They Want More Than Just Your Guns


Gun control advocates may not have said it so bluntly, but it’s been widely known that they want to take your guns. Anti-gunners say they just want “sensible gun control,” but what they really want is complete emaciation of law abiding citizens.

And, at least in California, they are starting to show their hand as they go after more than guns: they’re going after your ammo, too. AWR Hawkins writes,

California’s war on guns will soon broaden to a war on ammunition as a ban on the possession of bullets purchased out-of-state takes effect January 1, 2018 […].

According to the Sacramento Bee, it will also be illegal “to transfer or buy ammo” from anyone other than a licensed dealer within the state, beginning January 1. California residents can order ammunition from a catalog as long as they have that ammunition shipped to a licensed dealer for pickup. The dealer will then add a “processing fee” to the cost of the ammunition.

In this scenario, a “processing fee” is just another tax that law-abiding citizens will pay for the bullets they buy.

Then, in 2019, all ammunition purchasers will be required to undergo a background check like those currently required for firearm sales. That background check will require the law-abiding citizen to “pay a $1 state fee” for the check. That “fee” is yet another tax.

Now, if they were being honest about it (or thought about more than just the superficial aspect of this), these anti-gunners would realize that they are, in essence, admitting that the gun isn’t really at fault in a shooting because it takes the ammunition to do any harm. But, let’s be frank, that’s not likely to happen.


Some may say that this is simply an attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment rights of U.S. citizens by California by essentially saying, “We can’t stop you from buying guns, so we’re going to make it hard for you to buy ammo.” Those folks are right.

The end goal is, I suspect, though, that these anti-ammunition crusaders simply want a bunch of weak defenseless citizens who have to depend on the government to protect them. That is the deep motivation of anti-gunner politicians.



  1. Do illegals and criminals have to go through the same process as law abiding citizens

      • Plus, it would be self incrimination if they weren’t allowed to own a gun and tried to buy ammo! Can’t violate their rights, only the rights of the law abiding taxpayers. Screw them!

    • Of course NOT! Illegals and official government criminals and corrupt totalitarian politicians, and their well armed bodyguards, are exempt from any and all gun laws.

  2. Bahahaha…..I buy my bullets from the street thugs! Do you seriously think these political crack heads are going to keep guns out of the hands of the drug runner street thugs …..let alone bullets? What a joke! Because I read this repulsive article again about the mofo’s comming to confiscate my guns etc etc….I’m going to buy another AR-10 with several large capacity clips ….and the speed button to interchange clips quickly! And a big fuck you to California!

  3. Go ahead and and TRY to “tax” ammo. I load my own, and have enough components to last me for YEARS that I bought when I “saw the writing on the wall”. Haven’t bought a factory loaded round in a LONG time. I would encourage any person out there to consider becoming a reloader of you OWN ammo. There are many books out there to show you HOW to safely reload. Besides, the ammo you can produce, (when done correctly), are more accurate than “factory produced” ammo because you “tailor” them to the gun.

    • Cliff—-Careful! Don’t tip your hand on social media that anyone (Government) can see!!!

    • Last I heard, the state was already looking at the same procedures for reloading components (bullets, brass, primers, powder).

  4. This old saying holds true. ‘When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!’

  5. It is a violation of the US Constitution for a State to regulate the commerce between States of the Union. Therefore, this new CA law should be ruled invalid in a test case.

    • Here in NY we have Coomo the Nazi . You have moon beam nut job running your state. The problem we are running into here is the courts are all stacked with liberal judges that uphold the state law. The supreme Court hasn’t been much help either You people got to stop voting for democrats. They are pure evil on all aspects of life.

      • We have stopped voting for them. Unfortunately, there are now more of them than there are of us. Even worse, the Dems control the state legislature so they fast track things like gun controls, rush them to Moonbeams desk for signature bypassing the public input. Even when we had so many law enforcement agencies come out against the gunopolyse Becerra submitted, they were ignored by Moonbeam and his gang.

  6. when is the American people going to say enough is enough and get rid of these idiots politicians that are only looking out for the crooks and thieves all they want to is punish the law abiding people.

