Finally! Politician Who Is Honest About The Cause Of Gun Violence


As you know, honesty about the cause of gun violence is rare among politicians. Which is incredibly frustrating for people like you and me who respect the Second Amendment and care about real solutions to violence.

Fortunately, you can come across the rare politician who tells it like it is when it comes to guns. It would appear that Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is one of those rare politicians.

In case you haven’t heard, Kentucky recently experienced a school shooting in which a fifteen year old boy killed two classmates and injured over a dozen people. There is no question that this is tragic and horrible. The question is: What is the cause of this kind of senseless violence?


Anti-gunners, of course, want to blame the tool: guns. As you know, this denies the basic reality that guns don’t act on their own, and, therefore, guns aren’t the guilty party. Chris Sommerfeldt tells us Bevin’s response to the school shooting:

Speaking during a community event in Benton, Bevin urged Kentuckians to “wake up” and recognize that school shootings are a consequence of a degrading public morality.

“We have become desensitized to death, we have become desensitized to killing, we have become desensitized to empathy for our fellow man and it’s coming at an extraordinary price and we have got to look at the root cause of this,” the 51-year-old Republican governor told attendants.

Sommerfeldt continues:

While he had no qualms about scorching American culture, Bevin didn’t say a word about the ease at which Kentuckians can buy and use guns.

Bevin gets it. Guns are not the problem. Guns have never been the problem, and they never will be the problem. The problem is that some people do not respect or value human life, and these are the people who inflict violence on other people for immoral reasons (in other words, not for self-defense purposes).

Until we, as a society, address the issue of moral absolutes (meaning, in this case, that murder is always wrong), then violence will always be a problem. And when politicians want to take guns away from moral people, then those politicians take an effective self-defense tool away from those who would use it in only appropriate ways.



  1. I bet that, if asked, the governor would insist that it was usually colder during the winter than it was during springtime, summer or fall. Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Gov. Bevin’s comments hit the nail squarely on the head. Add too many fatherless families, watching too much violence on TV, movies and video games, young people emersed in mindless texting and video games, and last but not least, lack of any belief in God.

    • Excellent comment. Absolutely nailed it as did the Governor. Our society is bent on destruction; anytime a comment about “guns being the problem” is spewed by the liberal left, they conveniently, hypocritically then begin preaching to us about ‘how it’s a woman’s right’ to slaughter unborn children. There is NO argument that can be made AGAINST GUNS, when they choose to MASS MURDER INNOCENT CHILDREN!

    • Don’t forget the Teachers across the country teaching kids to hate this country and anyone that disagrees with them. Teaching kids that using violence is appropriate.

  3. I believe it’s very simple proper training. You teach your kids about the dangers of fire or knifes or crossing the street how about boiling water or staying out in the sun to long. I could go on and on but people think if they act like guns don’t exist there kids will be safe . They couldn’t be further from the truth. Teach them the dangers of firearms and to not touch them without an adult present .If possible show them the damage they can do. And last tell them that it’s not like in the movies were the actor gets shot and lives . Or a video game were the guy shoots people randomly and they get up and walk away. This is what is causing these kids to do this between the movies , videos , and the MSM , were lucky there isn’t more. Also my heart goes out to the victims who’s lives were cut short.

  4. Guns are a tool. If you want to, you can kill a person with a hammer, baseball bat, tire iron, Butcher’s knife, etc…. It is the immorality and Godlessness that is the root cause. If you take all of the laws that are on the books, enforce them and get these types of people off the streets, the problems would be solved. But on the one hand you have the dem’s screaming gun control and on the other, you have the dem’s in CA letting a 5 time illegal deportee off in court for which at the least been manslaughter with an illegally possession of a firearm. What F-ing lunacy. Have no idea where this so called judge got his license but it must have come out of a cracker jack box.

