Will Your Guns Be Taken Away From You Because You’re Crazy?


This seems like such a silly question: Will your guns be taken away from you because you’re crazy? The answer would seem to be, if you’re crazy, you’re not likely to be able to get your hands on a gun.

But what if the reverse logic is being used? What if you are considered crazy because you own a gun? Then, by that logic, anyone who wants to own a gun would be disqualified from having a gun. It’s a Catch-22.

Sound crazy to you? It’s happened before, and it can happen here, too. John Farnam writes,


Implications of “mental-health purges” aka: “gun violence restraining orders” from a friend in a position to know:

“In the former Soviet Union, this was commonly known amongst the general population as ‘going crazy.’

Many a Russian thus suddenly ‘went crazy,’ was then visited by the KGB, and subsequently disappeared for prolonged periods.

Most were never seen again!

The State alone (KGB) decided who was ‘crazy,’ and who wasn’t, and there was no such thing as an appeal process, nor a ‘second opinion!’

After you were imprisoned, interrogated, tortured, starved, drugged, and neglected (sometimes for years), you might be returned to your family (assuming you had been broken sufficiently by their methods), when you managed to live through it.

As noted, most didn’t!

What liberal snowflakes in our generation don’t realize is that the exact same anti-gun laws they are currently promoting will be expanded and applied here, just as they were there.

After all law-abiding gun-owners have been eliminated, no leftist government has ever retained their ‘useful idiots’ after their ‘usefulness’ has been exhausted.


Think about this for a minute. If the government determines that gun ownership means mental illness, you’ve already lost. And, make no mistake, they will come with their guns to take your guns.

This is the slippery slope of gun control laws that has happened in the past multiple times in multiple places, and this is why we must remain vigilant to stand for our Second Amendment rights.



  1. I was in the doctors office revently and among the usual questions the nursr was asking was “do you have any guns in the house”? I asked “why do you ssk”? She saig “it’s just a question on this computer form”. So I said “I don’t think I’ll answer that question “. I wondered about that and still am wondering why that question was asked

    • I was asked the same question in a doctor’s office in Florida several years ago.
      I asked the questioner; “Are you nuts? what would that have to do with anything,
      and who told you that you had the right to ask such a question”?
      The only answer I got was a shrug of the shoulders. Needless to say, I never
      went back to that doctor’s office.

    • I have never been asked that. I did have one Dr. that talked a little about hunting but never asked me anything intrusive. If I were asked I would either “just say no” or I would give an evasive answer.

  2. This is why we need to resist these “common sense gun laws” approach the democrats are using to incrementally disarm U.S. Citizens.

    • We gotta do more than resist. We must counter attack by forcing our prosecutors to do their sworn duty to uphold the LAW 18 USCC Section(s) 241, 242, in the United States Criminal code which makes it a serious crime to violate the Constitution.
      The Deep State’s brainwashing is working flawlessly to create the illusion that any legislation that comes down the corrupt system’s pike is okay and lawful if a majority in the House or Senate vote on it. IT’S NOT!

      It’s an on the fucking books CRIME that somehow they did a Jeti Mind trick to make everybody ignore?!

      We must change this fast and create a few perp walking examples and then move without compromise or common sense or any other equivocations or weak bullshit to repeal all gun laws, and make more laws AGAINST making more Gun Control laws!.

      Shall NOT BE Infringed, has no ‘exceptions’ even to save lives, because life is worth Nothing anyway in a Totalitarian Dictatorship where Liberty and true justice no longer exists.

  3. Some years back, a network radio news reporter interviewed a psychiatrist, asking if there were a test that prospective gun buyers could take that would reveal any mental illness. The doc replied that the desire to purchase a firearm was a sign of mental illness…

  4. If owning a gun is a sign of mental illness, then where’s my coat with the funny long sleeves?

  5. YES because anyone that does not dislike guns is obviously crazy …
    It all boils down to who determines mental health !!!

