Check Out This New Metal-Framed Striker-Fired Pistol

Image courtesy Armscor International, Inc.

In the world of pistols, these days, at least, there is a continual debate about whether a striker-fired pistol is better or whether you should use a hammer-fired pistol.

What isn’t up for debate, though, is that striker-fired pistols are becoming more and more common for a few different reasons. One of those reasons is due to the cost savings of using that methodology. To say it another way, it’s cheaper to manufacture striker-fired pistols, which allows manufacturers to give gun buyers less expensive pistols and more bang for their buck. So, even if you like hammer-fired guns better, there is a logic to considering striker-fired guns.

In the “more bang for your buck” category, Rock Island Armory appears to have chosen to use striker-fired for their STK100 (their first striker-fired pistol) in order to be able to also provide a metal frame for that pistol which is important to many gun owners. Dan Zimmerman gives us the details:


Rock Island Armory has announced the addition of a striker-fired pistol to its long line of 2021 product introductions. The STK100 features a solid frame that gives shooters the advantages of metal for the price of polymer.

It comes with an aluminum grip to make it more durable and give it enough added weight to give it a smoother feel with less felt recoil. There’s also less flex in the gun for improved accuracy.

Chambered in 9mm, the STK100 has 17-round capacity.

Zimmerman also noted that the STK100 has an optics-ready slide. In other words, many of the features that many people want on a pistol, they’re getting with the STK100.

So, if you aren’t completely set on a hammer-fired weapon as your next pistol, but you’re in the market for a metal-framed pistol, then the STK100 may be one to consider.



  1. Hammer fired pistols are safer because the hammer has to be brought back to fire the pistol. When the hammer is down, and the hammer has a lock that prevents the pistol from firing in the event of a fall, then the pistol will not fire, therefore, the pistol is safer, Even if the safety it’s off, the gun still will not fire unless the hammer is cocked. [ excluding double action pistols in the event the trigger is pulled ] PISTOL do sometimes get dropped, or fall out of holsters, no matter how careful you are, and a gun that can, or fires under such a condition is a hazard to everyone. Therefore, a hammer gun, with a drop lock hammer, is safer, and worth the extra cost, if it can prevent someone from being injured by someone who accidentally drops a pistol.

    • So, I have a single action/double action Beretta which is a hammer-fired gun with a slide to open the hammer for subsequent shots (very similar to a 1911-style gun). Where would you put that in terms of safety? You can still fire the gun with the hammer down, you just have to pull the trigger further and with more effort.

      I think your comments are directed to single action only guns.

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