Well, I Guess That I’m The Bad Guy Here, And So Are You


I saw a satire story recently that showed a teenage boy saying that he wants to take away all of our rights but that we shouldn’t criticize him because, hey, he’s only a teenager! It was, obviously, aimed at the anti-gunner teenagers popping up after the Parkland shooting, and it was pretty funny.

Why was it funny? Because these anti-gunner kids have no idea of what they are really talking about, and they need to be corrected for saying stupid things. But, because I feel that way and I have criticized those kids, CNN’s Don Lemon says that I’m the bad guy. And, since you are reading this, I’m guessing that you are, too. Brad Wilmouth writes,

On Monday night, near the end of his CNN Tonight show, host Don Lemon got into a heated debate with right-leaning CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer after she began criticizing the media for giving the anti-gun Parkland student activists a forum to make incendiary attacks on the NRA and other opponents of gun control.

After she complained that, if you criticize the behavior of some of the students, “all of a sudden you’re the bad guy,” Lemon shot back: “You are the bad guy. Yes, you are, you are. These kids suffered an unimaginable tragedy. You let them vent, and then you move on.”

My thoughts on this? Ya know, Don, if these kids were saying that they think that Donald Trump is rude or that they think that the latest Marvel movie was terrible, I would be fine with moving on without taking these kids to task. But, if these kids had used a racist slur (even after being attacked for their ethnicity), then I guarantee that you (Don Lemon) would have been up in arms about it and saying that those kids need to shut up until they get a clue. And I would be right there with you.


But Lemon is like so many in the national mainstream media: they want to shut down discussion of any viewpoints that don’t fit their narrative. So, in reply to Don Lemon, I have one thing to say (and I suggest that you say it, too, and often):

These kids need to wake up and stop being tools for people who want to use them, and they need to grow up and learn the truth about guns. Guns are not and have never been the problem. Evil people are the problem, and guns are, often, the only line of defense against evil people.



  1. Yep, we’re not allowed to criticize kids who think (as evidenced by the signs they were carrying at their “March for Our Lives” rally) that it is literally easier to buy a gun than it is a piece of cardboard on which to write that message.

    BTW, Cameron Kasky’s Twitter (the head organizer of that rally) is filled with dripping hatred of white, gun-owning Americans. He has tweeted that he thinks all NRA members should shoot themselves in the head, and that every time he hears the word “God” he wants to smash his computer in outrage and disgust.

    …we’re not allowed to criticize him, though, right???

    let’s defeat conservatives and the heck with the 3Rs.
    let’s help them memorize instead of think for themselves.
    it is NOT school, it is INDOCTRANATION.
    it is the making of lemmings taught to follow a leader without question or thought.
    it is the making of slaves to serve the “MOST QUALIFIED, SMARTEST, THE BRIGHEST and BEST”.

  3. Kind of hard to put much faith in a bunch of kids who are protesting their own rights, all while carrying signs that demand their own rights be taken away.

  4. They are children and have no knowledge of what they speak of. They are “useful idiots” being exploited by the anti-gun, anti-freedom groups.

    The Second Amendment is explicit in “shall not be infringed”; therefore ALL gun laws are unconstitutional. Just read the reasoning of the signers of the constitution as to why they put the Second Amendment in the Constitution. FYI: It was to enable the citizens to resist our government becoming tyrannical which it is working hard to do. Income tax, asset forfeiture, no-knock warrants, NSA spying, etc. are just a few of the examples.

  5. It’s a common problem nowadays. The people complaining or crying foul, usually the democrats or the liberal activists, engage in this schoolyard style of argument. A second after you offer rebuttal, they distract people from the issue by calling you a greedy, racist, elitist, clueless bully when they in fact are the ones who use deception, insults and social media to assault you on a personal level.

    There is no room for negotiation or discussion when all they do is hurl rude comments and then they bask in their self righteousness and applause by their peers and supporters. The real tragedy is that they are often represented by the most greedy, self absorbed people in politics and show business. And as proven by the “The March of brainwashed students” they were neither knowledgeable or informed enough to understand what they were fighting for or against and they are particularly ignorant in regards to guns, gun ownership and the factors that affect crime.

    Obama was the king of irrelevance. He remarked that if he had a son, that he’d look like Treyvon Martin. Gee, really? Apparently he understands nothing about genetics or procreation. But the point was to look like he cared about a kid he never met and was known to be a trouble maker. At the same time, he displayed biased by not supporting Zimmerman or asking people to remain calm and reserve judgment until the courts decide who is guilty or innocent. That was a very stupid and irresponsible thing to say. He should have not involved himself, but more important than that was that he just fired up the easily confused and stupid people to take a side rather than look at the facts and wait for an investigation. Yet nobody accused him of being prejudice or using the situation to gain popularity points.

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