Here’s The Safest Gas Station Chain In The Country


If you watch television news, it’s easy to find stories about robberies of gas stations and muggings at the gas pump. In fact, you don’t even have to look for them. They’ll find you.

But, if that is a concern for you, then maybe you should start shopping at QuikTrip gas stations if there is one near you. Why? Justin Ayer gives us the major points of the details. Ayer writes:

  • QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh said the corporation wants to start hiring employees with law enforcement backgrounds to become armed security in some local stores.
  • The employees will work full-time making $35 an hour, and wear a QT security uniform. The security workers will be allowed to open carry.
  • Officials said they are in the process of reviewing applications now, but they do not know when the new employees will be in stores.
  • Thornbrugh said Tulsa has seen a rise in crimes at some QT locations. He said hiring these employees will help law enforcement, which has been overwhelmed.
  • The corporation has tried the new security method at a location in Wichita and saw a decrease in thefts, loitering and panhandling.

No, those are not typos. The gas station chain is really seeking to hire people who will carry a firearm at work and will pay them well for doing that, so, if you know a law-abiding gun owner looking for work, they may want to talk to QuikTrip.


Now, have no doubt, there will be anti-gunners protesting this move by QuikTrip once it becomes more widely known, but that doesn’t appear to be a concern of the company. They appear to know that the safety of both their employees and their customers is more important than the knee jerk panic reaction of anti-gunners.

Good for them. It makes me want to stop by a QuikTrip for a cup of coffee to support them, and so should you.



  1. I most certainly will continue to support QT gas stations.
    If the company is that interested in my welfare and that of their employees, it’s a no brainer.
    I applaud the company and thank for bringing the story to our attention!

  2. I go through Phoenix and Tucson from time to time from California. I time it so I don’t have to fill in CA with their high gas tax. I’ll look to QT next time.

  3. The towns and cities where we have had crime sprees have been cities that ar e run by Democraps. And they also have gun control. Also tell police to stand down. That’s an invitation for crime, and they refuse to recognize the problem.

    • So please identify all those cities that won’t allow gas stations owners hiring armed safety officers. Please.

  4. Anti-Gunners are the same breed that want doctors to prescribe pills instead of CBD oil for pain.

  5. Democrats don’t want citizens to have guns because they might shoot a criminal. In Chicago, it’s okay for criminals to shoot decent, honest citizens.

  6. I’m an elderly person with a concealed carry permit, and if you come to Albuquerque, NM, give me a call because I will be the first one to protect your station and patronize it.

    • I don’t care what they think, either. I just watch what they attempt to do and try to stay ahead of it. We all know why the 2nd Amendment was written, but anti-gunners just don’t get it. We all know that the first step to true tyranny is to disarm the populace, but the step tight before that is to enlist the media to demonize guns and gun ownership…to get as many as possible on board with that line of thinking. Our MSM has gotten quite good at this and substitutes lies and half truths for facts. Unless we stay ‘tuned in’ on this and correct their lies with the truth, we are in harms way. It is already a somewhat dangerous thing to speak out, in favor, for our Constitution and The Bill of Rights, but unless we do we will lose more of our freedoms every year.

  7. I would recommend for firearm training…they have America’s largest training facility out in Lost Wages NV…I will contact Justin about this

  8. I don’t think that there is one Quick Trip gas station in Californiastan, comrade! Besides I use diesel and I pay 20 cents MORE PER gallon thanks to soon to be retired Gov. Brown. Unfortunately he will be replaced by Gavin Newsom, that greasy head was the cause of “GUNMAGEDON” that is hand cuffing the law abiding gun owners. I do NOT believe in assassinations, but it sure would be nice if somehow he got paint balled!

  9. Why is Tulsa’s lame city officials not taking crime seriously, or is it liberal leftwing judges letting everyone off. Maybe all business should require their employees that can pass a background check be armed. Lay criminals in the ground and have a block party to dance on their graves.

  10. I normally don’t shop Q T, as it is out of my way. If they implement this nation wide, I’ll drive out of my way to buy gas and soft drinks from them.

    I have long contended that the way to stop school shootings is to hire retired police officers as security. Many have to work to supplement their pensions, and this is a job most are qualified to perform. I would recommend checking their service records so retirees like the cowards of Broward County don’t get hired.

  11. Antigunners in my opinion are nothing more then criminals themselves adding to the perplexity of preventing violent crimes against citizens going about their lives until they get jacked or murdered because of a criminal opportunist. Antigunners usually change their mindset when it happens to them or someone close to them. Good move
    Q T ⛽ .

  12. Right On the money. Now that’s called common sense. Glad to see it’s still alive and well.
    Thank you QuikTrip

  13. I was a truck driver for many years but Q T didn’t have enough parking but now that they may have armed security, I’ll shop there every chance I get. I wish there was one in my town I’m Mi’s Upper Peninsula, I’d put an app in for security guard position.

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