Why I’m Not Worried About Terrorist Syrian Refugees Coming To America


After the terrorist attacks in Paris, there has been a major uproar over Obama’s plan to resettle more than 10,000 Syrian refugees in America …

It seems as if most people on the “right” think it’s absolutely bat-you-know-what-crazy because surely a large percentage of these 10,000 people will be terrorists in disguise …

And those on the “left” who support Obama, think that it’s a great plan because … well I guess because they support Obama.


I am not siding with Obama. I’m not siding with the Republicans.

Today, I want to step back from the argument, and try to wedge some desperately needed facts into the discussion and also look a little bit at the history of the United States, refugees, and just take a big picture view.

The Facts And Data Show That Since 9/11 Refugees Have NOT Been Terrorists …

Listen, I’m no fan of President Obama, but that doesn’t mean I am going to have a knee jerk, emotionally-driven reaction to disagree with everything he says.

That being said, when I heard that he wanted to let 10,000 more Syrian refugees into the U.S. — that idea sounded crazy.

After all, it seems logical that terrorists could infiltrate the U.S. by slipping in among the refugees—as a lot of people say that might have occurred in the case of one of the Paris attackers.

But the truth is, when it comes to issues like this, you have to use cold-blooded logic and look at the data to make a decision.

As DefenseOne.com reports:

“In the 14 years since September 11, 2001, the United States has resettled 784,000 refugees from around the world, according to data from the Center for Migration Studies, a D.C. think tank. And within that population, three people have been arrested for activities related to terrorism. None of them were close to executing an attack inside the U.S., and two of the men were caught trying to leave the country to join terrorist groups overseas.

“I think I can count on one hand the number of crimes of any significance that I’ve heard have been committed by refugees,” said Lavinia Limón, a veteran of refugee work since 1975 and the president of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. “It just hasn’t been an issue.”

Two Reasons Why Refugees Just Aren’t a Big Problem …

Why is this?

Wouldn’t it raise the risk of a terrorist getting in the midst if thousands of them start pouring in as refugees? Apparently, the truth is that there are quite a few screening measures in place.

Defenseone.com continues, that there are two reasons this isn’t as big a problem as you may think …

” … The first is that there is a key difference between people seeking placement in the U.S. as refugees and the millions of people who have flooded into Europe seeking asylum. The Syrians in Europe in many cases are already at or over the border, having come directly from Syria in to Turkey and then Greece and elsewhere; that situation is more akin to the thousands of Cubans who have fled by boat to South Florida or the migrant workers from Central America who gathered at the U.S.-Mexico border last summer. A refugee applying for resettlement in the U.S., by contrast, must endure a screening process that takes as long as two years before stepping foot on American soil.

And the second reason?

“… since the program was briefly halted and then overhauled after the 9/11 attacks, refugee applicants are subject to the highest level of securitychecks of any type of traveler to the U.S. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees initially chooses which refugees to refer to the U.S. after doing its own check. U.S. officials then conduct multiple in-person interviews and verify a refugee’s story with intelligence agencies and by running background checks through several government databases, including DHS and the National Counterterrorism Center. As a result of that extensive process, only around 2,000 Syrian refugees have been resettled in the U.S. since its civil war broke out in 2011—a much lower number than many previous refugee crises.

Immigration Is Always a Hot Button Issue

Many people don’t like the idea of immigrants. I don’t understand why because everyone in America was originally an immigrant.

It’s the whole idea of America … we’re supposed to be the freest nation in the world with a country built on the rule of law (not men) which means that everyone who wants freedom and wants to make something of themselves wants to come here.

The fact that we are in a presidential election race simply means that on both sides — the left and right — all the candidates are going to use immigration to try and divide their people and get them emotionally invested one way or the other.

Please remember, that the talking head politicians on TV do not give one care in the world about your safety, or the safety of United States — they simply want to get you emotional, fearful, and ready to accept their point of view.

In short, they’re manipulating you.

 So What’s The Solution?

The fact is, the Government keeps waging war, especially in the Mid East, so there really is not a solution here. Every bomb dropped and every shot fired helps create a refugee somewhere in those countries.

If you’re continually waging war in a country, you will have refugees — innocent people that just don’t want themselves and their families to be caught in the cross-fire — and they want to leave.

Many of them are flooding into other European countries because they can get there on foot. Some want to come here. The problem is not going away as long as their are wars in those countries.

The truth is, while the refugee program so far hasn’t seemed to be a problem, you never can be too sure.

Everyone that says you can’t be 100% sure that you’re not letting in a “terrorist in disguise” is completely right.

There’s no way to be sure …

But this is America. And the point is that politicians are simply using this refugee situation as a way to manipulate your emotions, plain and simple.

