How To Load An Ar-15 In California


Loading an Ar-15 in California, can be quite a chore. This nanny state has many stupid regulations, but for every dumb regulation there’s a genuis workaround.

Using a new product from Cross Armory,  simply separate the upper receiver from the lower and watch the magazine fall out. This new device is totally complaint with the People’s Republic of California’s laws, the children will all be safe when you follow this procedure.

The down low on this new product:



Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG is a modification, designed in California, for weapons in regulated states that require fixed magazines, such as CA NY CT MA MD and other states. The Cross Armory SAFE MAG works by releasing your magazine instantly when you separate the upper and lower receivers of your AR-15 or M4, without having to press a button.

Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG is intended to be consistent with the fixed magazine laws which state that your weapon must have a “fixed magazine” which has been defined as “an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device can not be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.” The firearm action of an AR-15 and M4 is housed in the upper and lower receivers. Separating the upper and lower receiver to release your magazine disables the firearm action.


This product will help gun owners in lots of other states such as New York and Connecticut stay legal when taking guns to the range. It also helps irrational politicians and the people who vote for them feel SAFE.



  1. Better yet, pack your bags, gather Momma & the kiddies, MOVE OUT of the People’s Republik & BACK to the FREE STATES of AMERICA, AND LEAVE the REPUBLIK to the COMMIES, LIBERTARDS & the REST of the SHEEPLE!!!

    • Amen. I in NO way would STAY in such a BACKWARD-facing, constitutionally-illiterate liberal place, And yes that means IF I had family there. I WOULD move. And the MAIN reason I’d move you ask? Is BECAUSE OF MY FAMILY! In other words, for the HEALTH and well-being of my family. I DO feel for those who CAN’T. But when does ‘CAN’T turn into…WON’T?

  2. You may not want Californians in Texas, but would you call back the Texans that live here? please?

  3. I lived there in late 70s & early 80s & saw it coming. I got outta there. And I’m still in GA. Loving real freedoms. Carry 2 guns. And now retired and debt free.

  4. Californicators deserve this kind of crap, look at who they put into office to ruin their state! Can’t wait until the entire west coast breaks off, floats out into the Pacific and sinks to the deepist part of the ocean. We hate to see Californicator plates in our western states. Have a family friend flight attendant and they hate the nasty Californicators!

  5. Can’t wait until the west coast breaks off, floats out into the Pacific and sinks to the deepest spot in the Pacific Ocean! Californicators you deserve no better, look at what you put into office, brain dead destructionist! Have a flight attendant friend that hates the nasty Californicators!

  6. Me, my wife, and I, got out of California in ’99 and never regretted it. Had a stint in Wyoming ’til the old folks passed away then came back West to drop anchor in Vegas. Like Wyoming, still no state income tax, it’s ok to buy a gun without a waiting period, it’s ok to buy ammo, permit not required, open carry is legal, CCW’s are easy to get. Wyoming and Nevada should have border signs saying “Welcome to Freedom”. No business or corporate taxes, check. There’s more but it’s just that anything beats California which sadly was one of the nicest places to live. Once you’ve the courage to pull up and get out, do it, you’ll never look back.

  7. Stuck in CA due to work but will leave the moment I can! As for you unfriendlies… There are VERY conservative people in CA and not one of us voted for the libturd idiot criminals that occupy political office! Victims of stupidity! Period! And we fight it with everything we have to fight! MONON LABE!!!!

  8. I live in Austin, Texas and so happy I do. I have friends that live in Californication and they hate it, it’s there great job that’s keeping them there, that’s all, they wish they could move.

  9. My wife and I mov ed out ot Calif ten years ago because she wanted to move closer to her daughter in Exeter (kinda central). But i said “anwhere in the western US except Cal.” So we moved Oregon which, at the time, was pretty pro=gun. But slowly the sheeple who live close to the I=5 corrider in places like Portland, Corvallis, and Eugene became so left wing that I may have to move again, but this time to a state like Idaho, Utah, or Arizona.

  10. Unfortunately, Nevada is getting more and more California every day. In Reno, (where I live) there resides a city council, so liberal that the mayor put up the rainbow (homo) flag ABOVE the Stars & Stripes, and left it up there FOR A WEEK! She claimed ignorance, but how do you become the head of a city without knowing basic American Government Procedures???
    As for California: I say that the border wall should begin on it’s entire eastern border, the across the southern border w/ Mess sicko.

  11. I live in western AZ only 102 miles away from commifornia, I used to go there all the time but not anymore because of the commies. It’s a beautiful place to visit and I will go back as soon as Trump enacts the national reciprocity law where all states in the nation including commifornia have to recognize other states CCWS permits. Instead of building a wall we need to run all the commie libtards out and start over again rescinding all their anti gun commie laws and turning it back into California.

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