    • Phil, you nailed it on the head..they all scream guns are bad and we gum control and there are too many murders yet they sont complain about all the people who abort their babies or offer to adopt and raise their child.When they keep their child they complain that they are too young and do not deserve any help or healthy foods for their kids.I have 5 amazing sons and 1 beautiful granddaughter. 2 of my sons were born in California and I loved the weather, but I could never live there again. 2 others were born in Florida and the 5th in Massachusetts, another place I would love to live but never could. How about these Libs take notice of the obvious, we need to do away with gun free zones! They always go to the fun free zones to do the worst acts of crime, so how about training and allowing teachers that want to, have guns on them, let retired police officers, Vets and Volunteers be at the schools also armed and even with my kids in school I am all for having metal detectors. But what happened to the truth, all these people had been called in on, the FBI and others dropped the ball, not the gun and what happened to mental illness aid? This kid in particular had not only lost his own parents to death, but then his adoptive parents passed away so a friend took him in. This kid probably never experienced love or acceptance a day in his life, he probably never once had counseling after his own parents death and it seems like a very familiar scenerio for these kids that snap and then rage. Imagine what the turn out would be like if they felt unconditional love and embrassed before all of this. I dont want to misguide anyone, what has been done is absolutely monsterous, but we have the power ro change it with love, caring and not turning a blind eye because ita not our problem and the problem IS NOT GUNS! I agree with another writer who said to teach our children about the safety of guns and also what can ultimately happen.She also said we should teach our kids that in the movies, cartoons and games that we also teach them about what is real and what is not. They rate movies and games for a reason and my kids love their games but it is up to ME to monitor what they watch and what games they play. Video games are not bad, some are educational. And lastly, if all these Dems are so against guns and want to take away our Constitutional right and our Second Amendment, I emplore them to start with their household and go without having body guards carrying the guns they are so tirelessly trying to take away from the law abiding citizens.Sure, let the pansies keep their body guards, but let THEM be the role model and lets start with ALL of the Dems that want gun control and lets have them show us exactly how willing they are to live by their own standards and lip service..Go ahead Obama, that means you, Michelle and your children too!

  5. Society is ok with millions of abortions. Yet we get upset with these school shootings.

      • You misunderstood my point. secular society by its nature is immoral It accepts abortion and other sins as normal. I am not secular I am a Christian.

    • Erasmo Hernandez, my husband just made that very same statement to me last night. You are so right.These Dems wont fight for what “some” feel is murder to a baby, but will complain about it..all lip service..Yet the very same people have all the time in the world to complain about and try to take away law abiding citizens rights.

  6. When I went to high school in Jacksonville, Florida, we all had rifles and shotguns in our cars and trucks. At one time, I took my .22 into shop class for the instructor to tighten up the forestock. We had no “shootings” to be concerned about back then.
    The social decline in America, thanks to the liberal progressives, has allowed these situations to develop. They kicked morality and God out of the school system and the void was filled by selfishness and evil.

    • we went fishing one night I left dad’s shotgun in the boat my buddy brought it to school the next day the principle told me to leave it behind the door in at biology room and took it home on school bus that evening didn’t even think about shooting anyone never was a problem

    • You are so correct! Put God and morality back in and take away the violent games & video content and it will be a great start. Wouldn’t hurt to get the kids back out playing games in the yards & school grounds, riding their bikes, just outside and away from all the electronics.

  7. It’s really amazing how the same people that want to legalize marijuana, which will eventually result in legalizing a stronger drug wants to take away our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This very thing resulted in Adolf Hitler rising to power, the real “ Fascist “. I guess that the Democrats figure that once the whole country is stoned out of their minds and our guns are taken away, then they will have a clear path to take over our country. Just goes to show the quality of education that our children are getting today. Apparently our educators aren’t teaching as to why people immigrated to the U.S. ( legally I might add ) many, many years ago. As for you Alan, go back to your shed and smoke another joint, Idiot. People like you have lost any commonsense that God gave you.

  8. The second biggest problem we are facing in this nation, is the lack of moral ethics, a sense of individual sense of honor, and, courage, reverence for life, love and compassion for others, justice and fairness, tolerance of the same freedom for others that we want for ourselves. This may not be everything, but it is a start. All these things and more are taught in a book called the Bible. Christians are suppose to support the Bible and it’ teachings. But many of us have become so weak kneed, that we bend, under the onslaught of those who will negate, and trample, the Bible and its principles’. We are more concerned with whether or not we offend someone who does not believe in God, than whether or nor we offend God. We are treading on dangerous ground here.

