Is This Sheriff’s CONTROVERSIAL Position Right About Constitutional Carry?


Constitutional carry is a hot topic these days among people who care about gun rights. On one side, the right side (both politically and morally), Constitutional carry is supported. After all, the founding fathers of this country put the Second Amendment into the Constitution so that the people could defend themselves, not from other people (though, that was also something that they supported), but to defend themselves from an oppressive government.

On the other side, you have people who believe that guns magically take on a life of their own and kill innocent people without any involvement by a person, and, therefore, guns must be banned because they are evil. These same people want the government to protect them from us (pro-gun people), and they also want the government to, for all intents and purposes, run our entire lives.

All snarkiness aside, it would seem to be a easy thing for rational people to realize that Constitutional carry is a good thing for everyone.


But even non-Federal level law enforcement officials, sadly, take issue with Constitutional carry. Zachary Stieber writes,

A police chief in a Missouri city has resigned over a new bill in the state that bars officers from enforcing or attempting to enforce federal laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Philip Dupuis, police chief of O’Fallon, said in a statement to news outlets that he understood the motivation behind the bill and described himself as a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

“The problem with this statute is the poorly worded language that removes sovereign immunity and appears to allow law enforcement agencies and individual police officers to be sued for even good faith justified seizures of firearms in emergency circumstances,” Dupuis said.

On the one hand, I sympathize with Dupuis not wanting to be sued for trying to protect someone from themselves if they are suicidal, but, on the other hand, wanting to protect people doesn’t remove personal responsibility from those people to not do something that they would regret later. Maybe, just maybe, if everyone realized that, quite literally, anyone and everyone else around them could shoot them if they felt like they wanted to do something hostile or stupid, then that person might think twice about doing the irrational thing of pulling a gun on anther person for any reason other than self-protection.

In other words, if Constitutional carry became the law of the land, you might see a bump in gun violence for a week or two, but that’s about all it would take before the crazies and morons weeded themselves out of society, and the gun violence rate would plummet.

Some would call that an evil and cruel thing to do. I get that. I would counter, though, that it’s better that a few people do stupid things and, by their example, save a lot more lives than to continue with the current trend in many areas in which criminals are the only ones with guns, so gun violence never decreases. I see it as a rip-off-the-bandaid-so-the-wound-can-heal-faster scenario, and because of that thinking, I disagree with Dupius.

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  1. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If someone is hell bent to kill and they can’t get a gun then they’ll grab a knife or a rock or they’re bare hands.

  2. Dupius’s problem is thinking, from his perspective, only cops are good guys, and all cops are good guys.

    From my perspective, I’M a good guy, some guys I know are good guys, some cops are good guys, some aren’t … and everyone else is an unknown. I have as much right and responsibility as a cop to both self protection, and protection of the innocent. Cops earn a living at it…I don’t get anything but satisfaction of saving myself and/or others from harm.

    Cops need to look at it this way … now that we’re ALL carrying. We work together or … else …

    • I definitely agree with this man. And it is part ofthe problem with the FEDS GOVERNMENT. I you Carrie a gun in the FEDS eyes they think huh this guy or gal thinks they have as much power as me I will go take their gun away and show them I’m GOD I HAVE A BADGE. This is just like the WARPPED head syndrome . that GOD COMPLEX. These cops need to grow up as much as those DAMOCRAPS in Congress they believe this world is theirs. And they can do no wrong when in fact they do most of the wrong !!!

  3. They talk about taking your gun in good faith in emergency situation .in good faith I don’t agree with that it is still a I have more power than you trip. It’s just like when a cop goes to right a ticket Waring a gun only crazy people would try to grab it . and others have the respect to leave it alone . Those need to learn the same thing . PEOPLES GUN RIGHTS WERE GIVEN FOR A REASON . NOT JUST FOR SELF PROTECTION . BUT TO PROTECT “””YOURSELF FROM A OPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT””” READ THAT LAST PART AGAIN. That is one thing people don’t seem to want to learn. The government IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.AND The majority of them have that swollen head syndrome. Where they are thinking they are like a god . that is a mindset of a true and natural. “””THUG”””

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