Church Holds Gun Control Meeting – Try Not to Laugh When You Hear Who Showed Up


Citizens across the country are starting to pick up the gun control debate and discuss it amongst themselves. Most of these people believe that the change they want to see will start locally, and they try to rally their communities in order to get support for their own personal agenda.

For example, this church in Nevada decided it would be a good idea to hold what they called and “educational seminar” about gun control, sponsored by a regional gun control group.

The organizers had high hopes, but the way it turned out is absolutely hilarious.


How do you think a gun control meeting would go over in a state that hugely supports the 2nd Amendment? We’ll give you a second to think about it.

Only 20 people showed up!

Breitbart tells more about the embarrassing event:

On March 14, Journey United Methodist Church held an “educational seminar” on gun control in partnership with Nevadans for Background Checks. The seminar was attended by “20 or so congregants.”

Universal background checks — like those in California, Colorado, and Paris — are on the ballot in Nevada this November. And while they are ostensibly being pushed by a group represented as local and/or grassroots — Nevadans for Background Checks — the Las Vegas Sun previously reported that the Nevada background check push is “largely bankrolled” by Micheal Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety.

And now at least one church has opened its doors to the effort.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Journey United Methodist senior pastor senior pastor Rev. Ann Thomas opened the gun control seminar “with a short Bible study,” then took questions on expanding gun control in November. When congregants asked whether the new gun control measure would bar them from selling guns to family members without government permission or whether it would require “inherited” guns to be submitted to government for paperwork, Thomas “did her best to answer.” She was ultimately left with no option but to “[use] her smartphone” to look up answers to questions regarding the gun control initiative.

The Review-Journal said Thomas told the “20 or so congregants” that the gun control measure was not perfect, “but it would make a difference.” In truth, however, universal background checks did not make a difference in Paris, when 130 innocents were gunned down by terrorists on November 13. Nor did such background checks make a difference in San Bernardino when Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik gunned down 14 during a December 2 Christmas Party.

And universal background checks did not stop the November 27 Colorado Spring Planned Parenthood shooting or the 2015 Halloween day shooting, that took place in Colorado Springs as well.

Yet while universal background checks cannot stop determined high-profile attackers, they do succeed in making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to acquire the guns they need for self-defense. They also succeed in increasing the paperwork trail associated with every gun in America and, in Nevada, may criminalize “sharing guns with friends while target shooting in the desert.”

Do you think any of your local churches would do something like this? If they did, how many people would show up?

Tell us in the comments.



  1. Another perfect example that the church has no clue about what Yeshua (Jesus) taught about possessing weapons.

    Reference Luke 22:36- “But now whoever has a wallet must take it along, and his traveling bag, too. And the one who has no sword ( todays words: GUN) must sell his coat and buy one.” A sword, not a knife, was used for one thing in His time, DEFENSE. Get it!

    I am no fan of the church and its doctrine. A church that teaches correctly what Scripture says does not have to be associated with a denomination.

    Read and understand WHAT THE DOCUMENT says, i.e The Bible.

    • correct!

      another area i want Christian and Catholic orgs to STAY OUT OF is refugees and illegal aliens. Jesus also showed a respect for civil law by paying taxes. LAW brings order. Refusal to obey law brings confusion and chaos.

      • You seem to be lacking in knowledge….Jesus asked whose picture was on the coin they were using for money…it had Caesar’s…..He said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar………According to our “Constitution For The United States”….our money is ‘GOLD AND SILVER”!……..Ain’t nobody’s picture on either one!……..most taxes are totally illegal…….learn how to read and understand the Constitution. Declaration od Independence, Common-law……The “ONLY LAWS” I believe in are written in the Bible…….the one’s by our gangster government are all un constitutional and against our rights!….The IRS is also an illegal entity…it is non-governmental and owed by the Rockafellows!……imagine them sitting on their ass telling you to work and pay them for everything you want to buy or own…..DUH!….refugees?…illegal aliens?…..Sorry bud this Country belongs to” We the People” and it is founded as a “CHRISTIAN NATION_….You are a non-thinking person and due to that you would be very easily led to be under ‘DICTATORSHIP””……..!

