Ridiculous: Moms Says Ghost Guns Are Racist Tools


There comes a point where you have to look at people saying stupid stuff and call it for what it is: stupid.

Moms Demand Action say a lot of stupid stuff.

One of the recent doozies is to say that ghost guns should be banned not only because they are guns (because Moms wants gun control) but because some people who are racists (supposedly) buy ghost guns (hat tip to here for the lead). Read the nonsensical Facebook post from Moms below.


Three years ago today, a protest by white supremacists over the removal of a Confederate statue in Charlottesville,…

Posted by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Now, take a few minutes to think through the nonsense that Moms posted. They linked someone running over another person with a car with someone buying ghost guns. As if there is any connection. As if guns move on their own. As if the driver of the car isn’t the issue, but guns somehow are.

To say that we should ban ghost guns because racists (supposedly) buy them is like saying that we should ban cars because racists drive cars, too, and racists may initiate violence with that car.

It’s sheer idiocy. To assume that something will be used for violence because it can be used to initiate violence completely denies the role of the person using the firearm. Or driving the car. But to ban one thing that can be used to commit violence but not ban other things that can be used for the same purpose is hypocrisy, and to ignore that glaring hypocrisy is stupid.

The gun (and, therefore, the ghost gun) is never the problem. Anyone who thinks otherwise is denying reality.

Deal with the racism. Don’t limit the rights of the overwhelming majority of gun owners (and ghost gun owners) who are the sane people in America. But that would make too much sense for Moms to actually do. It would mean that you have to hold individuals accountable for their actions instead of blaming an inanimate object that can’t fight back.

But because Moms Demand Action wants to treat every single gun owner in America like they are toddlers who want to shove forks into electrical sockets, Moms thinks they need to protect us from ourselves. And, yes, that’s stupid, too.



  1. If the Anti-gun moms ever figured it out and started to respond in a civilized manner and think before spouting the socialist party (Democrat) line to people who know better then She should have the 911 button on all her phones deactivated.

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