Again, I am not siding with Obama. I’m not siding with the republicans.

I’m siding with America’s founders, who understood how political power corrupts and how politicians will use every crisis to manipulate you. James Madison said:

 “In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”

 – James Madison, Founding Father and 4th President of these United States

That’s James Madison warning you about the Government’s game plan.

Now here is Hermann Goering, famed Nazi leader, who was convicted of war crimes explaining how his Nazi party used the same plan to become so successful:


My point is, stop being manipulated. 

Refugees have not appeared to be a risk in the past, and they “most likely” won’t be that big of a risk in the future.

Can we be sure? No, absolutely not … but … what’s the alternative?

The alternative is to continue killing, bombing, burning and otherwise waging war in those countries — such as Syria — and then turn your back on the innocent people caught in the cross-fire.

That’s not responsible. Those people–the innocent ones caught in the crossfire–simply had the bad luck of being born in Syria, instead of the good luck that myself, you and millions of others had to be born in America.

All I ask is that you do the research, look at the risks, and don’t get emotional because politicians don’t actually care–they just want to control you. 

Ultimately, YOUR Safety Is YOUR Responsibility

Finally, no matter what anyone thinks — the only thing you CAN be sure of — is that neither the Government, the Police, or anyone else can keep your safe.

NOTHING is 100%.

That’s why it’s so important for you to be ready to defend yourself and your family at any time. In short, don’t put your faith in politicians or their plans, put it in yourself and your preparation.

 P.S. Reason.com wrote a similar article to mine, and received many comments similar to mine — so I’ll repost their additional info here:

Note: Several commenters suggested Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev, who committed the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, were refugees. Strictly speaking, they were the children of asylees. As Bloomberg News explained the two were given “derivative asylum status” and didn’t come through the refugee admissions program. Apparently the legal distinction is too fine a point for some readers. So be it, but they should nevertheless keep in mind that the brothers were two people out of around 1.8 million people who were granted refugee or asylee status between 1995 and 2013.

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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of PreparedGunOwners.com. He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the UndergroundAssaultRifle.com course.


  1. I agree and disagree with this article. I am sure that many of the refugees need safe haven and place to be, On the other hand, where it was refugees coming for refuge, now many are coming on intent to carry out bad things as they have already been brainwashed, not to mention the home grown dumb asses that are joining this horrible organization just so they can kill and hurt people. CRAP! It’s already happening here with the black lives matter and uprising on the campuses and so I still say, conceal and carry and watch your back! Everywhere you go!

    • The Quran includes instructions for its own spread. It tells believers they must spread Islam. It is their holy duty to bring Mohammad’s warnings and Islamic law to every corner of the world.

  2. I do not agree with your as semen of Muslim in ports as 33 percent say they support isis. And there will be attacks in the us
    And it one happens it’sto many.

  3. Caleb, here’s what is true. This government ( Obama administration) is the most horrific bunch of liars the world has ever seen. They cheat , lie and steal at every chance given. Usually, the exact opposite of what they say, is approximately what is true. I feel that I can take care of my own family. But given the ease with which terrorists can enter my country, I’m scared to death something really bad is about to happen, and Obama will blame everyone but himself. This guy is the worst thing that has ever happened to America!!!

    • As defenseone notes for the boston bombers … “and the case of the Boston Marathon bombers, who arrived as children after being granted asylum. Yet the process for receiving asylum status is not as stringent as for those applying for refugee resettlement, and those cases all involved people radicalized while they were living in the U.S.”

      • What about the rape culture towards non-Muslim women occurring in parts of Germany and Sweden by Syrian refugees? That scares me immensely. As a conservative 21-year-old woman who has never dated in her life and saving herself for marriage, I don’t want that to happen to any woman in our country. Most of the refugees are well able fighting men between the ages of 21-33. By the way, I don’t want to be forced to wear a hijab for the sake of my safety. As for gun carrying, you can’t go to most places with a gun. I’ll be afraid to leave my house–and we live in a rural area of Rutherford County, NC.

  4. Caleb, you say you are not on the side of Obama.
    You say you are not on the side of the Republicans.
    What you left out is telling…that you are on the side of the Democrats.
    We have one thing in common, and that is Molon Labe. But your philosophy brings a tangible enemy to our doors. Molon Labe, buddy. But I prefer that our USA fights them over there.

  5. Are you really that ignorant. MN . has one of the largest recruiting sites for terrorist and a number of them have been arrest for trying to leave to join. Your facts don’t add up, we need to be concerned and alert.

    • Not sure what people trying to LEAVE the US … has to do with people trying to come in. But ok.

