The Gun Even Anti-Gunners Want


If you’re like most people, you assume that anti-gunners are against all guns. I mean, the name implies that, doesn’t it? Even anti-gunners would tend to agree with you that they are against guns.

But there is one gun that even anti-gunners are salivating to get their hands on. Jill Serjeant gives us the details:

One of the most iconic movie weapons in “Star Wars” history – Han Solo’s hero blaster – is going up for auction in June and could fetch up to $500,000, Julien’s Auctions said on Thursday.

The hero blaster gun, used by Harrison Ford in the 1983 movie “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,” is one of two non-firing hero blasters used in the movie and is known in the “Star Wars” universe as a DL-44. The whereabouts of the second of the prop weapons is unknown, Julien’s said.

Ford is seen using the hero blaster in many scenes from “Return of the Jedi,” and the powerful weapon, like the lightsaber, is among the best known movie props from the sci-fi franchise.

Now, you have to admit, even if you’re more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan, that owning Han Solos blaster would be one of the coolest conversation pieces to have on your living room wall (much better than a phaser from Star Trek which, basically, looks like a television remote control).


And the amusing thing is that even anti-gunners are clamoring to get their hands on Han Solos weapon. Which makes you wonder why so many anti-gunners like Liam Neeson and Sean Penn star in so many movies that have so many guns. Could it be paychecks over principles? That would be Hollywood’s style, after all.

But, even if you aren’t able to get your hands on Han Solo’s blaster, wouldn’t you love to have this piece of memorabilia? And, if not this blaster, what gun from a movie set would you want to get your hands on? Tell us below.



    • I think you can still buy a PPK.
      I believe that was also the weapon Adolph did himself and his new bride in the bunker too.
      Don’t sell the 380 ACP short (no pun intended, as the 380 is known as a 9mm Kurz or “short”)

    • “They knocked on our door, and took our guns away. It was the last time they ever Knocked” From an interview with a German survior, in 1947.

  1. this is ludicrous, a movie prop gun? really?only in the u.s.a. this country is fast becoming a den of mindless liberalism and wanna be elitists who would control us. if people want to control hollywood all they have to do is stop seeing movies with anti gun actors . then liam neeson can sign up for unemployment, sean penn can go to cuba , and matt damon can go…. any where but here. these hollywood types are hypocrite liberals . they get rich off of firearm laden action movies , wake up usa , we can control hollywood. boycott their damn movies.

    • THIS ^^^
      Yes, hit them where it hurts, their wallets and bank accounts. Make them UNEMPLOYED “actors”! The garbage cranked out by Hollywood these days isn’t worth watching, and most of it is completely unwatchable. Just like network TV. I’m currently boycotting both.

  2. The weapon displayed is not even Han Solo;’s iconic DL-44 heavy blaster, which was based on the old broom-handle Mauser machine pistol. I’d post a pic, but this site evidently doesn’t permit me to do that.

    • Actually the Broomhandle Mauser was a semi-auto but a few were produced as full auto. The problem it had was the powerful cartridge and lightweight parts in the action that resulted in a very high rate of fire and a lot of broken parts. It was the true “burp gun” and only a few were made.

  3. Yes exactly, the hand weapon Solo had in the original Bar Scene looked like a Broom Handle Mauser.
    You can clearly see it as he “blasts” the guy under the table.

  4. Bad part is some liberal will probably end up Gerbiling it. And poor Han solos gun will be ruined. And it will smell funny.

  5. I’ll take Quigly down under Rifle, it’s real and actually works. They do sell replicas of this gun.

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