You Won’t Believe The Hoops These ‘Gun Violence’ Researchers Jump Through To Come To 1 SILLY Conclusion


Even in our culture of politicized information, one of the basic tenants of valid research is that you’re looking for where the data actually is taking you, that you’re looking for what the data seems to show to be true. In other words, scientific research isn’t trying to prove your point.

Sadly, though, the research into gun violence which is promoted by anti-gunners isn’t scientific research. It’s research to promote their propaganda.

It’s insulting to people with a brain, but they don’t care. They just think that they want their predetermined outcome to come to pass (ignoring the fact that the society that they envision will probably kill them off quickly in the same way that Stalin had Trotsky killed once he took power in the Soviet Union).


So, what we have is “gun violence research” that doesn’t actually objectively use the data to come to their conclusion, yet, it’s still being promoted as if it were objective. Cam Edwards writes,

When I first ran across this study from Penn State researchers Paddy Ssentongo and Jennifer McCall-Hosenfeld, I thought it would make pretty good fodder for a Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. After all, these folks spent months of time, energy, and money to only to determine that yes, violent crime went up last year, but they have no clue why that’s the case. Or at least that’s what they claim.

Edwards says that the “study” says that, while gun violence increased in 2020, it’s not possible to see a clear “pattern” to that increase in violence. Edwards continues:

But as I delved deeper into the research, I realized that it isn’t that these academics can’t figure out why some parts of the country experienced higher rates of gun violence last year. It’s that they chose to ignore one of the biggest contributing factors.

Note the last line in the paragraph quoted above. The highest increase in “gun violence” that they recorded was in Minnesota; a spike that clearly happened after the riots sparked by George Floyd’s death at the hands of police last May. And in fact, in the full study, the researchers even provide a handy map of the United State showing where the risk of “gun violence” increased or decreased last year.

Edwards writes that the “study” points to increases in gun violence in 2020 in Minneapolis, Portland, and New York City, among other cities (all mid to large cities mentioned). Then, Edwards notes:

Meanwhile, states with some of the highest populations of gun owners like Alabama, Mississippi, Florida (home to more than 2-million concealed carry licensees), Oklahoma, and Alaska saw little change in the risk of “gun violence” or saw the risk actually decrease.

In their conclusions, however, the Penn State researchers specifically exclude riots and their aftermath as a potential driver of “gun violence”.

Edwards calls the “researchers” conclusions “ridiculous,” and I agree. If you’re looking for objective, data-driven answers to what is driving the increase in gun violence, then, you can’t disregard obvious commonalities between many of the areas that saw such an increase (the riots).

Then, again, maybe I’m wrong in assuming that they were looking for the truth.



  1. They are NOT researchers!
    They are pawns of the left trying to CONTROL the people through their STUPID directed work.
    There is never real truth to be had on the left! There is only a way to control and restrict freedoms the left believes the people should not have!
    The monies spent on studies like that could feed so many people! But no, only the left imbeciles can get that kind of endowment!

    • they never look for the truth just their justification of their own misguided idiot notions

  2. Heinlein is right. A modern city is wilder than the “Wild West” ever was! A good example is/was the railheads where cattle were driven and sent to Chicago to be turned into steaks. Legend said that there two killings per night and one more on Sunday over a five year span. However actual data exist and the total number over that five year span was Fifteen; not the approximate legendary 5K.

  3. If the 15th President had a Henry .45-70 that should tell you we need to be armed. Being armed in this day & age is a must. To fight with people face to face over advantages is the hardest thing in the world. Therefore armed struggle is considered profitable, & armed struggle is considered dangerous. For the skilled it is profitable, for the unskilled it is dangerous. To get my 🔫 you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands. Stay safe & Stay frosty my friend.


    • For those who do not understand the meaning of ‘RIGHTS’ , we need to make it clear once and for all:

      The 2nd Amendment does not apply to semi-auto rifles, nor does it apply to bolt action rifles, pistols, or revolvers. The 2nd Amendment RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT. The technology of the firearm is irrelevant.The restrictions on government remain the same, regardless of the firearm. The Second Amendment was not written to grant permission for citizens to own and bear firearms. It forbids government interference in the right to keep and bear arms, period. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be Infringed.

      This also applies to other ‘Rights’. They are not granted, they stipulate inherent rights that the government may not prohibit.

  5. Switzerland requires every adult has a gun and takes firearm courses. Little to no gun violence and crime there. They also support their police. Must drive liberals insane to know an armed society is a safer society. Having so many civilians armed, prevented the Axis of Evil, in WW2 from invading our mainland

  6. Any fool can crunch numbers and manipulate the data to prove their point.
    Believing there are Ethics in all Statistics, is a flawed belief. Statisticians give the results the people paying them want. Time and time again.

  7. You are right, but that country is almost all white with no minorities.

    The demoncrap mayor’s of large cities have a “no bail required” and release criminals back on the streets so they can commit even more crimes.. They also have a $1.00 bail for murderers and release them back onto the streets to commit more murders. And I get wonder why I he crime rate goes up.