      • Good post; the reality is that gun laws do about nothing to keep criminals, gang bangers, drug dealers and terrorists from getting them! It only works on law abiding citizens. But what the idiot gun control crowd doesn’t get, is that when gun laws get overly strict, even law abiding citizens will become more active in the undergrround market, and more, not fewer guns, will go “under the radar”.

    • Jesus’ disciples carried weapons of the times–swords–while they were with him, and I assume at all times. There were always thieves and dangers, they had to protect themselves. Remember at the Garden of Gethsemane when the Roman soldiers came to take Jesus–Peter took his sword and cut the ear of one soldier in an act to protect Jesus–so yes, weapons of the times were used. I’m an 86 year old woman and I have a weapon and yes I would use it if someone tried to harm me and yes I am a Christian
      , yes, practicing Christian. Some people may have a lot to say–you have the right, I don’t care–I am not a stupid person and I would never deliberately harm a living soul, but if someone is intent on harming me in any way, I intend to harm him first! It has nothing to do with my spiritual life.

    • Yes you are right about the ignorance of God’s word in some Churches and it’s getting worse not better. If this denomination had a working knowledge of the Bible they would not have a female pastor. (I Timothy 3:2 [KJV]) A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; I don’t care how badly this world distorts God’s plan for marriage, that preacher can’t be “the husband of one wife” As for the word denomination, according to is definded as “a religious group, usually including many local churches, often larger than a sect” that word came about 1350 years after Jesus chose to come to earth and be born of a virgin . Oh yeah, they don’t believe that either. It just means that the folks I chose to worship with, believe that the Bible is God’s word and is the final authority on everything. The folks in other denominations believe differently. I don’t agree with them, but they will have to square that with Jesus at their judgment. But at the same time you have to look at the verses, (Hebrews 10:24-25 [KJV])
      [24] And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:
      [25] Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
      There are many other scripture that talk about the Church working together like a body. As for doctrine, the KJB mentions doctrine 55 time, so God must think it’s important. As long as the Church’s doctrine matches the doctrines of the Bible, you are headed in the right direction. In case you were wondering, I’m a Independent fundamental Baptist. A group that is shrinking because people think that believing in and following doctrines is just too hard. We are also the most hated denomination because we hold fast to those doctrines as the world changes God’s word to suit their own lusts.

    • Typical of the communist, death culture bastards, they cry separation of church and State unless it is them using the church to push their tyrannical agenda! Armr================================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

  2. Interesting subject. Note that not every one who attends a church is a believer in that churches doctrine. Secondly not every gun owner believes the same things. I could name a couple of senators and congress’ members that are very anti gun (for you and I), yet they own and continuosly carry one themselves. In my church, my guess is 10 percent would show up, but not all for the same reason.

  3. Yeah, real good idea letting the idiots in government decide who can have firearms. BTW- Trump said he would consider BLOOMBURG as vice-prez. Research, folks, research!

    • The Best Way To Make A Career Politician “Useless” Is To Make Him Your Vice President.–This Has Pretty Much Always Been The Way To “Remove” A Thorn In A Politicians Side.–Just Ask “VP” Joe BIDEN” Or For That Matter About Any Other Former Vice President.–Makes It Difficult To Even Remember Their Names…Hmm

      • Teddy Roosevelt was McKinley’s V.P. – McKinley was assassinated six months into his second term. Remember Teddy? FDR was elected to his fourth term in 1944. Truman was his V.P. FDR died on 12 April (if memory serves) of 1945. Truman authorized the atomic bombing of Japan. Remember Harry? There is some potential in being Vice President.

  4. My church would be more likely to sponsor a gun safety/ how to shoot seminar. Our pastor’s retired secretary is an excellent shot and many of the deacons have concealed carry permits. We are most definitely NOT a gun-free zone. Ted Cruz has been a solid Second Amendment supported his whole political career, and would appoint SCOTUS justices who would uphold the Constitution rather than rewriting it.

