will get screwed by the Gov. and Mayor, Esp. if they use a firearm ! The Democrats are NOT doing all this because they love and care about the people, they are doing this because they fear the people and want their votes, next election. If they didn’t need the votes, they’d let the illegals and criminals kill every one in New York City and New York State, anytime anyplace. That goes for all the other Blue run states and cities Too ! ! !. If they have the firearms and we don’t, they rule everything and everyone….kings and queens over the powerless and helpless.

  4. I survived NYC and its surrounds several years ago, and feel it was the best decision of my life.

    As far as concealed carry is concerned, when I lived there, I was in the Army reserve and had high rank as an officer. I inquired about being on the pistol team at a time when the people in charge were considering issuing the pistols to team members to include appropriate paperwork to verify legal possession of such guns, but that in effect would indirectly amount to concealed carry in a state that would require permits and registrations of cap guns and water pistols if they could.

    Nuff said!

  5. Could this be the beginning of martial law???? Don’t laugh. This is like using a machine gun to kill a cockroach.
    Maybe if New York started punishing criminals it would help. You think???

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