This Is An Unexpected (And Disturbing) Tactic To Combat Gun Violence


Gun violence is a problem. This may be the only statement about guns that I agree with anti-gunners about. It’s a shame that innocent people are injured or killed by irresponsible people and/or people with evil intent, and I would love to see a decrease in the number of people hurt.

In case you aren’t aware of it, Missouri is a state which allows concealed carry without a permit, so that is a smart move in the direction of reducing gun violence in that state. A proposal in a Kansas City (Missouri) neighborhood called Westport has taken an unusual tactic in an attempt to reduce gun violence, though this tactic is motivated by ignorance. The tactic is to privatize side walks in the neighborhood so that business owners can ban firearms on that property. Lisa Rodriguez writes,

A coalition of Westport business owners are behind a proposal to privatize the sidewalks in entertainment district. That would allow them to ban guns in the district and screen for them on busy weekend nights.

The proposal has drawn criticism from members of the city council and from several community organizations, who fear screening for guns could put other civil liberties at risk.

I’m all for private property, but these folks need to get a clue if they think that concealed carry is the issue. The issue is for business owners to get some guts and to be ready to defend their customers and their business from idiots who want to use firearms for violent intent.


City Councilman Quinton Lucas has other concerns about this proposal: he thinks it could lead to the open practice of racism and the violation of individual rights. Lucas said,

“When we start to transfer public space to private actor there is a question, and I hate slippery slopes, but there is this question as to where to we stop. Do we infringe speech, protest rights, do we infringe commercial rights for folks?”

Interestingly, some of the people that most anti-gunners think would support the restriction of concealed carry firearms have issues with this proposed ordinance. An African-American lady by the name of Phyllis Williams, for example, says that she likes the ethnic diversity of the Westport neighborhood but says that the proposed privatized sidewalks and metal detectors would make her feel uncomfortable in that district. In other words, she wouldn’t want to hang out there anymore.

So, if Westport is trying to drive people away from the district, this proposed clamp down on concealed carry firearms seems to be a way to do it. But, if they really want to decrease gun violence, they need to find realistic ways that deal with the real causes of gun violence instead of the knee-jerk reaction of restricting rights.



  1. They are from missouri. The idiots. They hunt by banging pans to scare their prey. Maybe they should use that tactic throughout the city. Scare off muslims

  2. Interesting that these fools don’t do the research and get the facts that somewhere around 98% of mass shootings, other than those done by the gangbangers, occur in “gun free” zones. What a great way to treat your customers, put them in a shooting gallery. I agree with the woman who said she would not feel comfortable going there, I try and avoid these places, the odds are against you.

  3. So, let me get this right, the problem of gun violence is concealed carry and making public walkways private will stop a criminal from carrying a firearm? Yeah, that makes a great seal of sense to a liberal, I guess.

    • Sammy’s Dad:
      Sure, it makes perfect sense ! That means that all crooks and murderers will have to forego the sidewalks and walk in the middle of the street when approaching venues that have privatized that public space.
      We know that those people of that type are deathly afraid of breaking laws, so this will allow the law aiding folks to get them, that is the crooks and kooks, out into traffic where they can e mowed down by a City Bus.
      Another great problem SOLVED by deep thinking liberal squats ! (Please hold up the “Applause” card. )

  4. Your are right Johnw1120, gun free zones are just shooting galleries for criminals who have guns, they know they are safe in these areas where no one has a gun. That is why canceled carry is so affective, the bad guys never know who has a gun that would stop them. These liberals add 2 + 2 = 5, us sane people add 2 + 2 =4, I assume they all went to school but sometimes I have my doubts.

  5. They keep a pushin and then it’s the Legal Law Abiding Citizens turn!
    British were fooled by farmer’s with pitchforks, look where the Deplorable’s sent them!

  6. I wonder if the business owners would be KIND enough to issue T shirts with bullseyes on them for the gunners convenience? If they allow Illegal shooters, at least give them a good target. What? Ahole is an Ahole arn’t they DHAAA. Or maybe Issue body armor to only good customers.

  7. If the sidewalk becomes private property, that means that they have to keep it up, maintain it and if someone is hurt on it (trip, fall.) the owner has to pay hospital bills?

  8. They want to privatize the sidewalks to deter “personal carry”? As in licensed concealed or open carry? And exactly how many instances of “legal” carry have resulted in ANY criminal activity? None that I’ve heard anything about.
    This is no more than retribution against legal carry, plain and simple. The antis in office are so eaten up with their rabid opposition to legal citizens carrying, that they want this stupid law to create the situation where they can legally circumvent the will of the people. A perfect example of an overpowering government trying to be “Big Brother” and force their will upon the electorate.
    This is a “proposal” for Missouri. One that Missourians can shoot down(no pun intended) if they know about it. Which this article is trying to do. Good for whoever responds to it. Glad I don’t live in that neighborhood. You’ve obviously elected some real nuckleheads. And THAT’S where you need to start . Washington D.C. isn’t the only place with a drainage problem.

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