1 State Makes BOLD Move To Save Lives


One thing that everyone should be able to agree on is that we want to save lives.

Now, of course, people disagree on what will actually save lives. One group argues that we should ban (or, at least, severely restrict) guns. That group also, in my observation, tends to be in complete denial of human nature and of the obvious long-term consequences of the policies that they promote such as gun control.

That group is why history tends to repeat itself: They don’t know human nature or history to see what’s happened when those things have been tried in the past.


It’s sad, really.

Fortunately for the people of one state (and, especially their children), the legislature of that state is working to put into place legislation which will allow true common sense to be applied to guns and places where the innocent (and, often, not innocent) tend to be (hat tip to here for the lead). David Velazquez writes,

[Wyoming] House Bill 125, sponsored by Rep. Jeremy Haroldson, R-Wheatland, seeks to repeal gun-free zones — impacting schools and government buildings.

The bill allows for concealed carry at any meeting of a governmental entity, meeting of the legislature or legislative committee, any public elementary or secondary school facility and any public college or university facility.

Velazquez continues:

On Tuesday evening, the Senate brought the bill. After more than an hour of discussion, Senate amendments to the bill [which tried to put limits on the gun rights the bill would restore] were withdrawn and the bill passed with a simple majority.

Now, admittedly, this isn’t a done deal, yet, and there are a few more steps to go before this is law in Wyoming, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Why do I say that? It’s simple, really. Anyone who has really researched mass shootings, such as school shootings, knows that, in almost every case, what stops a mass shooter is someone else who can shoot back (you can learn more about that here). This fact is also why mass shooters usually tend to target gun-free zones for their murder rampages.

That means that if your child’s school is a gun-free zone, then, that school has a higher likelihood of having a mass shooting happen there than about anywhere else.

So, if you want to minimize the number of deaths in mass shootings (because law enforcement literally can’t be everywhere at once to prevent them from ever happening), then, you want more people everywhere who are legally armed and will use firearms to save lives.

That’s common sense, by the true definition of the term.

So, ending gun-free zones is one of the best ways to save lives, and we should, therefore, want to get rid of gun-free zones everywhere. Like they’re trying to do in Wyoming.



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