These Bug Out Bag Blunders Could Cost Your Life


The bug out bag is a central part of every prepper and survivalist’s fallout strategy. When SHTF, it’s your go-to companion to make sure you stay safe, comfortable, and, most importantly, alive.

There’s a delicate balance in how a bug out bag should be packed though. It needs to be light enough to allow speed and agility, but at the same time it must be thoroughly stocked with survival tools and necessities.

Overpacking your bug out bag could lead to fatigue and exhaustion, but failing to include just one important item could result in life-threatening consequences.


So how do you know what to pack and what to leave at home? Well, this helpful video can help guide your way:

Obviously, you’ll need to account for your own personal needs when you consider these tips. Some of them are non-negotiable though.

What do you think? Are there any other bug out bag mistakes you want others to know about?

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  1. What kind of bug out bag or get home bag what limited space? I’m a Tow Truck Operator in California and I go to the Bay Area a lot. I would like some ideas on my GET HOME BAG! There is a lot of the time I can be anywhere from 100 to 200 miles from home when the when the SHTF.

  2. Most regular size packs hold about three days worth of stuff…a change of clothes, MRE’s, first aid kit, Mylar space blanket…etc. IOW, just think of what you’ll need for whatever might come up. I always keep a box of canned food in my truck along with lighters, rope, Hefty bags and of course, duct tape!

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