The 3-Minute Cartoon To Show Your Dumb Anti-Gunner Neighbor So That They Can Understand The Danger Of Gun Control


When it comes to guns, it appears that otherwise intelligent people suddenly become as clueless as Dopey from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs when they become anti-gunners. Just utterly clueless.

Maybe it’s all of the brain draining mainstream media news that they watch or the knee-jerk emotional reaction nonsense stories that they read from their favorite anti-gun magazines. Who knows?

What is abundantly clear, though, is that anti-gunners simply don’t get it. They don’t know the history of gun control and what happens in countries over and over when gun control is implemented. They don’t know about communist China or the Soviet Union (or they want that to happen here in the U.S.), and they clearly don’t know about the gun bans in Nazi Germany. Anti-gunners are even oblivious to what is going on in Venezuela right now.


They don’t know the statistics about gun control in context of what really happened, so they blindly think that gun control caused a decrease in gun violence instead of the fact being that decreasing gun violence was an already existing trend as was the case in Australia.

Or they don’t know about how banning guns actually increased violence as in the U.K.

And anti-gunners don’t know how the mainstream media sells gun control to the people as a way to increase the safety of the people. That’s what they did in Venezuela. In fact, that’s the way gun control is always sold to the people. But the only people who are made safer through gun control are criminals and governments who plan on (or already are) oppressing and abusing their people.

Yes, gun control is always bad. But your anti-gunner friends are pretty unlikely to ever read this site to learn that truth, so here is a three minute video which you can show them which, if they’ll actually pay attention to it, will tell them the truth about guns. You can watch the video here:

Hopefully, your anti-gun friends will have the intelligence to be able to comprehend this video. Show it to all of them, and let us know.



  1. Gun control is a result of the fact that people, not guns,are the problem and science does not have the solutiion for the people. But no success can come from riding the wrong horse.

    • Very true but I have to go back to when I was growing up and this garbage wasn’t happening and looking at what changed. What changed was liberal interference in child rearing and the beginning of indoctrination in our schools…..and the failed parenting that goes along with it.

      • EXACTLY true tho the Progressive Globalist cabal here has been inserting socialist/Marxism increasingly in America for over 100yrs.
        Weakening the purpose and meaning of our 3-Founding documents more each decade.

        “WE the People” have taken all of the values in the 1st-Amendment (6) for granted to where the powers that be have almost neutered them all.

        So now as the 2nd is put on their chopping block WE are somewhat alarmed- along with the 4th – 9th + 10th…really.
        The Darkness behind it all is not merely a flesh + blood entity.
        UN Agenda 21 + 30 are already implemented across the nation.

        WE now are almost “frog soup” and the heats about to get turned up.
        “If WE forget WE are one nation under God we’ll be a nation gone under” – Reagan

  2. The sheeple following the “progressive” democrats don’t seem to notice that Congress has made themselves immune to gun control laws. They are not supposed to be exempt from any law they pass but that is not what they do. They exempted themselves from obamacare before it was even rammed down our throats. I don’t know if it is still true but businesses would not accept checks from any politician in Washington DC. It seems they could not collect because they could not hold them accountable for writing bad checks.

  3. We are the largest standing army in the world our forfathers wanted it that way to stay free you give up your guns you are giveing up your freedom we dont us are gun to hurt pepole its pepole that hurt not the gun you are right they want your gun so they can control you thats why our fathers put it in the con . We are free a in going to stay that way so i hooe everybody vote the dems out to save your grankids to stop this to stay free

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