Sailor Denied Firearm For 1 ABSURD Reason


Anti-2A activists will go to any lengths, it seems, to keep people from legally buying firearms.

To be fair, those activists in government bureaucracies will say that they’re trying to protect people, and maybe they think that they are (Let’s face it: there are a lot of ignorant people in the world, and this is just another example of that.).

But if anyone is going to be safe with a firearm, generally speaking, wouldn’t it be a member of the U.S. military who has trained with the use of firearms and likely knows all of the standard firearms safety protocols?


Apparently, bureaucrats in one state don’t think so (hat tip to here for the lead). Unnamed staff writers at Hawaii News Now wrote:

A Navy sailor files lawsuit over Hawaii’s restrictive gun laws, saying he was denied a permit after “feeling depressed and homesick.”

Michael Santucci said he was denied a gun permit because he once saw a therapist and said he was depressed over feeling homesick. But the lawsuit said he was never diagnosed with any behavioral, mental or emotional disorder.

It’s worth noting that the Navy (who you would think would have a pretty good idea of the mental state of any members of their own military branch) approved allowing Santucci to buy a gun. It was the anti-2A bureaucrats in left-wing Hawaii that denied his request.

Their actions are just absurd.

There’s another likely bit of ugly fallout from Hawaiian bureaucrats acting like petty dictators. Tom Knighton writes,

Another thing I hope is that Hawaii comes to recognize how counterproductive crap like this is. All it really serves to do is tell people not to talk to mental health professionals about their problems. They’re looking at losing access to their Second Amendment rights, so they stay away.

Now, tell me how that’s beneficial to anyone?

It’s not. It not only stigmatizes mental illness unnecessarily–there’s a huge gap between depression because someone is homesick and about to go on a murderous rampage–but it’s a gross violation of the Second Amendment.

Knighton is right. Hawaiian anti-2A bureaucrats have set up a situation where people who legitimately need counseling or therapy may be less likely to get the help they need because Santucci was punished for doing that even though he wasn’t and isn’t a danger to anyone.

But I’ve come to expect a complete lack of understanding and nuance from anti-2A people in the government. Maybe they can’t understand the details. Regardless of that, though, they don’t want to, and, so, don’t try.



  1. If anyone needs a “check up from the neck up” It’s these wokesters.
    I guarantee you that when the wolf is at the door these wokey dokeys We’re hiding in a closet calling 911.

  2. Hawaiians have a long record of respect for our Flag but lately the officials are showing contempt toward the Constitution. For example. if you get a card that says you can possess CBD the police come to your home and confiscate all your guns. They are deliberately violating the Takings Clause of the 5a which reads, “No one shall be deprived of Life, Liberty or Property (emphasis mine) without Due Process of Law and Property without Just Compensation.” Confiscation is Thievery! Or do Hawaiian officials only respect parts of the Constitution that they agree with? One couldn’t pay me enough to live there!

  3. The Constitution clearly allows ANY – US Citizen to bare arms. Why would anyone listen to a DUMB O CRAT’S DICTATORSHIP ? i SUGGEST getting a search warrant to each, and EVERY DUMB O CRAT’S HOUSE , and confiscate all their guns ! S.M.H.

  4. I had two friends really into guns. One of them was a proud member of the 2nd Amendment Society, and once met with Charlton Heston when he was leading the NRA. The other friend, a Vietnam Veteran. They both had numerous handguns. They are the only friends of mine who’ve committed suicide. Guns make it very easy and fast. They also were both depressed.

    • They are responsible for their actions and no one else . If they had contacted the correct people before committing suicide they would still be alive .If they were friends how did you not recognize depression in them . If you do not know do not post about depression . I went to a hospital about 40 years ago and I was given the wrong diagnosis until I met a doctor who listened to My words , tested Me and changed My diagnoses . What I am saying is doctors are human , Look At DOCTOR DEATH –AKA FAUCI– . He can not be trusted and I DO NOT TRUST THAT LIAR . I also had a pshycolagist Tell Me to go to school and become a doctor becasuse of the knowledge i Have about the human brain and how it works . To own a gun is a GOD given right and no one will take mine .

  5. This is totally typical of the anti-2a crowd. If you had your head where theirs usually is you would not be able to see the light either.

  6. Has to be similar to the depression one has after a Stroke , waking up and finding out that they can only do 20 % of what they could , then the rehab starts and the depression subsides as they can do more of what they use to …

  7. Conversations with doctors are not private? This is WRONG and it illustrates the dishonesty the US Government and the US Military. The military tells it people to come forward with their problems and to get help to thwart the growing epidemic of depression and suicides and they will NOT be punished or delayed promotion for seeking professional mental help. A young man comes forward and does the responsible thing and he is penalized and loses his right to own a gun. For going to visit the doctor he loses a constitutional right. He was not diagnosed with a mental condition that would justify taking this action. This is simply a woke military following the directives of a weak, corrupt, woke federal government to use any excuse to take away the rights of citizens to legally bear arms. This is seriously WRONG! What about privacy? If the state has this information then so does his supervisor, commanders, and many others on station. Does he really have a fair chance at promotion? The Navy trusts him to use a gun for THEIR purposes, but not for his own use or protection. This dishonesty and wokeness is why this Veteran has advised the young adults of family and friends to not waste their time and lives in the US military. Serving and sacrificing for the country and the freedoms it stood for use to be an honorable thing, because our country and the military had honor. Dying for a country that believes in our Constitution and protects the freedoms it stands for is a very high price but worth it. Dying for a self-serving government full of lying politicians, bureaucrats, globalists, and the corrupt elements in the country that enable this deceit and moral decay, is not worth it.

  8. Hawaii = woke islands of Haole haters.
    Such beautiful islands to be filled with such ugly politics and woke liberal people
    obama is from here that says it all!

  9. Jack- Couldn’t agree with you more !
    After the November 22 election some of the problems I hope will be solved.
    We need to start suing the Doctors for failing to uphold their Hippocratic Oath and politicians for not upholding their oath of office. (Support and defend the Constitution of the United States).

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