Is The CDC Lying About Defensive Gun Use?


Because you are reading this site, you probably already know about the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) war on guns. They keep trying to treat guns like a public health issue instead of what it is: an issue about people’s rights, personal character, and the right to defend oneself.

But, being a government organization, you would hope that they would be open and honest with their statistics that they are using to support their policy positions. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, especially when it comes to defensive gun use. Hayden Ludwig writes,

But according to Reason, new findings by the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) unearthed by Kleck in April show that the CDC quietly conducted its own surveys about defensive gun use in 1996, 1997, and 1998. The results are stunning.

“During the last 12 months,” respondents were asked, “have you confronted another person with a firearm, even if you did not fire it, to protect yourself, your property, or someone else?”

In each of the three surveys, the researchers—who carefully worded their questions to exclude occupations which involve regular gun use (e.g., police officers)—found evidence that using firearms in self-defense is more common than many would believe.

This is a devastating admission from the CDC considering that its former director, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, once opined in 1994: “We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes. . . It used to be that smoking was a glamour symbol—cool, sexy, macho. Now it is dirty, deadly—and banned.”

So why are we only hearing about these results now, over 20 years after the surveys were conducted?

Ludwig asks a great question. Why, indeed, haven’t we heard about this research before? Well, if you’re familiar with the CDC and the ways of anti-gunners, then the answer seems clear: it doesn’t fit the narrative that they want to promote.


But that’s no excuse for them not presenting the information. Americans deserve to hear the whole truth, and we need to hold our entire government, including the CDC, accountable to do that.



  1. Ban all of the guns and make it a crime and only criminals will have guns! Gee. No way to protect yourself. Try reading all of the stories by law abiding citizens who have utilized weapons for good – not evil!

  2. The CEC in a government agency, totally political. The real question should be, why haven’t the news media reported this? Sadly they have become, politically leaning toward the left. It doesn’t fit their agenda. We must do our own research, if we want the truth.

    • They aren’t just leaning. They are literally dancing with all the other loons on the far left edge of the left. If they are leaning, it’s over the abyss.

  3. Satan has really blinded the liberals they have bodyguards that carry guns for protection Satan is everywhere !! One day they will wack up! (To late!) I was in the military cold day in hades for they take my GUNS🙏🏼👍

  4. CDC needs to keep their noses out of issues relating to gun control and focus on their mission of saving humans from deadly diseases as that is their mission……..Gun ownership is not!!!!!

  5. We are talking about a bunch of liberals after all so i would say with out a second thought yes they would lie about good gun use numbers. They don’t care if Trump is President and what he stands for. What do you think of their back door jun registry on their forms ask what and how many guns you have?

    • I would reply to a question about how many and what guns I have with “none of your business”.

  6. The CDC might not have lied by commission. Seems more than a little certain that they did lie by omission, a less than acceptable situation.

  7. The CDC cant be trusted no government agency can be. Im proud not to be a lemming. I truly belive that an armed society is a polite society.

  8. Since the use of firearms to protect one’s self is not really a public health issue, I believe the CDC needs to be slapped for misusing taxpayers’ money on a study such as this. However, since it appears it was carried out, and if we can believe the results, coming from such a liberal organization, we are missing a salient point which furthers the argument in favor of responsible gun ownership…Even if the “use” of a firearm was used to confront someone whom the gun owner felt threatened by, and no shooting occurred, this shows the great restraint and sound judgment of those gun owners polled. Furthermore, with respect to the mass shootings and school shootings, it accents the possibility of a deeper root cause of those encounters other than the mere “responsible” ownership of a gun, i.e. the mental health of the shooter, and the life circumstances of the shooter leading up to the incident. Let’s see the CDC investigate that!

  9. Automobiles kill people over 10 to 1 more. The operator of the auto is usually blamed. Why is it that guns are blamed? Their operator is in charge of what they do… Just saying…

  10. Check and see what Australia gun confiscation did to curb violence. Crime as in Home invasions are up 23 plus percent. So much for gun free zones. Might as well put a sign on your home NO GUNS INSIDE THIS HOME. CRIMINALS WELCOME

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