  6. Very important article here. As someone who had been an insider in the government ‘intelligence’ end of the Deep State loop for years before I ‘saw the light’, and extricated myself in the name of Constitutional liberty and equity for all, i’m telling you all that this ‘soft confiscation’ plan/tactic has Already been implemented as part of the population disarmament agenda going on years now.

    If they can’t make enough ‘target focused’ laws that make most standard human behavior criminal enough to rise to the ’68 Gun Control act mandates of mandatory permanent termination of gun rights for convicts, even after they completed their sentences/penalties and returned to being law abiding citizens, then the next step will be simply making your personal private thoughts and psychology manifested in public a cause for disarmament and seizure of your weapons.

    They slipped it in with a Teflon coating in the 4417 forms in the ‘adjudicated mentally deficient’ questions part. Then they recently modified it to include a slippery broader inclusion of what it means to be ‘addicted to any substance’ subject, of course, to a ‘to be determined’ analysis’ at their agenda based convenience. And the latest revision is whether or not you ‘Ever’ smoked pot at one time or another, which would preclude you from buying a gun if you denied that you ever did in the form.

    Estimates run as high as 70 percent of all gun store 4417s have false info. Subject to criminal prosecution and instant forfeiture of your gun rights. Of course this seems to be the stuff of Unenforceable wastes of time, but not necessarily. Routine police state municipal patrol could easily include ‘safety-checks’ in their daily police work to do systematic ‘knock and talk’ warrantless home invasion type searches. The get away with this already in other countries and although many countries quite effectively where there are also ancillary laws to this which provide incentive ‘reward’s for tipping off to a successful gun seizure, and severe criminal penalties for exchanging firearms privately, and also very ‘enhanced’ electronic wall penetration and search/frisk at distance devices, now conveniently portable which is, of course, the essence of universal Background Checks, and other anti-4tha NSA/Freedom Act privacy intrusion surveillance state devices. And all kinds of other tactics if the Clinton Cabal gains control of the house and Senate in a few months.

    Now Trump may veto some of these new gun ‘laws’ and initiatives but with a leftist Legislative branch, and a Dark State juggernaut that won’t stop until he’s dead from exhaustion or they indict/impeach him, don’t hope a veto will mean that much.

    The ‘everybody crazy’ plan i’m aware of is real and is the one that replicates some South American banana republics and ex-pat retirement locations like Belize and etc. Where you need a psychological ‘interview’ to determine if you’re crazy enough not to be allowed to have a gun.

    The infrastructure for this is already in place in America, land of the temporary Free.

    It’s called the DOT. Every state has one. Truckers have to take a phsyical and urinalysis for their CDLs and can be further required to take a blood test. There are M.D.s on staff and there is at least one of these testing facilities in every medium city.

    It would be nothing to include ‘mental fitness’ testing in one of these along with the appropriate ‘physical’ in order to possess a gun, when the next leftist regime Deep State political regime takes over.

    If by some serious stroke of luck like everybody getting out the anti-totalitarian Liberty vote this October and Libertarian Constitutional Conservatives remain in control of the Legislature, then that doesn’t mean the war is over.

    We, the temporary free, people must push or legislatures HARD to repeal ALL gun laws and start prosecuting (In another post I listed the criminal statutes) for trying to make any or more Fiat laws against our Constitutional rights.

    We call the shots. Not them.

  7. I always ask a question to answer there question. Most are liberal do gooders in health industry. Question? Do you believe in Abortion? And do you know what’s in the shot your suggesting I take? There’s your hypocritical answer. Abortion is murder! And that shit shot has about 40 dead viruses in it that are supposed to boost your immune system but in turn actually make you deathly ill. And you want me too believe you have my best interest in health care? I’m outahear.

  8. That meand that liberals can not have guns if mental illness excludes them from gun ownership. Are we going to disarm all the bodyguards, too?

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