    • Exactly. And Michael Bloomberg, the New York Nazi, is trying to push this crap in my own state of Maine. We will try hard to defeat such idiocy, as the only thing it will accomplish, is to push even MORE guns onto the black market, into the netherworld of the underground. The idiots never seem to see the light here. Even the ATF and FBI know how it works. It is also essentially UNENFORCEABLE LAW, so why bother even passing it?

  5. The ignorance grows and those advocates for the control of all weapons including a slingshot are without fact, logic or ability to answer or satisfy any opposition to this scheme of disarming Americans in today’s world of criminal and terrorist running loose and no way for the gov to maintain security…..liberalism is a commutable disease among the left and weak of mind…

    • Liberalism is almost the same as Fascism. Hitler was a socialist before bringing full throated fascism. When I look at a liberal is see a fascist in sheep skin.

  6. It would be good if pastors, supported the US Constitution and Luke: 22;36. Oops, I forgot, they agreed to let the IRS and local governments “License them”, as a non profit organization! Either stand with Gun Owners, or get outta the pulpit!

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo!

  7. communist will be communist anything to destroy the constitution just like our communist party leader obama if you actually read the bill of rights it clearly states neither congress or the president shall have the power to repeal or alter these amendments but for some reason our communist government keeps trying and a communist non taxpaying loud mouth church keeps helping since they pay no taxes they should have no voice in our communist government what so ever if they actually start paying taxes then they can put their 2 cents in

    • Hey Alfi you mindless Twit, the churches may not have to pay taxes but they have tax paying people who do and they reserve the right to Free Speech same as you ( remember the 1st Amendment)? I am a church going person and Born Again Christian and you better believe me when I say my family and I and there are many more in my church that believe in the rights of the 2nd Amendment, and will be totally inclined to use deadly force if need be to protect others from them who would do deadly harm to either their family, friends or other church members! One other thing, a true communist isn’t a Religious person, unless they worship their communist leaders like in Russia.

    • Article Five of the Constitution defines the process by which the Congress may change, repeal or expand the Constitution, which on a number of occasions Congress has done, e.g. the Twenty First amendment nullifies the Eighteenth amendment.

  8. The headline made me think there must be a female pastor involved since they tend to lean very left. Sure enough, female pastor. I have a feeling she may not work there much longer unless it is a very small church. The Catholic Church catechism does say it is your duty to protect your family.

  9. The definition of insanity, I believe, is doing something over and over and getting the same result. You would think that in the 7 years Obama has been President with over 100 million gun sales to his credit that people who are opposed to guns would take a break with the anti gun rhetoric. Most of them are ill informed and could debunk 90% of what they hear by going to the FBI website which would clarify some of the more popular lies they are being told. In a nut shell, gun violence has been on the decline over the past few years, gun ownership has increased during that same period of time, most deaths by firearms are suicides not one person shooting another, very few gun deaths are a result of someone using a military style rifle commonly and erroneously referred to as an “assault” rifle. I recently responded to an individual who was wringing her hands over children’s deaths by firearms left unsecured by parents. I pointed out that there were far more deaths from drownings of those same aged children when unsupervised by parents near swimming pools or other types of swimming venues. If you look up the stats they are staggering. The problem with the liberal anti gunners is that they are essentially too lazy to look up the facts for themselves and defer to the lies they hear in the media and by folks who have their own agendas. We have long passed the day in this Country where people even care about the truth. So my advice is keep buying guns and when someone tries to violate your rights by breaking into your home or coming to your home to confiscate your firearms, shoot them and worry about the consequences, if any, later.

  10. We had this conversation at my congregation and we all agreed it is better to be armed than to be murdered. We are a Messianic Congregation and strongly believe in “NEVER AGAIN” never again will we let there be another “Holocaust” by any government not even ours. When this government fails as they all do and we are attacked let the enemy be warned “We will not go quietly into the Dark”

  11. It shouldn’t be legal for an outsider like Bloomshithead To finance or campaign for state issues when that state is not his primary residence. I hope most voters are on this this pile of crap commie and vote no and tell this jerk to stay in New York where communism is rampant.