    In crazyfornia, shoplifter’s are now going into department stores and stealing tens of thousands in merchandise. They carry crowbars, hammers, sled hammers and bear spray.
    They get away before the (defunded) police arrive.
    If and when the shoplifter’s are ever caught, up hey are not charged with any crime and let go because they are a minority and poor.

    Maybe if these demoncrap run cities would stop listening to a bunch of loud mouth criminals, rioters, looters, protesters and arsonist and stopped trying to defund-abolish the police and let the police go out and arrest these criminals and put them away in prison for long sentences then the crime rate would get down. It’s as simple as that.

    There are 5,000 illegals coming across the southern border every day. The Border Patrol has no more room for all of the illegals coming up from Central America and Haiti and they put them on busses and planes and sending them off to major cities, the crime rate goes up, and the CV rate goes up along with measles, small pox, tuberculosis, polio and lepersy. But you never hear about that on the far leftist TV nightly news

    The administration is taking down sections of the border wall and selling them off, so that the cartels, M 13 gang members, terrorists, spies, drug dealers and prostitutes can enter the USA, and the administration welcomes them.
    The Central America countries and South America countries are emptying out their prisons and jails and sending 10’s of thousands of prisoners and convicts to America, and the administration welcomes them and the crime they bring.
    In commiefornia they have over 800 gun laws on the books and crime continues to rise. These far leftist politicians cry out “we need more gun control laws”. well, what about all the laws on the books now? Criminals could care less about the laws. These laws only effect the law abiding citizens.

    Now these power crazed politiicians want to make more and more crimes “felonies”. In some areas speeding, drunk driving, behind on child support, having too much junk in your yard, can red flag cand stop llaw abiding from purchasing a firearm.

    I read on one survival site that there are over 2 million laws on the books in America with some 50 to 100 more added everyday. It is said a person cannot drive to work or go grocery shopping without breaking a half a dozen laws. So that makes everyone a criminal.

    Gun control is not about stopping crime. It is the far leftist power crazed politiicians who want to enslave all Americans and make them their personal ” New World Order Slaves”. They say ” you will obey us, we are your gods, you will get down on your knees and bow before us or we will put you into cattle cars to be sent to concentration extermination camps”.

    Now the far leftist politicians want banks and credit card companies to report citizens purchasing firearms and ammo, claiming that this will stop terrorists and mass shooters. They say if it saves only one life it’s worth it.

    The far leftist politicians want to ban semi auto rifles. They say every gang member and drug dealer in America has them. How would they know this? It’s illegal for felons, , drug dealers and gang members to have any firearm, but of course demoncrap run cities won’t charge them with gun possession because they are a minority and poor.

    Rifle shootings of any kind are around 400 a year.
    Fists and feet kill between 1,700 to 2,000 a year.
    Car crashes kill over 50, 000 a year.
    Illegal drugs kill over 100,000 a year.
    Doctors kill over 100,000 a year through malpractice.

    In these demoncrap run cities they have” gun buy backs” . They want citizens to turn in their guns for a $50.00 girt card to purchase tennis shoes. If someone has a firearm that they don’t want, they can take it to a gun store and get more money for it. These demoncrap mayor’s actually think gang members and drug dealers will show up and turn in their guns. Yeah, right.
    Also at these ” gun buy backs”, the police have surveillance vans watching and recording everyone who shows up to these events. They also take photographs of cars and license plates. The police will have a undercover agent in disguise putting guns on the table ( which were picked up in crimes) to make the “gun buy back” look more effective. Then they make outrageous claims that crime will now go down.

    If they wanted to save lives, why not have a ” car buy back” and take cars off the streets, since cars kill over 50,000 a year, twice as many as guns do.

    Now the gun banning groups are joining up with the hunting banning groups and animal worshipping cults to Ban all hunting and ban hunting guns. Their idea is that if hunting is banned then no one needs hunting guns, see how they work? And these groups push for more wolves, grizzly bears, mountain lions, black bears and jaguars to be put in national forests and national parks and to make it illegal to shoot or harm them.

    Most of these gun banning groups are run and funded by Micheal Bloomberg, George Soros, the Chinese government, the U.N.,. Russia,. North Korea and Mexico.
    Remember that a country cannot be invaded until it’s citizens are disarmed.
    China wants Australia, New Zealand and America.

    Don’t forget that during WW2, Japan and Germany had plans to invade the west coast and east coast of America but were afraid of all the Americans who owned firearms. Nowadays, the people in commiefornia would welcome them as their savior’s.

    Support and protect your right to keep and own all types of firearms and accessories. Don’t allow the evil, power crazed, far leftist politicians to restrict and ban firearms in America.

    Now is the time to purchase more guns, ammo and accessories before it’s too late.

  8. This kind of biased research is the same as the fake “cost of living” metric. They throw out the highest numbers because they don’t count.
    The “cost of living index ignores the cost of food, gas, and utilities.
    Here they are throwing out the stuff from the dim cities.

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