  9. There are three ways to confront a demented person bent on violence:
    1. Stand there and get shot, decapitated or poisoned.
    2. Run or hide so that you do not get shot, decapitated or poisoned.
    3. Shoot the SOB before you get shot, decapitated or poisoned. You cannot do this if the weak willy politicians are successful in removing the only immediate defense available. See #1, or 2, if you are athletic.

  10. All of these people made some very good points, but they missed the most obvious and most destructive point of all. RAP music is causing more gun violence than anything else in the country. RAP MUSIC is killing the American Culture at an exponential rate. RAP MUSIC teaches kids to hate each other, hate the Police, Hate their Parents, destroy each other, and to Hate God. RAP MUSIC IS as bad or worse than ISLAM. That is another major reason for gun violence and they missed that one too.

  11. When GOD has been removed from our schools and public buildings and children of today do not have parental guidance what can you expect. Politicians are so corrupt they do not represent the citizens of the United States, but put themselves and special interest groups before what is good for the country. General George S. Patton stated “Politicans are the lowest form of life on earth, Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politican “. Until America can cleanse itself of misguided individuals like Barack Obama and restore the news media to truthful news reporting only GOD can save America.

  12. It maybe social decline or it’s keeping mentally disturbed out of institutions. In the past they would be on a short leash and not allowed to be among civilized persons.

  13. I am the father of a son that was murdered by a 9 millimeter handgun in 1993 by a juvenile offender that bought the gun illegally. I realized immediately that it wasn’t the fault of the gun, plus all of the gun control laws that were on the books already (the Brady Law had just been passed) protected my son. Since then, I have become an outspoken advocate against gun control and have a Facebook page Crime Victims Against Gun Control that voices my thoughts and opinions. No, it’s not the guns, it sadly is the breakdown of the moral fabric of today’s society. Governor Bevin’s comments are right on target. (No pun intended) I doubt if the MSM publishes any of Gov. Bevin’s comments or if they do they will be spun to conform to its anti-gun rhetoric.

  14. The single biggest ’cause and effect’ relationship with all of these shootings, is the prevalence of powerful, Psychiatric drugs being prescribed like candy. An inordinate amount of these ‘shooters’ have been on these drugs. These drugs do not ‘prevent’ feelings of aggression… they CAUSE them. Pre-1960’s you virtually never heard of someone ‘just going off’ engaging in mass shootings. What changed? The advent of these drugs is what changed. These Psychiatric drugs do no prevent crazed aggression, they CAUSE crazed aggression. It even says so… right on the “Black Box” labels of these drugs. When you see the percentage of shooters who were taking them… you need look no further for “The Cause.”

  15. Morality and caring about someone other than yourself is missing in our society. I see it in relationships, friendships, marriages etc. If you’re honest and care for others, you are then targeted by the selfish people who don’t give a crap about anyone and live their meaningless lives taking from others. I have met way too many of the younger and very selfish people over the last 10 years.
    Godless people who sometimes pray for themselves and not others???

  16. A thought for Gov. Mat Bevin. He mentions “being desensitized to death… killing… empathy….” I read that as no love for our fellow man. Christianity talks of the Holly Ghost, and the first fruit of the Holly Ghost is love. They do not have the Holly Ghost, they do not have it’s fruit. This is what we get with out Christianity. Leaving Jesus out of their lives. Put prayer back in the schools.

  17. The real problem that is hidden from us, is that he probably received behavioral modification drugs to behave as a child, but when you turn 18 that all stops because you have to find an adult doctor to continue treatment. That never happens, and with his mother passing away, he was on his own. Receiving no help with no way to turn he did the only thing he could do “extreme violence” Now he has the attention but the help he was looking for!!!! If we don’t wake up soon we will be in vary serious trouble. 5 million children on behavioral modification drugs, plus all the other drugs. This is just the beginning.

