Yet More Proof That Gun Control Can’t Work: Huge Private Security Company Loses Hundreds Of Guns


One of the problems with arguing with people who support gun control is that they simply haven’t thought through the weaknesses of their position on the issue. They assume that because gun are made illegal that fewer people who would commit crimes with the guns would be able to do so.

The problem with that thinking, of course, is that it assumes that people who commit crimes with guns overwhelmingly get their guns using legal methods. But that isn’t the case. In other words, criminals typically don’t buy guns legally. Why would they all of a sudden stop buying guns because guns are illegal if they haven’t been buying them legally anyway? The answer is that they wouldn’t stop buying guns.

But your anti-gunner friend might ask, “How are violent criminals going to get guns if they can’t buy them legally?” It’s a fair question, though it has an easy answer: They steal them or buy them from people that have stolen them.


And one of the easiest ways to steal a weapon is to “lose” it when you’ve been issued that weapon. Kind of like what happened with giant private security company G4S who has “lost” hundreds of firearms. Yes, hundreds. Gina Barton, Brett Murphy, and Nick Penzenstadler write,

The largest private security company in the world can’t keep track of its guns.

And the consequences are clear: One of their missing guns was held to a woman’s head as a man threatened to rape her. Another was used to pistol-whip a pizza delivery driver. A third ended the lives of two men playing video games.

Before they were used to hurt or kill people, each of these guns was assigned to a security guard whose job was to protect the public. Then they were stolen from G4S, a company that brings in billions of dollars with promises of “securing your world.”

For decades, G4S executives, managers and guards have failed to secure the company’s vast arsenal despite repeated warnings from federal regulators that its missing guns have been used in murders and other violent crimes, a USA TODAY/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigation found.

Under a firearms license with the federal government, G4S is supposed to make sure its weapons are secure and accounted for at all times, like gun shops do. But the company saves time and does more business by shifting much of that responsibility to individual guards, trusting them to safely store the weapons at home.

Too often, they don’t.

More than 600 G4S weapons have been reported lost or stolen since 2009, according to figures maintained, but never publicly revealed, by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. For perspective, the Drug Enforcement Administration has more than twice as many guns as G4S but loses about five on average annually, according to federal audits.

Next, your anti-gun friend is going to ask, “If this is true, why haven’t I heard about this before?” And the answer, according to Barton, Murphy, and Penzenstadler, is “Under federal law, almost all the information about guns used in crimes is kept secret from the public.”

Yes, you read that right. Federal law makes it so that you don’t hear about when stolen guns are used in crimes unless a responsible journalist actually does the digging to find out. The Feds don’t announce it.

So, the answer is that gun control doesn’t work because of situation like happened with G4S, and average, everyday Americans don’t know about this because the Feds don’t connect that dots for people about stolen guns and violent crime.

But now you know, and you should be showing your anti-gun friends this article so that they know.

Gun control doesn’t work. it can’t work. And the situation with G4S is simply another example of this fact.



  1. Glad I never applied to them. That’s why as an Armed Security Officer I prefer to use my own gun.

  2. I wish you folks would be more professional with your articles! Every article you guys present frequently has numerous spelling or grammar error errors or, as frequently occuring in this article, singular rather than plural uses of words! I’m no expert but it takes more than a spell checker to be a writer! READ THE DAMN FINISHED ARTICLE BEFORE PUBLISHING! Anti-gunners I’ve sent to your articles constantly bring my attention to “These authors don’t write as well as my school kids! Look at …….! Why should I believe in these idiots?” or words to that affect. Please stop undermining your/our efforts. Have a person who knows how to read check your stuff. PLEASE!

    • Fully agree. Poor spelling and poor sentence structure destroy the credibility of the article.
      If an article has any of this in it, I no longer send it to anyone.
      CLEAN UP YOUR ACT! ! !

      • You can also say the same thing about the MSM papers..

        I find all kinds of typos and errors in MSM all the time.

