Moms Founder Obviously Doesn’t Know The Definition Of “Anti-Gun”


One of the problems that is common among anti-gunners is that they like to try to redefine terms to make it sound like that they aren’t the delusional controlling killjoys who make the world more dangerous that these people actually are. They like to tell you that they are for “commonsense gun control,” or gun safety, or that they aren’t anti-Second Amendment.

Sometimes, they will actually tell you that they aren’t anti-gun at all. Take what Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts said in a recent interview (hat tip to here for the lead). Grace Segers writes,

But while its members advocate for an assault ban, Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts says that it’s a “misnomer” to call the group anti-gun.

“Often people think that because we’re doing this work, we’re anti-gun or we don’t support the Second Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Watts said in an interview with CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett in this week’s episode of “The Takeout” podcast. Watts noted that many volunteers the organization were gun owners or married to gun owners.

“This is simply about restoring the responsibilities that go along with gun rights,” Watts said. She added that while the top priorities for Moms Demand Action are background checks, red-flag laws and disarming domestic abusers, the organization also advocates for an assault weapons ban and has worked with municipalities on the issue.

Well, that’s an interesting perspective. Can anyone tell me anytime in history when the government controlling weapons ownership ever stopped violence, much less encouraged responsibility? The answer is never. Because the reality is that responsibility comes from the individual and never comes from government.


But Watts doesn’t seem to understand that all gun control is inherently anti-gun and that all gun control takes away responsibility from the people and gives it to the government. Why? Because responsibility and control are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other.

And it’s this kind of ignorant thinking that is our main battle because people need to understand both history and how the world really works (not how they feel that they want it to work) if they are going to have a rational intelligent view on guns. And that view always defaults towards gun rights. Always.



  1. IMO Watts is dumber than a box of rocks (sorry rocks) when it comes to firearms knowledge. Not long back she posted a picture of a Ruger 10-22 which had an aftermarket black plastic stock affixed, and called it an assault rifle that you could buy cheap. I might give her more credit if she were more savvy about firearms, but she is a fanatic IMO. Then again, if she knew more about firearms, she might learn the truth and change sides. JMO

    • Carl I won’t disagree with your overall premise but the rifle she used to illustrate how ‘easy’ it is to get an “assault weapon” was actually the Ruger Precision Rifle – which is a Bolt Action. The particular one she alluded to was indeed a .22LR though.

  2. These dirtbag idiots only understand what they want to understand and that is very little. All the libtard/demoSCUM/gungrabbers try to twist and turn wording to make it fit their moronic agenda.

  3. One of the main characteristics or tactics, although they are never that clever in their manipulative propaganda attempts, is to twist the words of others, to utilize specific portions of data, sound bites or video clips and to apply labels or different meanings and connotations to people, places or things.

    Watts speaks of members or supporters that either own guns or are married to men, so I presume, that own guns. And her statements that they are not against the second amendment or anti-gun are pointless and pathetic attempts to win over her opposition. They’re irrelevant if she is calling for restrictions and bans which would make it nearly impossible and costly to even own, use or carry a firearm either concealed or exposed.

    So basically, she’s spewing bullshit just as bad as Obama with his unfulfilled promises and his screwed up medical care plan. What next, is she going to promise that if we own guns that we can keep our guns and then push for a ban that will leave us with empty hands?

  4. FredK….The term”common sense gun control” is the pathetic and stupid term ever. It means basically, “gun confiscation”, period. I was in the Military and I was trained and used every weapon, except artillery, and I have never seen any of those guns ever load themselves or pull the trigger by themselves. It is the Quality of people who commit nass shootings, and the anti-gunners blaim law abiding gun owners what afew criminals do. Most school Shooting are done by a half dozen of punk teen agers. The parents or guardians are never mentioned by the fake news. To the fake news it’s always just the guns that is the problem. How sad! Wake up, America!

    • Roget ALL of that. First, all of the mass shootings have been performed by Demonrat minions or their friends in the muslim community…..yet they want to blame guns of millions of others when, as you say, no weapon of any kind has ever intentionally killed anyone unless handled by a human. The real cause of these punks going off is simply due to the failures of bad parents, period. But as true liberals, they attempt to blame anyone but themselves. I just reprimanded one of our fed reps about red flags laws. Getting this childish garbage passed will do nothing more than be a start. The left will use riders on other bills to sneak past changes to it until it’s full gun confiscation and all it’ll do is make decent people vulnerable to a dictatorial government AND to illegal guns which will NEVER be stopped.

  5. It’s still not about guns and the 2nd amendment, it’s about power and control
    We have way to many Americans who have never studied history about what happens when Americans are no longer allowed to have guns.

  6. These people are ANTI-GUN and ANTI-SECOND AMENDMENT why else would they be pressuring Government to INFRINGE on GUN RIGHTS …

  7. There’s no such thing as “common sense “ gun control. It doesn’t involve common sense, but, it does involve control. All gun control, and red flag laws, are unconstitutional! Our nations Founders meant what they wrote in the Constitution. They KNEW about tyranny and how to prevent it.
    Vote Trump. Join the NRA..

    • The very reason the founders put in the 2nd. it was to ensure the government didn’t overstep which it’s been doing for many years now.

  8. Does she even know what common sense means? If she did, she would know the imbecilic idiotic controls she’s advocating for are.

  9. A other group of morons who don’t know the difference between a muskrat and a Mauser.

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