A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Full-Auto Firearms – Is It As Hard As You Think?


Fully automatic weapons are on every gun owner’s wish list. There’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of a full-auto rifle eating through to an empty magazine. It’s viscerally satisfying in a way that words can’t quite describe – not to mention the fact that it’s undeniably grin-inducing.

Plus, in terms of self-defense and raw power, there’s nothing that can match an automatic rifle. If you had to choose any one weapon to take with you into the apocalypse, it would likely be something like an AK-47 or M-16.

However, these kinds of firearms are thought of as unattainable things that the average gun owner can never posses. All the paperwork, expense, and hassle make them seem totally out of reach.


But while it might be true that buying an automatic weapon isn’t as simple as hopping in your car and driving to the gun shop, it’s not a totally impossible feat either. With a little knowhow, some patience, and a sizable chunk of cash, getting your hands on a fully automatic firearm is completely within the realm of reality.

The video below will tell you all about how the process works:

Now that you know all about the work that goes into obtaining a machine gun, do you think it’s something worth pursuing? Maybe you’ve already gone through the process. If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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  1. the banning of these automatic firearms was and is ILLEGAL, VOID and UN-ENFORCEABLE….laws that are in conflict with or contradicts our Constitution are to be seen as NEVER EXISTED, the government CAN NOT enforce these ILLEGAL laws, and the citizens DO NOT have to obey or abide by these ILLEGAL laws…PERIOD…

  2. Had my Uzi Class 3 since ’87. About the most FUN you can have w/yr Clothes on. Women tend to be scared of it, until you coxz ’em thru a clip or 2, they see how much fun it REALLY is, then, they don’t wanna give it back. THAT works for Guys ‘N’Gals equally. Yeah, you gotta treat it CAREFULLY, but if you do, its no more dangerous than any other gun.

  3. I live in soon to be socialist utopia Kashington State, where supposedly Class 3’s are illegal, yet newspapers report that some people do possess them. Does this makes sense?? Only in a socialist world. Elect Bernie, get ready for it. Elect Billary, kiss them all good bye. Up is down, down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right.

  4. Hmmmmm . . . I wonder if Andrew Cuomo’s progressive socialist regime would have a problem with full auto. Of course I would need an exemption so that I could have magazines that hold more than 7 . . . or 10 rounds in order to really rock and roll with full auto.

  5. It wasn’t too difficult in SW Florida at least back in the early eighties when I did it. Just needed a decent guy in position of police chief to get the ball rolling. I don’t know how it is now these days.

  6. The REAL Americans of this country need arms more now then ever, the last 7+ years has proven that. IF Hilly is elected I fear another revolution.

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