This Hollywood Insider’s Shooting Skills Just Surprised Everybody


Celebrities aren’t exactly the first group of people who come to mind when you think about sharp-shooting gun owners. After all, the anti-gun movement in Hollywood is moving full speed ahead, and most celebrities hopped on the bandwagon a long time ago.

However, a video just emerged of one Hollywood insider absolutely killing it on a three-gun shooting drill. Keanu Reeves, while training for a new film, decided to take up the sport, and his skills are beyond impressive.

Check it out below:


Breitbart tells us more on why Reeves got to be such a marksman:

A video of actor Keanu Reeves (Matrix, John Wick) has emerged that shows Reeves shifting between three guns — an AR-15, a shotgun, and a handgun — to literally shred targets downrange.

The shooting configuration — commonly called 3-gun — requires a considerable degree of shooting skill and practice in order to be done with efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, it involves the pressure of being timed while transitioning between the three weapons, shooting targets throughout.

According to Conservative Outfitters, Reeves is reportedly honing as 3-gun skills as part of his training “for the sequel to the movie John Wick.”

The NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom reports that 3-gun is, in fact, “the fastest growing shooting sport in the nation.” Moreover, it is not a sport popular with men only, but is increasingly popular with women and youth as well. The 3-Gun Nationals include competitions for women and youth, along with “a female only prize.”



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  2. Damn ,.. John Wick really is the Baba Yaga !! Thats awesome to see an actor that actually CAN shoot,… and do it better than me,… lol

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