    • Proper grammar and punctuation is important, but it’s the substance of the article that’s most important.

  3. A few years ago there was to be an audit of the FBI weapons. At the time they had enough guns that everybody in the FBI could have a gun (Secretaries, janitors, landscapers, etc. Everybody). It was to cover a 5 year period but was never completed when they got to the point that 600 weapons could not be accounted for. This is a problem since no system is perfect and weapons leak out. Having been around weapons for more than 30+ years I can say that not everybody can be trusted. (Alcohol, drugs, sex,whatever can make weapons available). A fantasy of no guns is just that, a fantasy.

  4. Gun control???I have been around a while and remember what the times were like before the Brady bill passed back in the days of Reggan.Since it seems that the more gun control the more gun crimes happen.When I was a kid there was no drive by shootings going on.Most gun crimes were things like robbery and once in a while a muder.Those crimes haven’t gone away at all and many new ones have come around since gun control started.So I say less gun control less gun crime.

    • My first gun was a Marlin 57M .22MAG rifle delivered to my parent’s house by UPS.
      A big Army-Navy store in Philadelphia had racks of surplus Enfields for sale at $29.99.
      Federal Form 4473 was originally ONLY for handgun purchases. Now it’s for all longarms; and air guns will very likely be added.
      There were no drive-by shootings, no Knockout Game, no Catch & Release of violent felons.
      Daddy was gainfully employed and Mommy stayed home with the kids (plural)
      Politicians, Bureaucrats and NGO types mostly suppressed their innate scumbaggery, unlike now.
      Then, Johnson’s Great Society happened, and was viciously smeared upon this afflicted nation; just like The Federal Reserve Act and The Internal Revenue Act, and the ensuing wars were viciously smeared upon this afflicted nation.
      Now, Bizzarro Killer Klown World…puke making.
      Insurrection and Civil War draw ever closer.
      Why not ?
      Let’s get it over with.

  5. This situation is a direct result of the stupid attitude of government and law enforcement and their mentality that there is a distinct difference between citizens and professionals and those who work for the government. They have an “Us versus them” mentality and as such this position undermines cooperation between the various sectors of society.

    Here we learn that so called professional gun handlers are negligent in their ability to store, secure and hold on to their handguns. It’s convenient for them to be in the right circles where such negligence is simply viewed as a mistake, but a regular civilian looses track of a gun even through no fault of his/her own and that civilian is treated as a screw up and held responsible for such negligence.

    I guess guns lost by security professionals is not considered as serious as when a civilian looses one. And in addition to this, the anti-gun, gun grabbing proponents want to make gun ownership complicated and expensive for the everyday person. We can’t even freely give or sell our legally purchased firearms to another person who is also legally able to purchase and own a firearm. We the people are being held to higher standards than federal agencies and their employees. The liberal left is telling us we are not responsible enough to own and use firearms, but yet allowances are made for those who carry a gun in their profession. The liberals want us to believe we can’t handle ourselves and that we are enabling crime to happen. We are supplying the guns for criminals. We the people have been handling guns for generations and now we are suddenly inept as a species.

    Those of us who see the writing on the wall, who can read between the lines and who can smell a liar from a mile away, are fed up with all of these attempts to control us through legislation. And when those laws, sanctions, restrictions, by laws and so on are in direct violation to the Constitution we can smell the sour stench of traitors who want to undermine our freedoms, steal away our rights and seize power.

  6. You hit the nail on the head Frank, HARD! I agree with you 100%. We have a war coming and we damn well better fight it. If we lose we not only lose our freedom, we will lose our lives. We will become peons and slaves, those of us they allow to live. I for one will never bow down to totalitarian communism. Live free or die, the only choices.

  7. People need to pay more attention about the article instead of the spelling and grammar I was under the understanding only one person was perfect and we walked on water

    People need to pay more attention about the article instead of the spelling and grammar I was under the understanding only one person was perfect and we walked on water

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