Don’t Believe That “It Only Happens In America”


A favorite line that gun control advocates like to throw at Second Amendment supporters is that “mass shootings only happen in America” where people can more easily get their hands on guns.

Don’t believe them because it’s complete nonsense. Not that you’re likely to hear that truth from the mainstream media, mind you.

The truth is that mass shootings happen all of the world and that people do horrible things with guns all over the world. People also defend themselves and save lives all over the world using firearms, too.


But, if you’re just itching for an example that you can point to when talking to your anti-gunner friends, here is a recent story out of Russia. A February 19, 2018 BBC News article states:

Five women have been killed in a shooting at a church in Russia’s volatile republic of Dagestan.

Five others, including a police officer and a national guardsman, were injured, Russian officials said. Two are said to be in a critical condition.

A man fired at people leaving an evening service in the city of Kizlyar.

The attacker was shot and killed at the scene.

That’s right a nutjob in a country not known for being friendly to private ownership of firearms still did a horrible thing by murdering five women leaving church. And in case there is any doubt about the kind of weapon used, this guy didn’t use an assault rifle. No, he used a hunting rifle.

Look, the fact of the matter is that the problem with mass shootings is not and has never been a gun problem. The problem is that there are people with evil intent and sick, twisted minds who want to cause harm and, in many cases, become famous for doing horrible things.

So, when people tell you that mass shootings in America are due to our permissive gun laws, set them straight. Mass shootings don’t only happen in America; they happen where an evil person gets an evil idea that he decides to carry through. Yes, even in places where gun control laws are strict.

If we’re going to come up with real solutions to mass shootings, then gun control advocates need to get off of their soap boxes and look at reality. Then, maybe, real solutions can be found.



  1. I see that in the aftermath of Parkland’s terrible event, many in the shooting fraternity are starting to embrace concepts that will destroy the second amendment. We need to be careful of what we wish for. One theme we keep hearing is that there should be universal background checks on ALL firearm transfers. This IS bad. Universal background checks on private transfers—a brainchild of Michael Bloomberg, requires a background check for any transfer–even lending a gun–between private parties. Gun lending is most common among hunters, when hunter A has drawn a permit for an elk, for example, and hunter B may offer the loan of a rifle more suitable for such a large animal. This loan would now require a background check before the borrower can receive the weapon, and another background check before he/she could return it to the lender.

    Also, consider this: an FFL holder cannot be compelled to aid a private party sale by performing such a check, and many will not. They see the seller of a used weapon as a competitor. Two weeks ago, when a friend offered me a deal on a matched set of upper and lower receivers for an AR-15, I needed an FFL holder to receive it and perform the background check as it was to be shipped from another state. One local gunshop, Butch’s guns, absolutely refused. He said they sell AR-15 receivers, if I’d like to buy one. He wasn’t going to assist a private sale though!

    If no private sale could move forward without an FFL, and no FFL was willing to assist in such a sale, only new guns could be sold, and used guns in the hands of private parties would have zero value, even if you want to sell it to an FFL holder. Why would a gun dealer pay fair market value for a used gun if the owner can’t legally sell it to anyone else? What would be the fair market value of a gun you cannot sell without a third party’s cooperation? Alternatively, an FFL holder—if he was willing to handle the transaction–could charge whatever he deemed acceptable for the service—and after paying for the background check, it could be more expensive for the buyer to get the used private party’s gun than to buy a new one from the FFL holder.

  2. I have a lever action hunting rifle that I can fire very fast and it holds more than ten rounds. Reloading is slow, of course, as I have to feed in ammo one at a time. Therefore, it is not a weapon of choice for committing such a crime, which I would never do in the first place. But such a hunting rifle can be obtained that uses a clip. Usually rifles or shotguns are harder to conceal than a semi-automatic pistol that can be used especially with a concealed carry permit.

  3. It’s not just the guns the left wants to do away with. It’s the control. They simply want to control every aspect of our lives.

  4. Very true Marty!! It doesn’t matter what it is if they think for a moment that they don’t have control over something instantly well everything is going to Hell in a handbag!!

  5. We give up our guns, we give up our freedom. This countrywas founded on freedom from harsh government rule. We give up our guns we’ll all see just how harsh the government can be. Hitler -Stalin -Mao -Castro – Jong uns grandfather disarmed all their people then started systematically murdering anyone who didn’t agree with them, even some who did.

  6. WHY the Hell are we talking about gun sales? that is the least of the problem, Up to 99% of guns used for crimes are stolen from good legal Americans homes and car jacking crimes robberies and ex: How do we stop the thief from stealing is the number one problem!! Lets work on this first and 50 % of the gun crimes will vanish. THIS IS GOOD SINCE !!! Not leaving honest people to the hands of the thief . If you go into the bank to cash you pay check and woops you feel a hard thing pushing into your back , the first thing you do is to do what ever that hard thing tells you to do right? well what if you are the thief and you draw you gun in the bank and you hear a lot if racks and clicks what are you going to do? You are most likely drop to the floor throwing you gun away from yourself that’s what. If he or she has brains little enough to try to do a robbery then they surly will have brains enough to know that they hear a gun racking, right? so the moral of this story is every one who is legal wants to carry has a drop on thief’s, rapists, and killers and such. the bad guy is going to have a very hard look at their pray before the even think about doing the crime. ( so in conclusion of this gun problem we have we can at least stop 50% or more in view of the near future and less in the far future, to allow good citizens to be armed when it may be to their best interest ).

  7. Mark Owen comments are right on. I can’t figure why the average person does not figure that out. I wish there was an answer, but there really is not. Besides our politicians are so full of crap that the only thing they are trying to do is get more votes.

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