This Anti-Gun Campaign May Have The Reverse Effect


Well, here’s something that you don’t see everyday: Anti-gunners acting in ways that defy any kind of logic or rational thinking.

Of course, I’m being sarcastic here. Any regular reader of this site knows that anti-gunners act in ways that make absolutely no sense. It’s utterly ridiculous, and this instance is no different:

People wanting to end gun violence want everyone to wear orange to end gun violence.


No, you didn’t misread that. They want you to wear orange because they believe that somehow, magically, wearing the color orange, instead of making people like prisoners in inmate jumpsuits, it will cause gun violence to go down. Dominique Hobdy tells us all the details:

The Wear Orange campaign kicked off in 2015, two years after the shooting and death of 15-year-old high school honor student and drum majorette Hadiya Pendleton on Jan. 29, 2013, in Chicago, Illinois.

Pendleton’s death was the catalyst for change, as her friends decided to band together and bring awareness to the issue and celebrate her life by wearing orange. Two years later the campaign is quickly gaining steam with the support of celebrities and giants in the fashion industry such as Donna Karan, Tom Ford and Zac Posen.

Now, I don’t want to mock the pain people who have lost someone to gun violence have felt and, very often still, feel, but are you seriously going to tell me that, by wearing orange, I’m going to make any difference at all as to whether another person dies because someone uses a gun with intent to injure or kill? How many times do we have to say it: the gun was only a tool, and the person who killed another person would have done it another way.

All wearing orange does is make these people easy targets for criminals without morality who decide they want some target practice on live targets.

If people really want to stop the madness of gun violence, the solution is not ridiculous protests. The solution is to become trained and knowledge about firearm usage and to start carrying to prevent amoral people from committing violence.



  1. The first problem here with all these ‘Gun Violence’ groups is their abject stupidity that they are trying to demonstrate to us.

    I always ask them to explain why they focus on ‘Gun Violence’ instead of All violence? And of course their first igno-imbicilic retort is ‘oh well that’s the worse kind’. After a brief, but ‘full auto’ tune up on their fact failures to get their leftists lips quivering a bit for the psychological kill shot advantage, I say to them ‘do any of you respect our brave military heroes who all gave some and some gave all for your right to stand here and look like a pervert sex offender in your country jail jump suit and make untrue assumptions about something you know nothing about?

    Most of them say they respect their military soldiers. Then I say well do you know what the number one item that keeps them going and able to defend the country and your liberties in combat?

    It’s the same thing all you reprobate anti-gunners vilify and hate. It’s that dreaded AR M-16 individual soldier’s combat rifle. You know, the lightweight mind its own business little rifle that every soldier carries, and never parts with all during the time they’re working as a Team to protect you against everything and anything the evile empires of the world can throw at us. So why are you okay with the soldier, but not with the best ‘friend’ he can have when he’s fighting for the country and YOU?

    If I were an M-16 or it’s civilian little brother an AR-15, I would feel so bad for the disrespect that I’d be weeping gun oil down my magazine well. After all I’ve done in decades of warfare and police work to save the lives of my men and women and protect the Constitution, and this is the reward I get? You now call me names and want to BAN ME!

    Why not just ban the criminals when they abuse me and leave me the hell alone so I could do a good job for a good country?

    I mean, I’ve done NOTHING Wrong! I can’t help it if some bad humans do bad things with me just like they do with other weapons like knives clubs, their bare hands and feet, and the mother of all weapons…their motor Vehicles?

    Without me, We could easily lose against a merciless totalitarian enemy and become enslaved and you all would be lucky to have any clothes and you certainly wouldn’t be allowed to protest so ridiculously.

    So I have to remain calmly on safety in the face of scorn and fear and believe in my heart and soul that the humans who use me simply cannot be that stupid to hate me just because i’m a firearm? So it simply must be for some other reason Something equally absurd but not as bad as hating the one of the greatest instruments of peace in the last Free Nation on the planet? So I have to ask…

    Is it because I’m BLACK?!

    If I were

  2. At least orange jump suits would tell Conservatives who the really out of touch wasted souls are……and to save a bullet and protected yourself against the violent “Non orange” crazies………

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