Newsweek Writer Talks Out Of Both Sides Of Their Mouth About Gun Control


Ah, the mainstream media. A steady source of nonsense and anti-gun propaganda. They never fail to offend the intelligent and rational.

And a recent article from Newsweek doesn’t fail to live up to that reputation. See, a writer named Asher Stockler decided to review a study on the rates of gun-deaths. Of course, being from Newsweek, Stockler tries very hard to slant the analysis of the study toward a very anti-gun viewpoint. But somewhere during the process, Stockler accidentally (I’m assuming that it wasn’t intentional since they write for Newsweek) tells the truth (hat tip to here for the lead).

Stockler starts the piece advocating for gun control, writing:


The study reported that only two states, California and New York, and the District of Columbia saw firearm mortality rates decline across most demographic groups (such as race, sex and age) in recent years. This is notable considering these jurisdictions’ relatively strict gun laws.

Stockler proceeds to detail what he or she thinks is why gun deaths may have decreased in California and New York.

But later in the article, Stockler says something that should be shocking. Stockler writes,

Some states noted for their restrictive gun laws did not see reductions in firearm mortality similar to those achieved in New York, California and D.C.

After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2013, Connecticut enacted a sweeping package of gun control legislation, expanding the ban on assault weapons and limiting magazine capacity. While the state saw some decreases in firearm mortality, it was less pronounced than that of California and New York.

Massachusetts, which has strong gun laws including purchaser permitting and school safety measures, did not see a decrease in rates of gun deaths. In fact, the state’s firearm mortality rates increased during the periods studied.

Read that last paragraph again. Massachusetts saw an increase in “firearm mortality rates.” In other words, the strictness of gun control cannot be shown to be the reason for any decrease in gun fatalities in California and New York because they would have also decreased in Massachusetts if that were the case.

So, what did cause the decrease in those states? That is worth researching, but what is clear is that it wasn’t gun control.



  1. Excellent catch of this article, Caleb. I don’t read all these magazine articles that are available. I’m sure you do! Thank you. I’m not sure a difference with some if these anti-gun fanatics, but every scrap of evidence to the contrary is welcome.

    • William – did you catch the ‘decline across most demographics’ line in the first paragraph? That means that it INCREASED in some demographics, want to guess which one(s) that was? And I’d guess that it was a large increase as well. NOT knocking the gist of the article by any means.

      • How do you know it increased? Maybe it stayed the same. Your logic is as faulty as the article. A guess is useless.

        • While a lack of decline could mean flat rates or an increase, it is important to note that a lack of decline is, by itself, enough to disprove the causation of stricter gun laws. So, GomenznSA was partly right.

  2. Limited information. FIREARM MORTALITY RATES DECLINED. Okay… What are the actual numbers? Down 10%? 20%? HALF a percent? Even one less death would make it a true (but essentially bogus) statement. Did violent crime decline? Did mortality rates tied to violent crime decline? Was it due to fewer suicides?
    Lazy journalism at its best.

    • Pretty much all MSM is lazy journalism. Mostly, they are shilling for the Democrat/communist party.

      • This is true and they don’t mind twisting words or numbers in their attempts to lie. The lib places he mentions as “declining” have NOT. As usual they twist the numbers. They’re still at the top of the list and suicides shouldn’t be in the numbers either.

  3. Dead is dead so a decrease in homicides by gun mean nothing if there is a corresponding increase in homicides by iron bar. Said iron bar was used recently in a mass killing {4 dead} in New York City. Mayor de Blasio, being a Democrat not believing in ‘thoughts and prayers’, conveyed his belief of ‘hearts and thoughts’ being with the affected families and one surviving victim. Mortality rates are misleading since that would include deaths caused by law enforcement, accidents, suicides, and self defense. What percentage of the gun mortality rate is attributed to non-criminal activity? One study has pointed out that 80% of all crimes are committed by gangs.

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