      • when they leave they leave as citizens when they return they are still citizens ,terrorist trained citizens ,introduced to all the foreign terrorists in their cell training them to pass as americans ,and doing all the support stuff here ,like safe houses, strawman purchases of guns, (”which btw really screws the rest of us gun owners ),vehicles supplied ,recon of targets ,(so they don’t try to shoot up a ccw convention just cause it’s crowded,police bar ,etc.)escape routes,marry a foreign national ,and now big brother gets to visit ,then mom and dad and all those younger brothers (who happen to be fighting age)now we have at least a squad of foriegn fighters with support staff and a local guide,all with in a 1 yr time table ,but whats the worry,and there used to be a immigration law (don’t know if it’s been changed though) where if the immigrant own a business he could import family to work there for him /her

  6. Who wrote this tripe?? Is the author personally footing the bill for muslim inbreeding? Is Obama? NO!! The taxpayer is! The liberals think they’re looking at another voting block to their advantage, now that our borders are wide open or nonexistenrt. When the muslims overtake the population, we’re looking at sharia law and the elimination of Christians and Jews, schools and churches. There won’t be any elections. No CITIZENS will be safe, especially women and children subjected to continual rapes when we’re dragged off to muslim compounds.

    Congratulations! You’ve just given our country away!

    • You’re footing the bill for so called “muslim inbreeding”

      you’re also footing the bill for “fighting ISIS”

      I’m footing both bills too.

      The whole situation sucks, and we’re all paying for it, that much we can be sure of

  7. Carry concealed, especially today, and stay out of anti-gun rights cities and cesspools like New York and Washington, D.C.!

  8. We didn’t import refugees when our ancestors came here, they came because of their own desires to have a better life. You are wrong in so many ways with your thoughts.

  9. You clearly know little about the belief system known as Islam- nor have you read or read about its texts. Muslims must follow the teachings and practices of Mohammed who they think of as the perfect man. Mohammed and his followers spread Islam through the Arabian peninsula by the sword- convert or die. They despise kuffars ( non-believers) and think nothing about murdering, raping, robbing, torturing, murdering those who do not accept their way- which is Sharia. The elements of Sharia are antithetical to everything we hold dear.
    They despise our Bill of Rights-especially freedom of speech. 95% of women in Egypt have had clitorectimies (forced) which is not even part of Sharia. They are cruel to animals, whip people to death for minor offenses , behead people in public for alleged wrongdoing(there is little due process in courts), cut the hands and feet off people for minor theft, do not punish honor killings of family members (widespread and is happening even here in the west) sell their daughters (even as young as 3) to wealthy pedophiles for money and prestige. I could go on and on. Read Bukhari- the sayings of Mohammed- they live by his every word. Whoever wrote this article is an ignorant fool and is in league with those who are marching us into chaos. When they reach critical mass- as in France- they start reeking havoc- until then they lie low. This goes for the second generation as well- now American citizens. Why do you think so many jailed convert to Islam. It fits their Chgaracter and gives the stamp of religion to their desire to murder, rob and rape.

  10. Your views are very naive and short sighted and show a fundamental lack of understanding of religion, both Christianity and Islam.

    Even if the first generation if Muslim refugees do instigate a terrorist attack, their CHILDREN, or their Grandchildren will. The latest (admittedly insignificant) attack in Paris was instigated by a SECOND GENERATION Muslim.

    Islam MANDATES that it’s followers conquer the world. This is why THOUSANDS of Muslims – many of them born in the “West” are flocking to the Levant. This is no different than Jews flocking to what we now call Israel.

    • Islam is the second largest religion in the world. The fact that there’s not over 1 billion muslims fighting with ISIS means something. I’m not convinced by this type of logic …

      • Islam commands its followers to create a government that supports it. This may be one of the most ingenious ideas in the whole collection. Islam is the only religion that uses it. Other groups of religious people have had political aspirations, but no other major religious group orders its followers — as a religious duty — to create a government that follows its own system of law.

        Islam has a system of law, called Sharia, and all Muslims are obligated to continually strive to make their government — wherever they are — follow it. Because of some of the other ideas added to Islam, you will see that this political addition to the idea-collection has significant consequences.

        Many people are under the impression that the goal of Islam is to convert everyone to Islam. This is not so. The prime directive of Islam is to bring all people on earth under the rule of Islamic law.

  11. Fool. They are not coming here to assimilate- but to destroy us from within. We are committing suicide. They don’t need violence. They will use our own laws against us. G-d have mercy on your children and mine. They are very shrewd. In alliance with the left- they have already bought their way into our universities and are working on brainwashing our kids from kindergarten on. Wake up.

  12. There is an alternative not brought up here. Create a safe zone for them in Syria would cost less and the refugees would return after the war to their beloved countries.

  13. Why do my comments not appear on your website. Are you censoring comments you don’t like. Makes me think you are a Muslim trying to destroy our freedom of speech as I stated in one of my 2 comments. You are outing yourself, but more and more Americans are catching on and you will be stopped. Trump 2016.

  14. Ok so your not worried that nice but the rest of us live In reality way chance just one second is why Muslims why not Christian there the one really being killed further more have read the Koran it is the the blue print for how to subvert a nation like it or not there’s is the only religion hell bent on a world wide caliphate so again why import more of them I want the ones here to leave they do not bode well with a free society

  15. What about the Tsarnov brothers and the Boston bombing? They were asylum seekers. That did not turn out well to say the least.

  16. Wasn’t Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev refugees that came over here? And just look what they did in Boston, MA. There may be some terrorists hiding in with the mass of 10,000 that Obama wants to let into the US. You never know. With these screenings; do you really think that a person who is a terrorist is going to fess up that they are one? Best bet, do not let any of them in and then it will be problem solved.

  17. And France thought the same thing, seeing how that worked out for them in the news everyday.

  18. Your an idiot and where not sheep at lest not all of us, we are a country of immigrants yes. But there comes a time when the people of this country`s life starts being affected to the negative, and there not able to get the American dream, because an influx of other countries people are flooding in taking up them resource`s. Them immigrants need to stay in there own country and make it work like we did, to let them i our country is taking away from the people we already have here that are counting on help. We need to close our border`s forever and take care of the people we have here already, instead of letting all these anti Americans in that would try and change our way of life. In the other countries that think its ok to kill some one or cut there head off, or to rape our women and kids, we dont want that here .

  19. Hey Caleb,

    I’ve been a die hard fan for a while, and I usually agree with you. Gotta call you out on this one. I agree that the terrorist threat is tiny when we are talking about the refugees. That being said, it is a threat. However, that’s not the bigger problem. Islamic refugees are not coming to the US to assimilate and play nicely in our sandbox. The are coming here to change the face of our culture and our laws. It’s the “stealth jihad” that is the duty of all followers of islam. We can take a Pollyanna view of what is actually taking place and dismiss the end game, but they are not hee to become good, productive, patriotic Americans. The whole “terrorist refugee” this is the latest buzz, rightfully so, but it’s not the big picture. The bad guys are already here. The question is what is the face of America going to look like 30 years from now if we don’t take a serious and candid look at the INTENT of the influx. All you have to do is look at Europe. I’d say that a miniscule percentage of Muslim Immigrants are/were terrorists. However, they have fundamentally changed the very core of European life. It’s big picture I’m looking at. I understand where you are coming from, but you gotta call a horse a horse. All the best, Semper Fi – Tim

    • Tim

      thanks for the well reasoned reply.

      I get where you’re coming from too … I just don’t think the refugee “crisis” is as big a deal as it’s made out to be.

      I guess I should make it more clear that I don’t think there’s a “good” answer to all this. Well… there is but the current admin nor future admins will not take it.

  20. I don’t worry about them either. Of course we live in a rural area and not around any of the soft targets the terrorists look to hit. Funny thing is, I’m not one to worry about much, never have been. The thing is, these are muslims coming in as refugees, I don’t know many if any so I couldn’t go off first hand experience. So I go off of what’s happening around the world, don’t believe politicians…when they move their lips you can bet it’s not the whole truth if any at all. I’ll let their actions speak for them and to this point I’m not sure I trust muslims, they haven’t shown that the good ones will rat out the bad ones. So, I’ll keep to my opinion that they can’t be trusted, so they may be coming, I’ll let them stay in the big city…..most are liberal hubs, so they get what they deserve.

  21. In the past most emigrants coming to this country came to be part of us and to live the good life. Working hard to do better and did not have their hands out saying “Give to me you owe me”.

    There has not been a Muslim problem in The United States of America to this point because of the numbers. Their numbers. If you are vastly out numbered you watch your P’s & Q’s until you have numbers great enough to help you change our laws to your way of thinking. Sharia Law. Or with those numbers you can put the fear of God in the normal citizen of this country. Sharia law is now or is trying to come to a city near you. We are a country that has our own laws that has been working for over 200 years just fine. Now the Muslim comes in and wants his Sharia laws. It is OK for a Muslim to LIE if he is doing it to further his faith. Do you want our women and little kids raped? The Muslim refugees are doing just that in other countries that have let them in.

    Of the 10,000 more Syrian refugees coming here some may be true Christians, but how many. Why are most of the 10,000 more Syrian refugees of the so called fighting age 15-45 males. No male of fighting age should be allowed in this country. We might find they are willing to fight but only against us. How do we know for sure they are not part of ISIS with a plan already set to kill in this country? Why are these men not up in arms fighting to take their own government back? Why are there not more women, kids and families. This might not worry you but it does me.

  22. You have completely miss what is really going on. The Commie/Muslim/NWO is behind all that is happening and ISIS is a creation of the CIA to breaking down the USA! This is all part of the Militarization of our Nation and the Enslavement of “We the People”…Can anyone say Martial Law..??? People need to do their complete research and step back and see the BIG PICTURE, and in performing that research they need to read the “Communist Manifesto” which is the Blue Print being used to subdue and enslave “We the People” and destroy our U.S. Constitution! If you disagree have fun on your permanent vacation at Camp Fema..!!!

  23. Sorry, but I think you’re wrong. These people are not being veted. There is no security procedure in place. In Louisisna immigrants came and State were not advised and one left for another State. One, two or three – no problem? BS! One person armed with the right stuff can kill a lot of people – three, three times as much. Sure
    we arm ourselves and TRY to protect ourselves, but we can’t if we are at a concert or football game, etc.

  24. Caleb, I have two points on which you and I differ:
    1.) Unlike earlier waves of immigration, the sad fact is that this current Middle Eastern crop show virtually NO interest in assimilating into American culture. As a country we will not survive very long with large blocs of unassimilated foreigners in our midst.
    2.) Why can’t ‘safe zones’ be established within Syria, protected by UN troops, wherein these refugees could be settled? Can you identify a single pressing reason why they must be brought here?
    I usually agree with you, but on this issue, we must part company.

    • I get what you’re saying …

      And someone else mentioned a “UN safe zone” but come on … who is the real force behind the UN?

      It’s America. So now, let’s have US troops fighting and dying over a UN agenda? I’m not a fan of the UN … I totally get that it sounds more appealing than the refugees coming here, but I just don’t see it turning out as well or as easily as everyone thinks/imagines.

  25. I would agree with you if the immigration was even handed. However, the Obama administration is only allowing Muslims into the country, and turning their backs on the Arab-Christians who are being killed by the hundreds. While we do have Amercan values, this administration has turned them on their heads, and are determined to ruin the US and its constitution. You can feel compassion for people, but is it stupid to kill yourself and your country in the interests of ‘compassion’.

  26. So your argument is refugees “most likely” won’t be a problem because they haven’t been a problem in the past? That’s the kind of lackadaisical thinking that has gotten and will continue to get people killed unnecessarily. I don’t think anyone is saying never take any refugees, ever, from anywhere – I know I’m not. I believe they’re saying that a series self-serving interviews and a U.S. database search is just not sufficient for muslim refugees from this particular part of the world. Who cares if the process takes 18 – 24 months? Most of that time is probably tied up in the bureaucracy of the process, not actual investigation. An investigation I would assume consists of only searching U.S. government databases – I’m almost 100% sure there are no face-to-face interviews of friends, family, and references back home or Syrian records checks. If there are Syrian records checks, just how much information do we have available to us from the Syrians? And of what we do have, how much of that is reliable? I find it hard to believe that we have sufficient information in OUR databases to accurately vet every “refugee” sent to us, or even the majority.

    Anyway, back to your point. I think it would be safe to say that, before 9/11, hijackers flying a passenger plane into a building, like say… the World Trade Center or maybe the Pentagon… wasn’t considered an viable threat – until it happened. Prior to that I think I could count on one hand how many passenger planes had been used as missiles. Sound familiar? Which is why there has at least been an effort to improve airport security. If I’m understanding you correctly then any security measures we’ve put in place should be removed because well, most people flying won’t be terrorists looking to crash planes into landmarks and after all, my safety is my problem not the government’s. Can you explain to me what the role of federal government is then? I keep coming back to national security for some reason. By the way, I’m not sure how effective my concealed carry weapon would be against a suicide bomber with a deadman’s trigger and I’m 100% sure it would be useless in the cargo hold of an airplane.

    As for the innocents, I think most would agree that once these women, children, and maybe even the elderly have been PROPERLY vetted, they can be welcomed with open arms – but not one second before AND not one fighting age male. Unless of course that male happens to have some condition prohibiting him from fighting for his country – maybe.

    I could go on but I’m going to assume that anything I’ve stated so far will fall on deaf ears. I’ll just leave you with this thought. Not to lessen what the muslims there are going through but of the Syrian refugees admitted to date, how many have been Christians? And who is it feeling the brunt of the IS’ rage? I won’t apologize for questioning the effectiveness of the federal government. After all, if you want something messed up, put the government in charge of it. Look at THAT history.

    • I agree with this, “I won’t apologize for questioning the effectiveness of the federal government. After all, if you want something messed up, put the government in charge of it. Look at THAT history.”

  27. The problem is the country don’t have all the background paperworkThey cannot do a complete background checkThey don’t have all the paperwork to prove who they areSo it doesn’t matter how much check them outYou still cannot believe who they are where they come from

  28. Caleb, you forget one vital point. We have no way to do background checks on these people. If we can’t determine whether they are terrorists or not, we are putting American lives in danger. The two year investigation on their background is B.S. I can’t believe you would fall for that. I don’t care if they took 10 years. If there is no information available on these folks, no length of time would make any difference at all. Just in the last year 66 terror related arrests involving refugees have been made. Ask the victims families of the Boston bombing what they think. There are terror related investigations going on in all 50 states. The government is keeping the lid on this for obvious reasons. Not one of these refugees should be allowed in without an absolute verifiable background.

    • I get that, but its the best you can do.

      As defenseone notes for the boston bombers … “and the case of the Boston Marathon bombers, who arrived as children after being granted asylum. Yet the process for receiving asylum status is not as stringent as for those applying for refugee resettlement, and those cases all involved people radicalized while they were living in the U.S.”

      • Anyone, whether refugee or asylum seeker, or any other immigrant must pass a background check. Get it into your head, we must be able to preform a background check. Since it’s impossible to preform a background check (per the FBI and Intelligence Agencies), they can’t be allowed into our Country. It’s really simple and I don’t understand why you don’t get it. Do you really want to be party to a dangerous terrorist living next door just so you can say some of these folks won’t be dangerous?

  29. I have to disagree with this article based on the fact that none of these refuges can be vetted, they are coming in from all around the Islamic middle east and Africa and none of there countries have solid data on these freaks. my resolve is to round up every Islamic and return them to there nation of origin and get them the hell out of here including the Somalis Islamic from Africa, all African islamics must be returned also, they don’t belong here and not one are being vetted to protect us.
    Here is the state departments vetting process:
    !- whats is your name?
    2-what country are you from?
    3- have you ever been accused of any crimes?
    4-what is your nationality?
    5-do you have a passport or I.D. card?
    6- are you sick ?
    7- how many children and family members will you be hosting?
    8- Would you be a future democratic voter ?
    9- how much welfare would you like, our normal give away is between $50,000 to $60,000 based on family size, and you get an Obama cell phone?
    Now may I ask the writer of this article do you really believe you feel safe with this vetting process, because this is exactly what our sick and twisted mentally bureacrat stooges are doing.

  30. If you support the obama position on the refugees you are taking sides!

    The size and makeup of America does make a difference, so does the armed citizenry. Taking everything into consideration however, nothing justifies a president ignoring the fact there may be terrorists embedded within the refugees. But even more importantly we have no way of knowing or finding out in a short period of time if or who they are! isis/isil has assured us there will be terrorists among them. Therefore, the question is is it worth the risk to American citizens and America to import thousands of potential terrorists. Radical Islamic terrorists have also vowed to kill Americans and destroy America. The goal of these Islamic terrorists is to rule the world and install a world wide caliphate. That answer is up to us not elected officials who will never be effected by them even is all are terrorists. In essence this president has put every citizen on the front lines of this WAR and all America is in harms way. What’s that you say there is not 80 million active terrorists? Of course not most are just supporters of the actual terrorists. However, that does not mean they are not terrorists!

    If Americans, both male and female, have not armed themselves to this point I suggest they do it now and get the training to self defend. Hopefully the states will loosen up restrictions on firearms in he mean time to allow us to defend ourselves.

    Terrorists, not unlike criminals, would rather spread their terror against helpless citizens certainly not armed citizens. An armed citizen makes it much more difficult to spread their terrorist activities.

    Now a quick review. The president wants to confiscate everyone guns. He also wants to import (overall) as many as 250,000+ refugees knowing some, if not many, could be terrorists. This same person has left the border open so they can just walk into America and the useful idiots who support him don’t pay any attention. So they have no idea they are and have been lied to for nearly eight years now. Apathy also killed millions of Germans. If we as citizens continue to disregard or ignore what he is doing the only thing that will happen is things will get worse, much worse. It is going to happen in the next YEAR. So prepare!

    In the final analysis however, obama is adhering to absolutely NONE of his oath of office. He does not enforce laws he does not agree with and he has single handedly jeopardized the whole nation. How does he remain in office? Do the oppressive communistic democrats have a death wish for America? I recently heard only about five or six percent of Islam is radicalized and terrorists. However, does anyone realize five percent of 1.6 billion is eighty million, or nearly one third of the population of the USA. Can anyone believe that many terrorists can be defeated with anything less then a world wide effort?

  31. Caleb, it has been stated that there are many more men between the ages of 20 and 40 coming over then there are families. First: Why aren’t these men staying there and fighting ISIS instead of coming here and wanting us to fight for them? Second: If they want to come here because it is better then in their country, why do they want to change America to be a country run by Sharia Law? Third: It is also a known fact that Syria is a major Bastille of terrorists from ISIS which means there IS a good chance that terrorists WILL be coming in with the refugees. So my take in this is send them ALL back. let them fight to get and keep their country free from the terrorists that are trying to take it over, and don’t expect other countries to fight for them.

    • Do you suppose obummer is doing this intentionally to destabilize the Country enough so he can declare martial law? Just like he is inciting the black lives matter idiots. I can think of no other reason he would place so many lives of Americans at risk.

      • Yes, our muslim president is setting America up for failure. He may have helped a couple of things for the States (not in my mind), but he is doing lots more for the muslim community. And what do we see out of the muslims? Marches with signs having the red circle and slash through the word democracy and then Islam only. It is Islam or die. And if you go to an Islamic state, you have no rights. None. And certainly no government handouts. If you become muslim, you will start to get some rights. Since I will never convert, I’ll be an infidel for life, the ones that are not worthy of life and are the enemy. I am afraid for this country, and our rights. And I thank God for where I live since it’s not close to either border nor a large group of muslims.

        I’ve only read, but can not prove, that the surrounding countries did not take in any refugees.

        And though this is not so much about muslims, but the statement “I don’t understand why because everyone in America was originally an immigrant.” is incorrect. As far as I can trace back in my lineage, most are Native Americans. My great grandmother on my Mom’s side did marry a German man. 🙂

  32. Caleb, I’ll be short and totally agree with Arizona Don above! I have forwarded you two emails that prove you are absolutely totally uninformed on this matter with facts that prove you are wrong. Anyone that is as wrong as you are on this lethal threat from these savages to our homeland and children does not deserve any further waste of my precious time!

  33. There was a soccer game held in Turkey between Greece and Turkey last weekend. Turkey is 98 percent Muslim, keep this number in mind. There was a moment of silence before the game to honor the people who had just died at the hands of devout Muslims in Paris. The players and officials stood reverently in the center of the field while the 100,000 spectators either shouted “allah ackbar” or booed. This proves there are no “moderate” Muslims. If they are not wanting to follow what the Quaran says about killing us “infidels”, then they are NOT Muslims. If Turkey was to have a civil war in the future and streams of Muslims, the same Muslims that were cheering for the Paris terrorists. were pouring out of Turkey, I suppose you would be wanting to bring them over here also. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  34. Caleb Lee is wrong not to be concerned about Syrian Refugees. His facts do not address certain current events.
    First, we know that the FBI is investigating ISIS in all 50 States and just yesterday we found them trying to infiltrate through Texas as Syrian immigrants. Second, current Muslim immigrants to this Country have already formed their own enclaves and in some cases taken militant stands against the legally constituted representatives in the area. Check out the State of Michigan (Dearborn in particular) and you will see what happens when these folks get their foot in the door. Just like France in the long run which is a disaster and within their own Country they have NO GO Zones run by the Muslims. As far as I am concerned anyone gives me any nonsense better be ready to fight. Someone please explain to me why we NEED all these illegal immigrants and now the Syrians and please do not say for humanitarian reasons because that is BS.

  35. Look, carrying and being able to put our weapons to use, particularly in a singular event to safeguard our lives and those we hold dear is fine. But one or two of us, are no match for multiple assassins with heavy equipment. Face it, we need the police or the military available for our safety and to thwart a Paris-style attack.

  36. Caleb is wrong for two reasons. First recent events indicate we cannot trust unvetted Syrians coming to this Country since we just caught a bunch of them trying to sneak in through Texas. Second, Muslims in this Country are attempting to set up their own enclaves (Dearborn Michigan is a good example) and attempting to influence local politics through their growing majorities in these areas. This is similar to how France has created its own problem. These people are allowed in and then become belligerent to people and Government in their host Countries telling them they will take them over and destroy them if they do not follow the Quran. I think Caleb is living in a different reality from the rest of us. This is no longer 2001 but 2015 and things are quite different.

  37. Cold blooded logic and data don’t mean sh$# when a crazy SOB with a bomb strapped to his chest runs in where your having supper with your family and blows you all to hell.

  38. I don’t agree at all Caleb. I like this site but now I don’t think I like it anymore. We don’t need these people here regardless of what is going on over. Do you think those people would accept 10,000 plus Christians coming into their country. I think not.

  39. Caleb, get yourself a PDF English translation of the Qur’an and read it. Practicing Islamic/Muslims cannot assimilate into our American society as their Qur’an forbids it, period. The Qur’an is an intimidating manual of orders of discipline of life that if you do not ascribe to, then a death sentence is written on your head. This is why these moderate Islamic/Muslims who state that they do not ascribe all the edicts of the Qur’an change their opinion when their Imams tell them that they must live as commanded in the Qur’an or become an infidel with a death sentence on their heads. This is why these refugees are a time bomb with a short fuse with these radical Imams here in the United States pressing their Islamic/Muslim congregations to continue the jihad demanded by the Qur’an.

  40. Ladies and Gents,
    There will be an attack on our soil, it’s unavoidable. When it occurs, I have no doubt this administration will hide all evidence in order to keep our population placated.

    Be forever vigilant, protect you and your Loved ones, never forget…

  41. Caleb, I am disappointed in you. Your premise is completely false as these people are not refugees but invaders. It is a designed plan by muslimes to invade and conquer the West through cultural jihad, meaning they “immigrate”, breed like roaches, then when they have enough votes they implement sharia and destroy the Constitution.

    In reality, islime should be eradicated form the entire world, though at the very least it should be banned from America and other western nations. Next, all muslimes should be deported. Those who refuse should be moved to FEMA camps until they decide to leave America.

    Your comments are naive and dangerous. Makes me wonder if you were paid you off.

    • Lol

      Calm down, I’m not paid off, I’m a free thinker …

      You say that Islam should be “banned” and muslims deported. NEVER forget that any government that’s powerful enough to ban people from practicing a certain religion and deport them will one day use that power on you or someone you love (look at how the atheists have been trying to make ALL religion something that’s barbaric). Eventually that same line of reasoning will be used against Christians.

      If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand the nature of political power.

      • When that “religion” they some practice includes murder, rape, sodomy, theft, deceit, and a whole host of other activities that civilized society deems “crimes”, then, it is not a religion at all, but, an anarchistic philosophy of crazed, brainwashed lunatics. We do not need to import any of that into our nation. We already have more than enough to go around.

  42. I agree that our country was made up of a nation of immigrants, my father being one in 1920. However he didn’t arrive to a country that was already $18.5 million in DEBT. He was guaranteed nothing by the federal government, only that his sponsors were going to stand up for him. Today I’m supposed to listen to a government that owes me nothing for my Social Security and weekly tax payments, but I’m supposed to listen to their story that I’m lucky to receive a so called ENTITLEMENT from the government instead of SS. And this year their will be no increase because they can’t afford it, but 250,000 immigrants that will be told to vote democrat will receive more benefits than I do! I wonder where that money comes from?

  43. The nature of political power? How about political power derived by the constant importation of a dependent underclass. This particular underclass comes with the bonus of wanting to live under Islamic law, a constituency that would do away with the Constitution.

    The story won’t end well

    • Aside from not knowing who these immigrants are, why bring people who have a much different culture and an unwillingness to assimilate ours. Is it “to fundamentally change” our country?

  44. Oh sure, let’s bring all the refu-jihadists over here. Let’s allow in so many Muslims that they make up the majority of voters. Let’s elect Muslim Congressmen and Senators and a Muslim president so the Supreme Court can be stacked with Muslim judges. What could possibly go wrong? If you truly enjoy having a Constitution, you will want to keep our Muslim population down to a very small minority. If we don’t, you will see the US inching towards sharia law while our Constitutional rights disappear. We already have a few small enclaves of Muslims in this country. Go visit one and see how American it feels. I have to TOTALLY disagree with you on this. Have you even been to a Muslim country? I have and, that’s the LAST thing I want to see HERE.

  45. All of you people are stupid. I’m not afraid of the ones that are coming in as much as the Gun Happy so called people right here who are trigger happy and shoot anything that moves. So who should you be afraid of?

    • Not sure why you’re on this website? we are all gun happy here (we don’t want to shoot anything that moves, but definitely gun happy)

  46. Obama is intent on destroying America and I’m fed up with him Muslim supporting,terrorist’s supporting ways. He constantly down grades Christians and this country was founded on Christian values. It doesn’t belong to Hussein,it belongs to the American people. Who the hell does he think he is. All that he has done4 has involved deceit and lies!!! He needs to go back to Kenya!!!!!!!

  47. I was born during the great depression of the 30.s and grew up during WW2 and went to Korea in the early 50s & i saw a lot of heart aches? i don`t want to see that happen over here, you have a Communist Muslim president who has been planning this ever since he was elected president and stupid Americans could`t see that and put him back in office, why do you think he wants to take all your guns away?? so he can get ready for the muslim take over, that is what kept us from been invaded during WW2 was America was well armed and they knew they would`t have a chance with a country well armed,I hope America wakes up soon and gets the muslim commie out of office before it`s to late? you can`t count on the FBI to do any thing they are just standing back and letting him destroy our country. WAKE UP AMERICA???

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