  18. Randall – many of the recent perpetrators of this kind of thing are not actually”mentally ill” in the technical sense. Rather, as the Governor implied, they have simply never been properly socialized, and lack traditional American social values. We have foolishly adopted (at least the socialists have) the belief that all cultural values are equally good, something that is demonstrably incorrect, and as a result we are forced to accept the socially damaging “Gangsta” and fundamentalist Islamic cultural values in our society without question. When no one provides a more traditional American set of values, when encountering some ignorant kid beating his chest and acting like a fool, the kids think their bravado is reasonable, and worse, that their antisocial values are acceptable. If we continue to tolerate this, we will continue to have ignorant kids behaving like this. There seems to be a major lack of appropriate role models for budding young men, perhaps partly because our feminist society is simply unable to grasp what a Man is, or should be.

    • One huge problem is fathers and mother’s !!! How were to busy or to lazy to spend enough time with our kids to teach them values and respect. Tv, cell phones movies and games. We’re not their friends and lines have to be drawn, boundrys set. as much time as they spend on phones, tv, if games a parent would have to work hard to even come close to matching that time. And don’t say easy because to change our kids were not gonna be popular. Set limits on all those sources or stop them and you might have a chance to win your kids back and mold them . Don’t ground them , don’t take away something that you’ll give back when you can’t stand the pressure, don’t compromise on rules then they have you right where they want you. Take them fishing, or hunting and teach how dangerous guns are.i found out early young kids don’t realise the bullit is coming out of a barrel and will go where it’s pointed.when I figured out this part I took my kids out with a shot gun and we set up pumpkins and watermelons I positioned em safely and shot the targets which exploded. I took them up close. Choice words carefully. I said can you imagine your best friends head doing that !!!!! Do you think those actors are really getting shot only to bee seen next week? It’s fake !!!! This is not. Then I’d shoot a melon at close range, splatter over us all. I said if that was a person what’s on you would be blood !!!!! I had to carry a shotgun I worked to pay for through my whole first season empty until I could prove to my elders, that I was safe. The bnext year when Dad said put a she’ll in your gun and walk next to me. He talked about safety, when you can shoot or not shootbitds taking off and no shots. Finally a pheasant took off and dad said shoot it I shot quick because him telling me to shoot it surprised me then he pulled up and dropped it. I only had one she’ll in. I know this is a long story but I learned a lot more about my dad than I learned shooting at that bird.we heard stories about ww1 from Grandpa and WW2 from my dad. I found out for myself later in life how true this stories were . No it’s not easy but it’s see as hell worth it!!!!! Good luck and God bless

  19. Maybe people should look at where mass shootings take place. Every one of them happens in a gun free zone. Tell me how you can legislate criminals to be unarmed? All the laws in the world will not disarm criminals, just the law abiding citizen. I grew up in a house with many guns in it. I never touched any one of them. We were taught to never point a gun at anyone, not even a toy gun.

  20. we took our shotguns and ammo to school and left them in our lockers so we could hunt on the way home of course that was in the 60’s

  21. When I was in high school it was well known that most boys carried a pocket knife. Just so long as the blade was no longer then 3.5 inches long. It was a tool, and not a weapon. I come from people who hunted and fished their whole lives. Not just for the pleasure of it, but as a way of putting meat on the table when times were hard, and there was no welfare system in place other then the local churches to go for help back then. When we lost our respect for each other, regardless of the color of our skin, religion, civil institutions (school and teachers), and replaced men as the head of the family in place of a welfare check. We started down that slope to where we are now. That begs the question. How do we turn things back around? Think about that!

    • James Baum you are so correct! Start with revamping the welfare system. Short time help only. Must find work and no taking away their modes of transportation to get help. That happened to us when we needed help. We couldn’t own anything to even get food stamps temporarily. They tried taking away your dignity when you only needed temporary help. My sister became a single mom and needed some help to get by until she could get back on her feet. They told her to stay at home and not work and they would help. She told them no, that was not the way to independence and she turned them down. Family was her help, not the government.