  7. This stinks so much, even Feinstein cannot tolerate the SMELL…… These crazed Numbskulls must think Law-Abiding Citizens do all of the Crimes and such, since these so called do gooders like FEINSTEIN seem to think……. It’s plainly obvious that they seem to think by restricting Law-Abiding Citizens of there GOD GIVEN RIGHT to own, use, protect or whatever that this is going to Stop anything involving what Criminals use Guns for…… What a bunch of Dumb, Stupid, Ignorant, Idiots they ALL are….. Wake up you MORONS, whatever you do, no matter what it is, Criminals will always and I’ll say it again so you can understand, Criminals will ALWAYS have Guns and they will do whatever they want with them…… LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS need Guns, Ammo, Rights to use as needed ( Hunting, Practice, Target, Protection, etc….) without your so called Controls in order to keep Criminals at bay……without this and more Gun Controls, you only make matters WORSE….. Look at other Country’s who’ve implemented these Foolish Controls, in every instance they have a Catastrophe with much more Crime……. Look at the statistics, it is in plain black & white showing this, can you not see and understand what’s being shown……Are you that STUPID……???? Appatently so, or you wouldn’t be even considering any kind of Gun Control, Ammo Restrictions, etc……. Why don’t you Grow up and become Realistic, as you surely DO NOT know anything about what your talking about here……… Gun Control, stick it where the Sun does NOT Shine……. IT DOES NOT DO NOTHING TO ELIMINATE THE PROBLEMS AND NEVER WILL, NEVER , EVER WILL !!!! IT DOES MAKE MATTERS WORSE AND THAT IS FACTUAL INFORMATION, SO GET REAL !!!!

    • Where do you get Feinstein can’t handle the smell? She’s right back with her so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” when she and we know that the public isn’t buying “assault weapons” because they cost a lot to get the tax stamp and get past other restrictions.

      Poland, the Ukraine, and several others have already taken steps toward their citizens getting their equivalent of our 2d Amendment. They got free of the soviets and now they are preparing to make sure they stay free. They are also looking at the increased crime cause by the flood of immigrants. English citizens are demanding their gun rights back. Same with Australia.

  8. Do you think them Californians will be smart enough to ” load up” when out of state ???
    Don’t know how much Hand Writing on the Wall it takes, but it wouldn’t take ME long to find a state that wasn’t run by the INMATES !😎

    • Every weekend there is a line of cars headed to NV for gambling. You can bet at least some of them will stock up whether for themselves or for the black-market. Of course, you can bet the state will be acting to suppress such conduct.

      We ARE smart enough. As far as your comment about changing to another state, many of us are here because it could be a really great state again, and, for some like me, this is my ancestral home (5 generations), and my parents are in their late 80s and early 90s. They need care and they don’t want to leave what they know. I would not tell a New Yorker to pack up and leave, or make comments about hoping the state gets hit by the big one. Just because our government has become corrupt and has a lot of foreign supporters, does not mean we are all bad people.

  9. Dear Editor,
    Sorry sir, I disagree with your last statement (quote)

    “The end goal is, I suspect, though, that these anti-ammunition crusaders simply want a bunch of weak defenseless citizens who have to depend on the government to protect them. That is the deep motivation of anti-gunner politicians.”

    The ‘END’ goal is that these anti-ammunition (and anti gun) crusaders simply want a bunch of weak defenseless citizens who have absolutely NO means to protect themselves against an over powering, ruthless dictatorial government ( can you say Nazi Germany, or Soviet Union, just to name a couple, who’s first order of business was to unarm the general population ) And Yes, Great Briton also tried to unarm the colonists before the revolutionary war broke out. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!

    • Interestingly, if you read Josephus, Jewish historian at the time of Christ and also the Jewish revolt from the Romans, in the first few pages of the book the Romans are disarming the Jews. It goes WAY back.

  10. I think I have the solution, get rid of Jerry Brown post haste and elect a conservative Republican!

  11. We have heard all oft his since the time they started manufacturing guns small enough to carry around.
    The liberal scumbags here in the USA have been preceded through out written history and for the reason, they can’t make their system stick as long as there is an armed resistance.
    Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Il Duce, Adolph Hitler, Hirohito, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Josef Tito and Josef Stalin.Josef Stain.
    They all wanted gun control for the safety of the citizens along with universal registration..
    All of them as soon as they got it, confiscated all weapons.
    Withing a year of the time they confiscated all weapons, they passed laws making it a crime to say nasty things about the government.
    The above group killed about 220 million people, primarily their own citizens, along their way to safety for the citizenry.Today we have DEMOCRATIC governments that have laws that laws that do not allow you to say nasty things about the government.
    Australia, Canada, England France, Greece Germany, Spain Portugal.
    In an amazing coincidence all of these countries have confiscated all weaponry.
    Liberal dem bloodsuckers,our Founders gave us the iIll of Rights
    Then, they added the 2nd Amendment ,
    That, nailed the Bill of Rights to the wall of every government office. to ensure them.
    Continue to trifle with our weapons and the 2nd Amendment at your own considerable peril. considerabkle peril.

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