VA State Senator Predicts Republican Betrayal On Gun Control


Gun owners in Virginia have heard some pretty outrageous things about gun control since Democrats won both houses of the legislature in the most recent election, but most folks likely expected Republicans to continue to try to defend gun rights in this traditionally pro-gun state.

However, according to a Virginia State Senator, that may be about to change. Andy Fox writes,

State Sen. Tommy Norment (R-James City County) had news about gun legislation in this year’s General Assembly session during a forum in Virginia Beach Friday.

Norment said mandatory background checks will likely pass in this year’s General Assembly.

He made the statement at the annual Kaufman & Canoles Business Leaders Forum at the Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach. During the luncheon, Norment and Virginia Beach Del. Barry Knight (R-81st District) talked about some legislation Virginia can expect to see.

Norment’s official position as co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee makes him the man at the tip of the spear for all things budget-related. His position as Senate majority leader has changed as Democrats take control of the Senate.

Norment said it’s clear recent gatherings at local government meetings supporting gun rights are making a statement. There’s no legal impact, but the protests are expressions of pro-gun values.

“Universal background checks, I predict, is coming out no matter what the governor has said. It is going to happen because there is majority of Republicans and Democrats who will pass it,” he said.

Norment then went on to make more news.

He said a “red flag law” that would take guns from those who are known dangers to themselves or others could also pass.

“But let me be clear about that,” he told the gathering of about 100 people. “If there is an appropriately, narrowly-drawn red flag law it will pass, but it must be drawn so tightly that due process is preserved.”

At the “Sanctuary City” gatherings all across Hampton Roads, many people have voiced concerns that guns will be confiscated.

Norment said there was “no way” that would happen.

“There ain’t no way in hell that any legislation will pass confiscating guns and locking people up under the pretext of amending the federal Constitution of the Second Amendment,” he said, garnering some applause.

Now, you may be reading Norment’s comments and taking them as a mixed bag. There is no question that shutting down gun confiscation is a good thing.


However, there have been so many concessions over the years toward anti-gunners which have not been reciprocated, that it’s simply ludicrous to give anti-gunners even one more inch of gun control. It will just embolden them to take a mile, and then attempt to shove even more gun control down the throats of Virginians. That’s exactly what caused the current #VAGunRightsRebellion in the first place.



  1. Drip, Drip, Drip.
    Rhinos running loose.
    When you compromise your principles,
    You give away your freedoms a DRIP at a time.

  2. There should have been NO concessions over the years. How can we expect reciprocation?

    More than politics, economics, law, or even rights, or even morality is involved. It’s the most basic, fundamental, philosophy that is involved. We must take OUR side of the mutually exclusive dichotomy thus involved and assure them we’ll not concede anything to them nor compromise on anything, anymore than they’ll reciprocate anything.

    They know and understand the dichotomy involved and they count on us not knowing the dichotomy, which automatically puts us on their side whether we know it or not, and they know that we don’t know it. We can’t justify our position as long as we’re on their side. We can justify our position only from the other side of the dichotomy, which we must discover and take. Only then will they begin to fear us and lose their confidence.

    But, they’ll reject our justification, just as they’ll reject our side of the dichotomy, as we must do regarding their side and ANY justification they could conceivably have from their side. It’s an unbridgeable gap. We must make our case from our own side, from the philosophical bare ground on up, contrasting it from them. They will begin to see under whom all moral ground lies, that it lies under us and not under them at all.

    They’ll still oppose us, but they’ll become very weak, especially as people publicly come to our side. They never had moral ground, not from the beginning. We never have, either, not from their side. But, on our own side, we have all moral ground, and we will thus prevail.

  3. We should have been and should be so stubborn that the left has to come to us with THEIR concessions. Many of what are called Supreme Court Gun Cases involve other rights that infringed upon and the majority has compared that right to the 1st 8 amendments, which as we all know, as well as those jurists, include the 2nd and sometimes the 2nd is specifically referred to in the decision. The left needs to know that, have it pounded into thick skulls along with September 9, 1789, when the Senate voted in the negative to insert the words “for the common defense” after the words “to bear arms”. And indicate that if they don’t believe that then the rest of the Bill of Rights must also be negated. I’ve watched a couple of them spit and sputter when presented with that after HRC stated that SCOTUS was wrong about the Heller decision.

  4. Anyone who votes for any blatant fascist democrat deserves what they get. The rinos are just as bad. Check their past actions, not what they say. If they say one thing but vote the opposite, you know they’re scum.

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