Leftist Domestic Terror Group More Dangerous Than ISIS?


There have been some unique changes to our world since President Trump was elected…

One of those is the rise of left-wing “resistance” movements.

The truth is, I’m pretty puzzled by the whole thing, but it’s very, very troubling because I sincerely believe they’re more dangerous than ISIS.


What Is Antifa?

I’m not going to even pretend to be an expert here, but “Antifa” is the name of left-leaning groups of people that claim they are “Anti-Fascist” – that’s where the name comes from.

Clever huh?

After doing some research, it appears this was an actual historical movement from around WWII times in Germany/Italy, mostly made up of communists who opposed the fascist regimes of Mussolini and Hitler.

Today though?

Everyone and everything these extreme progressives don’t like is now a “Nazi” or a “fascist.”

The term “alt-right” is now being applied to anyone to the right of Karl Marx (despite the fact that nobody really knows for sure what “alt-right” means).

To these militants on the left, Donald Trump, every single person who voted for him, anyone who opposes any component or increment of left-wing politics, and anyone who disagrees with a liberal on social media is an alt-right bigoted homophobic transphobic Nazi racist fascist KKK member.

They rose to prominence in our popular culture after one of them got famous for punching white nationalist Richard Spencer. “Nazi Punching” they called it. And they were praised everywhere. Here’s the problem …

Why Are They Dangerous?

In short, because in their mind they believe their violence is justified.

And you’re a target.

No matter how deeply you believe you are not a Nazi, this does not matter to an antifa thug, an anarcho-communist, or a liberal political activist.

He or she believes you are a Nazi, that you are “alt-right,” that your disagreement makes you a racist. In his or her mind, you have already been dehumanized, and thus you have no rights.

Marginalizing conservatives and conservative political positions as wrongthink has long been a tool of the Left… but now it carries with it potential physical attack.

Check Out Some Of Their Lovely Memes…

I think if you’re reading this blog, you can appreciate the DTOM (Don’t Tread On Me) flag and where it comes from in our American history.

Here’s what Antifa thinks:


And there’s more…


Why Are They More Dangerous Than ISIS?

Because they’re actually a threat, and the mainstream media largely embraces them and — let’s face it — takes their side when reporting news stories involving them.

Plus, there’s a LOT of people in America that openly support them…

And let’s face it, they’re comfortable with violence and they’re practicing. This is a video from Antifa in Arizona that created the John Brown Gun Club:

And the movement is getting more violent around the world.

Antifa is even in Paris, where on May 1st – a communist holiday — they hit french police with molotov cocktails. Here’s a video:


Take a look at this picture:


Keep Your Head Up

These people are willing to do violence.

They’ve started training.

They definitely have access to guns…

They’re more than willing to use violence with their hands or any weapon against people they claim are “Nazis”.

And the main stream media is giving them a free pass. So don’t ignore them.

Keep preparing. Carry your gun. Get in shape and keep training. Things will probably get worse before they get better…

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  1. THE demoRATS r the WAR on American,long live President Trump! GOD bless the United States Of American!LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?.

  2. These common criminals need to be eradicated like the vermin they are. Anti-Fascists? They are what they claim to be fighting, so perhaps they will just beat up and kill each other and leave the rest of us alone. They need to take a good look around at the members of their groups and realize that Pogo’s famous words apply, “We has met the enemy and they is us!”
    In the meantime, we need to stay vigilant and prepared to defend ourselves when and if ti becomes necessary.

  3. Even worse, the police are ordered by California laws enforcement leaders to let them do whatever they want to do. Governor Brown and Berkeley law enforcement leaders are derelict in their duty to keep the streets safe. We have to keep ourselves safe from these terrorists backed by California politicians. I am trapped in the facist socialist peoples’ republic of California. Can’t even carry here without breaking some law.

    • Randall’s dead on . In the fall BAMN (by all means necessary) a Soros funded far left group took about 300 members to Sacramento for the express purpose of attacking 30-40 people holding a permitted event on the grounds of the state Capitol. There was no shouting and pushing that deteriorated into conflict . rather the BAMN gang simply erupted in a wild attack . Armed with backpacks full of softball size stones and baseball bat like heavy sticks they attacked and beat the non violent people. The police stood back and watched until one of the attackers took a knife to the belly. They they rushed in to protest the dirtbags.

      The head of BAMN appeared on national TV BRAGGING that they came to Sacramento for the express purpose of attacking and preventing the group from handing out its materials. So we have her confessing to two felonies the planning of the attack and carrying out the attack, but not content to stop there she continued with the threat that if the group ever tried to speak again her followers would again beat them with deadly weapons. She was of course NOT arrested

      Also in the background Soros has been giving selected candidates for local district attorney massive contributions to be sure that when the riots start his people will be setting the rioters back on the streets and sending the police officers to jail or endless trials.

  4. I have said all along that the fascist left is more dangerous than the muslim threat. Muslims are predictable you have to look for the ambush points. Muslims are like trained dog, the fascist left an untrained dog, very unpredictable. Fascist want an autocratic lead government, that’s what fascist means. Hitler was fascist as was Mussolini, Napoleon, the Caesars, and Pharaohs. They are Nazi by definition. Trump is the opposite of fascism, he delegates and allows others to make decisions. That is how a republic is supposed to work. He is doing a good job so far. He is an American, a patriot not an anti American citizen as any on the left portray. This is a result of diversity training and requirements in the lefts agenda. The left is creating and expounding diversity dividing our country. The republic right has promoted unity, the opposite of diversity trying to create one focus and all pursuing a common goal.

  5. these people are evil! and most of us aren’t paying them any mind so we’ve got to wake up and take our country back. the devil is working overtime with these people.

  6. If anyone hits me with a molitave cocktail, I will be aiming at them with something a little more dangerous, because that is a legitimate threat on a life. These maniacs have a mental disease anything you tell them it won’t sink in , they are nuts , I’m serious. If they fight like they shoot we have no problem , because by that video , they suck ass with handling firearms !!!!!!!!!!

  7. I carry a cane, for balance when needed. One of these punks gets close to me, threatening me, I will hit them with it. In the temple. My cane is 3/4″ dowel steel stock! I can guarantee a fractured skull!

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