This Is A STRANGE Twist On This Old Type Of Failed Program


Anti-2A politicians and bureaucrats seem to have a limited number of ideas for how to reduce gun violence. