Summary of Obama’s January 2016 Gun Ban Executive Orders

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President Obama got on TV Tuesday, January 5, 2016 to unveil his list of gun control executive orders.

In case you missed it, it was quite the show …

Obama even shed some crocodile tears as you can see in the featured picture on this post.


I wanted to share with you a summary of Mr. Obama’s executive actions and how they might affect you and your ability to defend yourself.

The good news is just hours after the President ended his television address, my local Virginia Citizens Defense League (VDCL) sent out a great analysis that I’ll share with you now.

(If you can find a local gun rights organization you can support, do it. You can be much, much, MUCH more effective at a local government level at protecting your right to bear arms.)

The Obama Administration Uses Propaganda, Half-Truths, Manipulation of Data, and Outright Lies To Push Gun Violence

Before we get into the Executive Actions, please take a look at the tweet the White House released the same morning:

This is just the first example of how politicians — and the Obama administration in particular — use half-truths, manipulation of data, and outright lies to push their propaganda of “gun violence”.

The tweet reads, “A violent felon can buy the exact same weapon over the internet with no background check, no questions asked.”

This quote implies that a violent felon, or anyone for that matter, can buy a gun online and have it delivered to their own home with no background check and no problem.

This is of course patently false. A complete lie.

But it’s a way of telling a lie which is supported by a thin sliver of truth (presumably for plausible deniability and defense of the lie at a later date).

Many people don’t realize that it’s perfectly legal to buy firearms online. But there are MANY rules that govern those sales …

1. You must be 18 years or older (or 21 if your state requires you to be 21 to own a rifle)

2. You cannot have the rifle shipped to you or your home address. You must locate a FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer in your area where the rifle will be shipped to. All stores that sell guns are required to be FFL dealers, so the firearm is usually shipped to your local gun shop.

2. When you pickup your gun from your local FFL, they will perform an “FFL Transfer” of the rifle into your hands. This is the standard background check that everyone who buys a gun from a gun dealer goes through.

Therefore there is NO such thing as an “online loophole” to purchase guns online and avoid a background check. You WILL have to endure a background check to receive a firearm purchased online. Period.

The guns are ordered by you but must be delivered to a Federally-licensed gun dealer who performs all the necessary federal (and if applicable in your state, state level) background checks and handles the other legal matters before you can receive the weapon.

That’s just the start of the lies and propaganda that the White House used this week.

Now let’s talk about Obama’s Executive Actions …

The full list of Obama’s Executive Actions can be found here at the WhiteHouse.Gov website.

Important Point About Gun Death Data

One thing that’s critically important to understand is that the numbers the President used for his press release are twisted. See the explanation below:

“Before I begin my analysis, I’d like to point out that the number the President uses for deaths caused by the use (or misuse) of a firearm includes suicides (much more than half of the total) and lawful self-defense shootings by citizens and police. Should suicide and lawful self-defense be considered “gun violence?” No.”

If you ask me, including suicides and lawful self-defense shootings by BOTH police and civilians in the number of “gun violence” deaths is incredibly sneaky and misleading.

But Mr. Obama and his minions have to reach for any and every bit of leverage and twisting of the facts to support their agenda because the truth is that we do NOT have a “gun violence” problem in America and the term is made up propaganda to push an agenda to disarm the American people.

Keep that in mind.

Without further delay, here is the …

VCDL’s analysis of President Obama’s Gun Control Executive Actions:

Much of the Executive Orders (EOs) really don’t change anything, but try to put a menacing or intimidating spin on them. Others simply double-down on existing enforcement (yawn), some are bad, and one VCDL likes. Here is what they really do (or don’t do).

1. A dealer who sells guns exclusively over the internet or at gun shows is still a dealer and needs to have a license and do background checks. This is a “yawn” as it is simply restating current law and how it has always been enforced. Net effect: zero.

2. There is no specific threshold on the number of guns sold, as to what makes you a dealer. That has always been true. The BATFE takes into consideration several factors in determining if you are just a person selling a few items from your private collection or if you are trying to earn a living, or part of a living, by buying and selling guns. Here Obama tries to scare gun owners by saying that someone had been found to be in the business of selling firearms “when as few as two firearms were sold or when only one or two transactions took place, WHEN OTHER FACTORS ALSO WERE PRESENT” (emphasis mine). Here he’s obviously found some obscure cases that must have had some unusual “other factors” that made it clear the person was actually selling guns for a living, even with a small number of sales. This EO is implying that BATFE might be looking harder at people who sell guns regularly to make sure they are not really “in the business.” Other than trying to scare people by also pointing out the penalties for being in the business without a license, I don’t see this as changing the status quo on private sales at all. Net effect: zero, but meant to intimidate people into not doing any private sales.

3. Requiring everyone in an NFA trust to have a background check. This will have ZERO effect on crime, as criminals are NOT setting up trusts to buy NFA items! No one has been killed with a lawfully owned machine gun since the 1970s, when a police officer murdered his wife with one. This is simply a waste of time – doing something just to do something. Net effect: all those who are part of an NFA trust must have a background check.

4. Push for states to include more mental health data. Virginia has been doing this for a long time, predating the Virginia Tech massacre. Net effect: no effect on gun owners generally and no effect for Virginia gun owners at all.

5. More NICS employees will be hired to make NICS checks quicker and available 24/7, which is fine with VCDL as it will make it faster to buy a gun through a dealer. Net effect: positive because of quicker gun purchases.

6. Centralize tracing bullets used in crime. Net effect: zero for gun owners.

7. Step up investigating those who are illegally selling guns over the internet. Net effect: zero for gun owners.

8. Clarify that dealers are to notify the police about the loss or theft of guns. Net effect: zero for gun owners and zero for gun dealers, who already do this anyhow.

9. Direct U.S. Attorney’s Office to renew domestic violence outreach efforts. This requires coordination with state and local police on domestic violence crime. BUT it also requires coordination with “community groups focused on domestic violence.” I do not trust giving such “community groups” special treatment by the government. Net effect: no real change for gun owners.

10. Get information from the Social Security Administration on mental health issues for the purpose of disqualifying some people from owning a gun. Net effect: this is DANGEROUS, as it can strip people of their right to own a gun WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. A very tiny minority of those with mental health issues are dangerous. Just because you let someone else balance your checkbook doesn’t mean you should not be able to own a gun, but that’s what Obama is doing. Obama is casting a huge net for the purpose of catching what actually boils down to a handful of people.

11. Change HIPAA laws to allow states to share “certain” information from a person’s health records. Net effect: this is DANGEROUS, as it can strip people of the right to own a gun WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. No cookie cutter, bureaucratically controlled, examination of a person’s medical records should be used to strip someone of any of their rights without DUE PROCESS!

12. Encourage the development of “smart guns.” If there is a market for “smart guns,” they will be developed with or without government help. Hint: if police, government agencies like the Secret Service, or the military don’t want smart guns, then they probably are not going to be successful. Net effect: none for gun owners, just government wasting more tax dollars on another boondoggle.

In Summary, Two of Obama’s Executive Actions Are Concerning. The Rest Are Paper Tigers …

The sharing of people’s health records and the Social Security Administration data is definitely concerning.

As pointed out by VCDL, these efforts could easily be used to deny people their right to own guns without due process.

What can you do to stop the President’s decrees?

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) writes:

” … Gun Owners of America will be working with legislators on Capitol Hill to “defund” the president’s unlawful orders. This is the preferred “short term” approach because these no-funding provisions can be attached to “must pass” bills that the president will sign. Stay tuned for future alerts to this effect.

Third, GOA and its foundation are pursuing swift legal action. We have already fought battles like this — and won.

For example, GOA was recently involved in the legal defense of Bob Arwady in Houston, who was wrongly accused of dealing in firearms without a license — and he was acquitted by a jury. You can read more on this case here.

Lastly, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) introduced legislation last month to that declares that any executive action by Obama that infringes upon the Second Amendment rights of all Americans “shall have no force or effect.”

This is a good bill (S. 2434), and we will pursue it if we think there is any chance of pushing it past a presidential veto.”

So keep your eyes and ears open, and look for ways to fight any future gun control. Join the NRA, the GOA, and any local groups in your area (like the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League is for Virginians).

Hopefully, you already realize that “gun control” doesn’t work. But in case it’s still not clear …

Please be sure to read why the term “Gun Violence” is simply propaganda and there is no gun violence problem or “epidemic” in America.

Also, read why guns are SAFER than the prescription drugs your doctor prescribes you.

And finally, you can see why more Obama gun control will not make us safer.

Please share this article with anyone who is concerned about the President’s new gun control executive orders.

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  1. I don’t think the captioning of that picture is accurate. He’s not just wiping away a tear, he’s giving us all the finger.

    • He is doing three things. One; Giving us the finger. Two; wafting more onion fumes from his sleeve so he can generate more crocodile tears. Three; wiping away a few of said crocodile tears.


        Yes an asshole giving America the finger.

      • Smart gun technology is dangerous. They can flip a switch anytime and disarm your smart computer chip guns, just like they can cause all those safes with electronic to not open.

        • I would like to know more about any methods of freezing electronic locks. I know that EMP can destroy electronics, and that would be almost all electronics preventing anyone from opening an electronic safe. I know of no other way.

          This person brings up a good point. A magor EMP event would wipe out all electronic locks on inexpensive (less than $100k) safes. Several answers: redesign cheep safe locks to be EMP proof, replace non EMP locks with EMP proof ones, modify current locks to be EMP proof. The last option is likely the most expensive. An EMP proof lock does not need to cost a lot. I can design one for about $2 in additional parts in a reasonable high volume, e.g. 10k or more.

          I have designed such parts for nuclear and EMP for military apps. I think the safe companies need to look into and fix this issue. ASAP

          • Hey Jack Frost! I believe, you are not who you say you are. You are conducting what’s referred to as, “penetration testing”, hoping someone with proprietary unique knowledge will share information about their specific knowledge of “freezing technology”. You claim that you “have already designed such parts for nuclear and EMP for military apps. Why would you ask about any methods of freezing electronic locks. You said, you know that EMP can destroy electronics, and that would be almost all electronics preventing, anyone from opening an electronic safe. Finally you stated, “I know of no other way”. Now that’s great counter-intelligence, just hoping someone will jump in and disclose that information for you and your country!

      • I noticed it was his right hand. Obama is a lefty. And we know what Muslims use the left hand for don’t we.

    • I believe only PART of the nation should be disarmed, namely, O’BAMA’S SECRET SERVICE GUARDS.

  2. We should have both Obama and Boehner get up on the podium and see who can out cry the other. We’ll call it the Sissyboy Olympics.

    • Not yet, have to wait for the others: Pelosi, Ried, McCain, McConnell, Shyster and this RINO Ryan…..

  3. We should have Obama and Boehner get up on the podium and see who can out cry the other. We’ll call it the Sissyboy Olympics.

  4. These laws were inacted back when Kennedy was assassinated. the loop hole was covered/closed when it was found out that the rifle was purchased through the mail services. This P O S HUMANOID is to stupid to lie,,,, his underlings are the liars.

  5. There is a word for that Muslim Mullah but of course in Ovomits’ land, “The Dis-United Socialist States of America using words that can describe Ovomit is punishable by unconstitutional laws. The sooner he is thrown out of office, recalled, or whatever it takes to be rid of it. The sooner America can try and recover. God save America from the plague of Ovomit.

  6. So it would seem that our fraud is just becoming a bigger fraud. Him and his corrupt minions are professionals at half truths, turning a law that has been in effect( if enforced ) into a law people think is new and just out and out lying. I saw yesterday that he was including suicides and necessary law enforcement actions as ” gun violence ” and I knew then that this was just more of his BS, playing with numbers to try and justify his lunacy. Hopefully Rand Paul’s bill passes and obozo’s illegal EOs go into file 13 where they belong.

  7. I fail to understand how anyone could think that an election to a public office is a license to change the very Constitution which that person has solemnly sworn, before witnesses, (the entire nation) to uphold and protect and defend that very same Constitution.

    What disturbs me most about this president is his facility for lying to the people in order to justify his illegal attacks on our Constitution. All I can say is that he is a very talented liar.

    What disturbs me most about our society is that so many are willingly believing his lies.

  8. Just another “feel good to him” way to push his anti-gun NAZI agenda on the American people.
    NOW he isn’t even TRYING to hide the fact he is going by the Hitler playbook (along with other Dictator’s ideas from the past) Of course with help from his “handlers” as Willam has stated above. I have also had the same observation of the STUPIDITY of the sub-human POS.

  9. “The sharing of people’s health records and the Social Security Administration data”

    I thought there is legislative action which prohibits this…

    ALSO, keep in mind the communist agenda, get the foot in the door even a little and then a little more in the future and before long “we” (communists) have what “we” (communists) want. (and the people will never be aware of what was done… (communists are very patient in many ways, and this is one of them)

    • Well, David, there is also supposed to be legislation to preclude gun registration with a 1986 law which somehow paid more attention to the back hole rider passed with it banning the future production of civilian available machine guns.

      The Affordable Health Care act already ‘unofficially’ ended your sacrosanct health privacy and even the coveted doctor-patient relationship. Since it is a government monitored system, all treatment data goes into a computer base that is accessible anytime by certain government agencies.

      When Hillary gets in the four or five pending bills that then make most gun owners vulnerable to prohibitory confiscation because of ‘unsafe emotional or psychological stability’ –for the specious notion of general public safety, of course–on a national Federal level.

      By the way, we should all start using the terms Totalitarian agenda, or Fascist regime instead of communist or democrats because that’s what they want us to use because those terms are unrelated anachronisms, and don’t hit the nail on the head. These traitros are anti-Constitutional Fascists, either Corporatist, or theocratic, and their agenda is pure totalitarian dominance of the population. Nothing less.

    • He doesn’t let previous legislative action get in his way—he just issues another “executive order” that (in his view) supersedes all opposing others.

  10. His repeated citation of Sandy Hook to justify these moves is just as phony as his tears. NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015)–which was banned by less than a month after it was accepted for sale–has thirteen contributors, including six Ph.D. (current or retired) college professors, who establish that at the school had been closed by 2008, that there were no children there and that it was an elaborate hoax to promote gun control. I immediately released it as a pdf to the public for free: And here is a review that provides an excellent summary of our work:

  11. Why don’t we the people stand up to these so called leaders we have and throw them out on the street where they belong. Deport them to their country of origin. The Oregon Militia is made up of normal people just plain fed up with the gov. takeover of private lands by a bunch of BLM bullies. This is only the start of gov. takeover. Are “we the people” going to let the federal gov. have the mile after this inch? Wake up People!!
    Rise up and voice your opinion! God Bless “We the People”. OBAMA has to be removed, NOW!!!!

  12. Why is the women behind President Obama, who is obviously a White House aid, smiling while the President is crying? Sort of shows that the fine art of ‘political lying’ can be easily recognized.

  13. I would like to leave you all with a couple of thoughts. The President and Commander in Chief shed some tears in his presentation indicating if we can save even one life it is worth the effort. Did the President shed any tears for all of our Vets who died on waiting lists trying to get into the VA hospitals and did those who perpetrated that disaster get punished? The answer is NO to both.

    He also said that he was not trying to take our guns but is on record for saying he thought Australia’s gun confiscation program was a good idea and more recently indicated a goal for us should be Communist China’s gun control program. Funny how he has these memory lapses about what he says one day and then contradicts the next.

    Always keep in mind when any thing comes out of his mouth that he is a Muslim and in his religion they are taught it is OK to lie to the infidels to get what you want. Is it just coincidence that he has been caught in so many lies, misdirections, and deceptive practices in his 7 years of office.

    We are dealing with a megalomaniac who is a pathological liar who is clearly out to destroy us and our Country. So my advise is to push back and fight each and every initiative he takes to accomplish that goal.

  14. Why is the women White House aid behind President Obama smiling while the President is crying?
    Clearly shows that people can’t believe anything that comes out of the White House, and especially what he says. President Obama has absolutely no understanding of the problems let alone a solution.

  15. Obama thinks Americans are stupid and admittedly some are ie his followers ie liberal democrats. In fact this EO and his address was aimed at those stupid people as they think how wonderful he is to do something about gun violence propaganda. I agree it does nothing to curtail the so called gun violence. One good thing about democrat politicians half of the the time they pretend to care and pretend to do something about something geared to their base and that base thinks is great. And the base falls for it everytime. Now that’s stupid. If Obama and the dems want to decrease the so called gun violence ghost, then they should initiate criminal control instead of trying to infringing on the 2nd amendment.

  16. I said this in another post, but it’s just so much fun, I’m gonna do it again……and again, and again!
    “Political power flows from the barrel of a gun.”—Mao Tse Tung.
    “If you like your gun, you can keep your gun.”—Barack Obama.

    As to the tears shed at the end of his performance, someone once said, “Sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” I thought it was a stellar performance, I’ll bet he almost believed it himself…….

  17. That half breed Islamic Communist nigger is not only the worlds most accomplished liar, he is also quite the hypocrite! He batted his eyes long enough to get a puddle built up in his eye holes then made sure the camera caught him wiping his lying eyes! Fuck him, if he was so distraught over children dying, he’d put an end to the dump trucks full of infants they murder every month, then sell the parts, makes me so fucking angry he better hope he doesn’t ever get inside my wheel-house, I would slap him so hard his white meat would show! I hate that fraudulent piece of trash!

  18. Our Superspook in charge forgot to say something about the Federal Government running guns. Fast & Furious, Benghazi- Syria gun running.

  19. I think he went to pick his nose with his middle finger, but like everything else, he can’t even do that right. But when it comes to making America a 3rd world country, he can’t be beat.

  20. Let me just say that everything the president just did is going to hurt legal gun owners and a lot of gun shops. You have to think like a gun hating America hating person like Obama. There is more people on social security and people that run gun shops that are on social security. He’s going to go after us anyway he can and if you think it’s not going to affect you think again. This is just the beginning, next it will be registering all guns. If they start going through medical records, well let’s just say you and your wife went to see a couples counseling. You just lost your gun rights. Everyone can say these things he just did won’t bother them if they want to, I know better. The government is always looking to screw us over.

  21. Obama the Muslim FASCIST must disarm loyal American citizens for the same reason Hitler had to disarm the JEWS! Muslim Spy is setting America up for invasion in order for the one world government mob. Think Hitler’s nightmare of the Fourth Reich!

  22. Not to rain on anybody’s parade the solution to electronic gun safe lock is go back to the old dial style lock which is not that expensive in interchanges easily

  23. daveveselenak • 4 hours ago

    So, finally after seven years of treason by our Muslim-Marxist jihadist the G – ood O – le P – unk Party finally considers doing what it should have done years ago as I had suggested. What world am I living? He has systematically and overtly destroyed this once great nation that no other standing army in the world has been able to do. The NWO-elitists knew what they were doing when they “implanted” this half-black bastard into the “Outhouse” – or is it Bath House? I had predicted this when he was sworn in when he didn’t use the Bible and had to redo it behind closed doors – didn’t want to offend his Islamic brethren! Impeaching him long ago, even if not impeached would have: 1) slowed down his communist agenda, the latest being yet another unconstitutional EO to disarm “US”, by forcing him to defend himself against the charges. 2) it would have forced his state-run, fifth column propagandists to COVER the charges, letting the whole nation be aware of them, rather than covering them up as they have been doing for seven years. 3) it would have placed the onus for the destruction of this nearly dead Republic on the Communist Party USA, formerly the democ-rat party and now referred to by them as the Progressives which is an alias for the former; but nonetheless, IMPEACH this MF’r, NWO puppet, new Hitler, Devil’s Advocate, demonic psychopath already because if he is allowed to finish his term then R.I.P. USA! He has accomplished his goal of “Transforming” us into the third world totalitarian oligarchy that we have become! Armr==================================? , you will be needing them – guaranteed! This message was brought to you by a Viet Nam vet that was forced to fight communism halfway around the globe at the tender age of twenty-one and I’ll be damned, and rightfully so, if I won’t fight communism here in my homeland and neither should all able patriotic Americans – CAN I GET AN amen?

  24. Wiping his eye with his middle finger is not only giving America the finger but also notice that his index finger is extended upward. That is a Muslim sign indicating Allah is the one. Obama was sending a clear signal to jihadists that their time to strike is getting closer.

  25. I noticed he fingered us with his right hand. Obama is a lefty and we know what Muslims use the left hand for.
    In keeping with his plan for Muslim conquest he hides his homosexuality too.

  26. After seeing President Obama shedding a tear for the children that have died in the schooling shootings in the USA, the question came to me, “When he orders a drone to kill a senior member of the Taliban or ISIS or any other terrorist organization and their children are killed as collateral damage – does he shed a tear or because they are not Americans does he figure it does not matter”? Most of us would probably say that it is an unfortunate reality that we have to live with -but- which situation are we talking about?

  27. It’s frustrating to see the author use the same cowardly, dishonest tactics he accuses the President of. The title of this article includes the words “Gun Ban” yet President Obama’s orders include no bans at all. C’mon! We pro-gunners have to the facts on our side, so why resort to cowardly lies?

    • … you may be right that “Gun Control” would have been more appropriate a word, but I wasn’t trying to lie about anything.

  28. I renewed my NRA membership on the same day as the president’s “town hall”. Thanks Obama for reminding me!

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