Insane: Military Wants To Make Guns That Shoot Plants


Barack Obama did a real number on the United States Military. We now have the Navy begging for money to fight climate change with absurdly priced pie-in-the-sky moonshot projects. The transformation of our military from warrior to social justice warrior gets even crazier: the Department of Defense is now trying to develop green bullets that grow plants.

It’s probably one of the most irrational ideas in the history of bullet design, but it will make progressives feel warm fuzzy, and that’s the point.

See the stupidity for yourself, from the Blaze:


The problem they’re looking to overcome is how regular bullets can become pollutants. Casings and sabot petals can be come lodged in the ground, or left behind causing the chemicals to damage the soil and nearby water sources.

So this is their absurd solution:

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) has demonstrated bioengineered seeds that can be embedded into the biodegradable composites and that will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months. This SBIR effort will make use of seeds to grow environmentally friendly plants that remove soil contaminants and consume the biodegradable components developed under this project. Animals should be able to consume the plants without any ill effects.

The rounds are not for combat, they are just for training. So soldiers will be shooting bullets made of bio-engineered composites with a plant seed in it. If the army is worried about too much lead in the ground near shooting ranges, they should probably just use bullets that don’t contain lead or redesign ranges to prevent lead from seeping into ground water.  They can also just spread the seeds of whatever plants they want to grow around the shooting range. There is no freaking reason whatsoever to be embedding plant seeds into bullets.

In terms of ballistics, the composite bullets will not have the same trajectory as the regular lead-copper jacketed bullets used in combat. That’s why it’s critical to practice with what you will actually shoot in combat. The whole thing is an insane and epic waste of money. The danger of bullets left in the ground is really not a great danger. Leftist have been hyping lead bullets as “pollution” to place restrictions on hunting. Just like they are doing with climate change, the Military is going right along with leftist retardation because it boost their bottom line.




  1. Hilarious! Flower power! Get shot with this bullet and grow a weed! Who is to say these rounds would never find it’s way into a combat situation? So, what would be the cost to the taxpayer? Why not substitute a soft iron for the lead? I realize that changes the total ballistics and such a round may not be as effective.

  2. more reason obomas generals need to go, did oboma forget to send the memo , he is no longer in charge

  3. They need to get that suggestion a trip to the outhouse and flush it……more useless bureaucrats…

  4. So long as they kill the people they are shooting at. That is the more important issue.

  5. Sounds like a great idea, but does that mean if I shoot a snowflake, moonbeam or a useless
    left wing liberal in the ass they will perform a useful function and sprout a plant out of their
    asses. It will be well fertilized for sure since they are all full of crap and other chemicals they
    have ingested or smoked.

  6. Seedling evergreens have been planted on mountainous, rough terrain with similar technology for a long time. Think sabot embedded seedlings out of belt fed cannons from choppers.

  7. How about everyone smoke the cannabis plant 24 hrs a day…..Oh that’s right 51% of the country already are, you can view these imbisilles at every protest in America, useless trash!

  8. Shows how sick Obama and the left is. What the hell is wrong with this country.

  9. The BS that they are shooting would make better fertilizer than their stupid imaginary bullets. Save the money and use it for something useful, like working on our infrastructure. We need to stop stupid spending.

  10. Absolutely hilarious. One must remember that the military, in one of their internal web sites, hosted a Moms Against Guns or some such silly stuff totting Gun Safety as if she had a resume that even mentioned the word “gun” or “firearm”. Yet she was the “gun safety expert”. FYI, the copper jacket is to allow the bullet to seat in the rifling. The lead is for weight. Yup, there is Depleted Uranium but that stuff gets a little nasty. Lead can deform just like gold. Lead (and gold) are mined out of the earth. So, is the earth self polluting? Well, Uncle Sugar is not going to go down and buy up gold bullets (though that isn’t a bad idea). Lead, like the brass casings can be recycled by good range design. Brass is recycled by the military. This “seed” bullet gives new meaning to “Flower Power”! Sorry, my sides hurt, I can’t go on!

  11. Actually feasable. Polymers are already designed to replace the standard bullet. Manufacturing time and cost is reduced. Redesign of bullet and casing will allow for enhanced performance. Replacement will be selective for civilian and military use and will take time. Check out a few articles about polymer and nano technology before criticizing, please.
    Look at the navy rail gun. Technology advances in steps.
    Opinions and discussion is welcomed.
    Thank you for reading

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