Why Haven’t You Heard About This Mass Shooting?


If there is one thing that the mainstream media loves, it’s their anti-gun narrative, and they have been very protective of that narrative.

Now, we all have a viewpoint, but honesty would dictate that we examine and consider facts that contradict our narrative. Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn’t seem interested in the truth; they would rather have their narrative.

If you want proof of that, consider a recent mass shooting which occurred at a Rite Aid warehouse. Chances are that you haven’t heard about this mass shooting, unlike so many other mass shootings which have occurred, and you need to ask yourself why you haven’t heard of it.


The answer is because it doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s anti-gun narrative. Matt Agorist gives us five ways the Rite Aid shooting doesn’t fit the mainstream media’s narrative along with our commentary:

  1. “The shooter was a woman.” The shooter, Snochia Mosely, was an African-American transgender woman. The anti-gun media wants to paint mass shooters as gun fanatic angry white men, and Mosely simply doesn’t fit that profile.
  2. “The shooter reportedly used a handgun.” The media desperately wants everyone to believe that mass shootings are always carried out using “assault rifles” like AR-15s (They also want you to think that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “Assault Rifle.” It’s just one more thing that they are wrong about). Mosely’s use of a handgun makes it clear that “assault weapons” (whatever that means) are not the problem. People intending violence are the problem.
  3. “Gun laws in Maryland are already some of the strictest in the nation.” Yes, this took place in Maryland. This mass shooting is just another example of gun control failure.
  4. “The shooter was diagnosed with a mental illness.” Mosely was taking psychotropic drugs. Can’t have that plastered across the airwaves. People might start to think that those drugs are the problem and not the guns.
  5. “Police did not stop the shooter, she stopped herself.” That’s right, police weren’t able to protect people because they weren’t onsite when it happened, and police aren’t the end-all-be-all solution to keeping people safe. They just can’t be in all places at all times.

It really is very clear if you just look at it: Gun control doesn’t work no matter how much the anti-gun mass media pushes it, and they’re attempts to bury this story just highlight their bias more-and-more.



  1. Interesting thing is this is the second mass shooting in Maryland in approximately a year. The first was in I believe Hartford county in October 2018. He escaped before police arrived and fled to Elkton MD then into Delaware where he killed someone else. Once again doesn’t fit the profile he is a 37 year old black male and until the help of the public spotting him he was aprehended until then the police were following behind cleaning up the mess. If someone in Maryland or Delaware had a concealed carry permit maybe six people would not be dead.

  2. The Peoples Republic of Maryland believes that no one should have a gun let alone a concealed carry permit. All is peace and love in Maryland (if you don”t go to Baltimore). The leftist political leadership wants to keep the people dumb and unarmed. As the two examples above demonstrate there is no common traits among mass shooters that would let us identify them early. New FBI study confirms what we already knew, mass shooters can be anywhere while police cannot be everywhere. Maryland and Delaware need to get a grip on reality and start issuing CCW’s to their citizens.

    • California, also. But you’ll never convince DiFi, The Moonman, Gavin Newnut, and the asylum that have a strangle hold on this state to do that. Like all good Liberals, Democrats and Socialist they keep the Sheeple uneducated about everything except what they want them to know. Sound familiar? Like the Communist and other Anarchical and Dictatorship governments. Remember that l Liberals and Democrats spread mediocrity and misery equally.

    • Hi there! First, I am so glad to be able to inform you that Delaware is an ‘open carry’ state, like Virginia. It might be controlled & run by Democrats, but at least they have enough sense not to try & take this right away from us. Most who open carry do not make an issue of it. And with that said, it is NOT HARD to get a CCW permit in Delaware, like it is in MD. You just have to prove you are an average person, not some jerk. The Guide is FULL, every week, of applications for permits, been that way ever since President Obama was elected. The one good thing that he did for us? In my personal opinion, if you abide in lower, slower, Delaware, owning guns is just plain common sense. We do a lot of hunting. Of animals. Can’t say as much for up north …

  3. (((The Ruling Swine))), and their traitor stooges, want the citizenry disarmed.
    In their sweaty, unclean fashion, they unrelentingly strive to attain that goal every day through lies, deception, dissembling, (((Managed Nooz))), suborning of The Constitution, corruption and weakening of our national institutions and civilized culture and the use of the lesser hominids as assault troops.
    It is not more complicated than that.
    Novo Bolsheviki nation wreckers will, unless STOPPED hard, perpetrate what their Communist ancestors have done, regardless of coverups to the contrary (ref: Holodomor, Katyn Forest Massacre, Murder Purges, Genocides, rape of civilians); mass slaughter of millions that are irrelevant, in the way or non-compliant with the Official Party Line…
    so that (((The Ruling Swine))) “…may sit and eat like Effendi.”
    The way (((they))) behaved in the Kavanaugh hearing travesty illuminates their low, reptilian existence and methods.
    Know them for what they are, and are not.
    The BEST that can be said about (((them))) is that they are Traitors Within The Gates; much more dangerous than enemies that openly declare themselves.

  4. “The shooter was …transgender woman” – Always confuses me. A man posing as a woman? An actual woman posing as a man? Why not give the shooter’s actual gender? Anyway, criminals and mad transgendered women don’t give a damn about laws while the rest of us have to. The laws are an advantage to the shooter – they reduce the chance of anyone being able to stop them before they have the time to kill a lot of people.

  5. What a sorry excuse this case includes. A transgender actually shooting someone? How could such a person be a normal acting human? No wonder no press posted on this story. Such a person is a saint, not a mere human.

  6. It”s NOT about gun control, It’s about PEOPLE control . The left wants to control all aspects of YOUR lives.How you live, where you live ,who you vote for.etc. (1984)

  7. I love to hear the (almost) news that may or may not be the truth. The gun kills people just like spoons make people fat and cars make drivers drunk. CARS, in fact kill 10 times more people than guns do. Chicago, New York City and Washington DC have the strictest (anti) gun laws in the country AND the highest gun-crime rates. A couple towns near Atlanta have a gun-required law, and a VERY LOW (overall) crime rate that includes parking tickets. THE FACTS should mean something to the public IF they are interested.

    • Unfortunately, my friend, the unthinking public doesn’t care about facts. They’re willing to swallow whatever MSM feeds them and cry for control of matters they have no understanding of except what they’re told by MSM! For a long while now, I have thought of MSM as the voice of the “Powers That Be”, (not the government) , and official propaganda distributors for same! That’s why Donnie Boy gets so ticked off at them. He’s found out he’s not running the show, PTB is and he aint happy with that, can’t go after them, and vents on the MSM!

  8. Anti Gun rhetoric, such as is spewed forth by the majority of media was, is and remains HOGWASH, poorly written hogwash to boot.

  9. If you believe a homosexual has a mental problem,or people that want a sex change is abnormal you can’t say anything about it.If you do it is labeled as hate.The next thing they will want you to do is hug a pedofile that harms your child.You want be able to harm these types because most of these types are in government positions leading the way.All I can say is good luck.That is all I can say without being charged with a hate crime.

  10. You, me, WE are the 1st responders.
    The 2nd responders carry roles of “CRIME SCENE” tape.

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