    • Your comment, while well-meaning, actually is anti-1st Amendment as it would violate freedom of speech. I agree Bloomberg shouldn’t be trying to violate others’ 2nd Amendment rights, but what you propose would not only prevent him & his ilk from speaking out. It would also keep OUR SIDE from fighting immoral, anti-Christian, and illegal laws & policies in other states that could eventually work its way to yours. So one must allow speech they don’t like or agree with in order to give US the same right to say what WE believe in or agree with. I hope you understand what I mean here. God bless….

  12. If you think the brand of “gun control” the gov’t. and Jack-Offs like Soros and Blumberg are pedaling will reduce crime and massacres you best come out of head and rectal defilade before its too late.
    How many gov’t. officials, and the aforementioned, are protected by Security Guards?

    Wake up America, it’s all Smoke and Mirrors – like most gov’t. programs! When the gov’t. can’t enforce existing laws, allow illegal aliens into the country, and even try illegal gun running to try and prove their point can’t you smell a Rat?. As my Father always said, ‘Figures lie, and Liars Figure”! That’s what we Tax Payers and Citizens get mumbo jumbo statistics and BS!

    I am in favor of requiring all suitable persons seeking to own a gun of any sort being required to attend NRA safety and familiarization training with their weapon of choice. Licensing should be strictly on a objective basis and not some subject opinion of a local Police Chief.

    The local Police should foster and encourage local licensed gun owners and Gun/ Sportsman Clubs to participate in training and friendly completion. God forbid but should this country or any city be assaulted by Extremists, as in Paris or Brussels, locals could bolster and reinforce local Police. – Isn’t that what volunteer CD, 1st Responder, and CERT do?

  13. I am on the security team at our church in Missouri. We like many other church security teams here are armed. I don’t think anyone would come to a gun control meeting. Of course my church would never want to hold such a meeting.

  14. I’m afraid we all want to apply logic to an illogical situation. Bloomberg and his cronies are hoping they can erase the second amendment to the constitution without having to pass an amendment. Enough money will cause the politicians to remove the Second Amendment through legal fiat.

    Bloomberg got the bill passed in Washington state last year and now to loan a gun to your brother requires an FFL do a background check and for him to return it, requires an FFL performed background check. Additionally, if the gun owner dies, his/her surviving spouse or heir is required to either turn the guns into an FFL or have an FFL perform a background check for each gun left after the owner dies. The guns cannot be willed to the heirs without going through the FFL performed background check.

  15. When my state require a state-issued license to buy hard liquor available only at state operated stores. It did nothing to reduce drunk drivers, or the deaths and damage they cause. Last year the voters approved a very restrictive law that requires a background check on the transfer or sale of EVERY gun, even among family. However the gang bangers apparently are unaware of it, as they are still “offing” anyone who crosses them, as the recent homicide rate will attest. The fact is that there are tens of thousands of guns that the state doesn’t know ever existed, and for which there are no record, and they change hands privately with no problem. A back-dated transfer statement is all that it takes. Finally, most law enforcement agencies say they have more pressing matters to attend to than worrying if grandad gave grandson a .22. But this new law sure makes the liberal bed-wetters feel safe an secure Prohibition only served to make gangsters super rich, just as illegal drugs have done, despite very stringent laws against them. Mt Grandfather used to say that in order to talk to a mule you had to hit him in the head with a 2X4 first, just to get his attention. I doubt that even that drastic tactic would work on the liberal gun-control zealots

  16. If the government would work at getting the guns out of the hands of people on the street that don’t have a permit it would help so much. Not sure about guns in the church.

  17. I do not know which Bible translation this writer used, BUT the King James version does not come anywhere close to what was written.

    I will agree 100% with his statement about “A church that teaches correctly what the Holy Scriptures says does not have to be associated with a denomination.” The church that Jesus Christ established in Jerusalem in AD33 is not a denomination, and His disciples were called christians first in Antioch (Acts 11:26). In John 4:24, Jesus Christ speaking to the Samaritan woman at the well “God is a SPIRIT: and they who worship HIm MUST worship Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.” Then the Apostle Paul writing to the Galatian brethren in chapter one, verse six that there were some that would “PERVERT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST.” and in verse eight wrote “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. ” IF this warning was not enough, Paul repeated the same in verse nine. In the Gospel of John in chapter 14:6, Jesus Christ speaking to Thomas said unto him, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMETH UNTO THE FATHER (Jehovah God), BUT BY ME.”

