Will This Be The Most Adaptable Pistol Ever?

Screen capture from YouTube video.

One of the things that many Glock owners like about Glocks is how customizable those guns are, and for those with that interest, that has kept them “married” to the Glock brand.

But what if you had a number of customization options from another brand? Would you start buying from another manufacturer?

That may have been the question that Springfield Armory asked themselves when they went in to design a modular pistol. Jeremiah Knupp gives us details:


The Springfield Armory Echelon, produced by HS Produkt in Croatia, is a “a modular and adaptable striker-fired duty pistol.” It has several notable features […]. The first, is its use of a modular chassis system. Springfield calls this the “central operating group” or “COG.” Constructed of stainless steel, this self-contained fire-control unit is the serialized part of the firearm and can be moved between different grip modules. Disassembly doesn’t require tools or pulling the trigger. 

The COG system allows for users to choose from differently sized grip frame modules.

Knupp continues:

The other innovative part of the Echelon design is Springfield’s “Variable Integration System” or “VIS” for optics mounting. T

Again, from Knupp:

The VIS system uses removable pins that can be configured to accept a variety of optics. This allows for the direct mounting of more than 30 popular optics, including the Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, Shield RMSc, Holosun 507K and SIG Romeo2. The pins use a patent-pending locking design, where torquing the optic’s mounting screws causes the pins to exert laterally pressure on the optic’s base to eliminate any possibility of movement. Adapter plates allow the mounting of additional optics that use the ACRO or Docter footprint. 

Now, granted those who love Glock often focus on aftermarket triggers which isn’t part of the Echelon’s options, at this point, but if your desire for customization is for other aspects of the pistol, then, this firearm may be one to consider the next time that you’re in the market for a 9mm pistol.



  1. At one time I carried a Cal. 40 S&W Glock as my duty weapon for a short while but since the safety is on the trigger I never felt secure with it. So, I went back to what I feel is the nearly perfect weapon. A 1911 Colt, .45 ACP. It has a positive safety and many don’t seem to understand the .45 was originally designed for one purpose. Self defense. It was designed to shoot bad guys and not targets. Of course, there are many who won’t agree with me and obviously, that’s their right. It’s just a matter of personal choice.

  2. If the 1911 is so outdated or inferior then why do people still buy them, use them, and carry them in this day and age of people who only want to carry the smallest, lightest pistols? I think people get too hung up on weight or capacity and fail to see the overall performance, effectiveness or design.

    The damn thing is perfect and reliable. It’s so good they even make 9mm versions because people like the ergonomics.

    I like other pistols, but for an end of the world pistol it’s what I’d choose.

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