  22. Thank you everyone for your comments. From the 1960’s and on, our country has been spiraling downward away from common sense and morality. I point my finger at fatherless families, violence on TV,movies and videos. And yes, we need to bring prayer back into the schools and on the football fields. If someone is upset about this, they are welcome to leave and not bring us all down with their opinion or being offended. Bring back compassion and eliminate the one up game, bring back caring about others and eliminate bullying etc. Don’t be afraid to hug someone or put your hand on their shoulders showing you care. We should not be afraid to show compassion and caring even it there is a human touch involved. And thank you Governor Bevin for saying it like it is, the truth.

  23. Maybe everyone should have to go through a class on gun safety and morality before they can by a weapon.
    All though you don’t need a gun to kill someone. Just saying.

  24. In my opinion, deinstitutionalization (the emptying of the large state mental hospitals) was a contributing factor to how many psychotics are walking around free today. I worked for several of them as a psych tech and believe me, many of those individuals should never have seen the light of day. Thanks to liberal mental health advocates tho, they all got released out of a misguided idea that their rights needed protection… Well, that worked out well, eh?

  25. I see some good comments posted here. We are overlooking one, though. There are mental issues that do not require being institutionalized. They can be minimalized with medicine. The trick is to keep the patient on the medication. But medication alone does not always work if the person in need does not take the illness seriously and work at controlling it. Unfortunately most people with such illnesses do not realize they do have a mental illness and as such, do nothing to correct it until it is too late and they resort to killing or seriously injuring another person.
    Parents are often lax about securing firearms at home. That needs correction as well.

    • Indeed, Jerry is dead on. I own several weapons and always keep them secured. Still, when we get told “If you see something, say something” and no action is taken??? This guy was a flashing red light of insanity!!!

      And no, the vast majority of psych patients go off their meds the minute they get to the street. Outpatient care is a fantasy in the USA.

  26. automatic death penalty to anyone who decides he/she has the right mow down innocent folks would curb that activity. Save oodles on court cost . Would really play havoc with braindead liberals who are proud of their lack of intellect. They could be allowed to consider sharing their home with the murderers about whose fate they are so often concerned .

  27. The left has hurt us as Americans.America is based on god we trust and feedom of religion not from as the left
    thinks.Yes prayer in school would help.Aslo that big lie of the left socilsim does not work.

  28. Most of us patriots that believe in the Constitution as the backbone of America and suspect the hidden agenda of the Anti-gunners is really an attack on the Constitution and the freedom that it represents in America. A disarmed citizenry is not able to defend its country from the Adolf Hitlers of the World. There are many tools and other mechanisms that can be used to murder fellow citizens, not just guns. You don’t throw the baby out with the bath water as that famous reminds us that guns are a force for good when used by responsible citizens. The deterioration of empathy and moral responsibility can be traced to many cultural problems. Most notably disrespect for religious freedom, disrespect for human life as demonstrated by irresponsible use of mass media in an exploitative manner for the last 40 years. The tearing down of the family, the advocacy of abortion to eliminate the inconvenience of pregnancy as a roadblock for irresponsible and unrestrained sexual behavior, and many other things. The recourse to violence to correct perceived injustice is demonstrated in many movies and television shows. This breeds the belief in the young that its OK to take revenge when they perceive injustice has been perpetuated against them or others close to them but without really understanding that justice is deliberative process where the facts of any situation are carefully determined before justice as defined in the law is applied.

  29. I wonder if the teens that are demonstrating for gun bans would also like to ban cell phones. I would guess that more teens die from the misuse of cell phones than school shoootings, not to mention the other innocent lives lost because teens and some adults think its more important to text than pay attention while driving. I’m sure most conservatives realize the only reason the left wants to ban guns is because they can’t take this country over and make it a socialist dictatorship as long as a large segment of the population is armed. This is exactly why our forefathers put the second amendment in the constitution.

  30. I also agree that as long as a large part of this country turns away from God this country will have no future. For those who don’t believe this look at the history of the Israelites and what happened to them when they turned away from God

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