    Johnnie Parrish 3-28-16 7:33 PM

  18. “new gun control measure would bar them from selling guns to family members without government permission or whether it would require “inherited” guns to be submitted to government for paperwork”

    Yea, that’s the whole point – EVERY GUN TRANSFER THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT – It is the ONLY WAY to achieve an accurate database of every firearm – who owns it and where.

    *Of course criminals that utilize the black market for their firearms will be unaffected and will be able to keep their guns!

  19. All such “gun control” measures control the guns of the law-abiding but not those of the law-breaking. Their significant effects are to clear the path of the law-breakers, who can expect less resistance.

  20. might as well convert to islam they don’t care who (is that who or whom ??)or what they shoot…..[ please note the sarcasm ]

  21. It worked well for Hitler,Stalin,Kadafi,Sadam and Mosolini and so on including Paris ! In the 19th century all countries disarmed for their supposed safety their govts after disarming them murdered and salute red over 200 million of their own people for various reasons! Gun Conroe is to protect the corrupt in govt and those Eliets who are their Pimps !

  22. If you were to hold a “Gun Control Seminar” in my area, it had better be to “Teach proper control, handling, and use” or the firearms.
    Funny how the Politicians call it “Gun Control” for two reasons.
    1. They can’t control the criminals who misuse “stolen firearms” to commit violent crimes.
    2. The politicians (with the aid of criminals, or using crime statistics against responsible people) continuing to make laws that violate The Peoples Rights to keep and carry arms for self defense!
    Our politicians of today are looking for total control, and they are afraid of an uprising! Both Republican and Democrat.

  23. Gun control, gun control, gun control, when are you going to realize the meaning of “shall not be in fringed”?

  24. I have to tell this story about my aunt who was 96 and passed away last month. My aunt never owned a gun in her life but was a life time member of the NRA. She realized that our Second Amendment was a very important part of our constitution and believed in the individual right to keep and bear arms.

  25. We at our church went to the range and practices safe gun control. Aim small miss small

  26. GUN CONTROL ??? CORRUPT legislative leaders/CORRUPT politicians,CORRUPT BIG money people,CRIMINAL/CRIMINAL INTENT,don’t let those groups of people be the ONLY ONES who have access to weapons for personal PROTECTION,PER the 2nd AMENDMENT.DEPORT ALL those groups listed AND their surporters.

  27. If I were to attend a church, actually synagogue in my my case, and the fairy tale of gun control was pushed, I would inquire as to how come the obvious corruption of the service, just prior to my leaving.

  28. Organized religion is an easy target for government to take over, there are enough whores in church leadership as it was before ASSHOLES in govt started te stick their noses in. Whores will bend over for them as they did stop ofending poor lil homos and then mojados and refugees infiltrated with ISLAMIST TERRORISTS. OUR OWN veterans should be helped and NOT these )-&%$@ shmucks. Why did $#@%& recently cut veterans assistance to help these #$%@&+ ??? Why ?

  29. they would not be welcome in our church , pastor is packing and so are all the deacons and members of the church. Welcome to
    TN ! !

  30. MOST of the (different) churches in my area are pro-gun. There are many hunters and sport shooters that have safety and awareness on their side. Most ALSO know that thugs and crooks WILL get guns ‘on the street’ just like they do drugs. ANY street cop knows this. IF guns are eliminated, ALL states will lose major revenue due to hunting licenses, and the taxes that go with most sporting goods like tents, portable stoves, etc., etc..

  31. Run Nevada Run! bloomberg and his ilk came to Washington State and bought enough votes in the free stuff city of seattle to get a bs background check law passed that has no merit and no way to enforce it. Do what you can to keep outsiders out of your state politics especially bloomberg and anyone associated with the anytown movement. Their money tied to state politicians = stupid laws that make no difference. Just enforce the existing laws currently on the books.

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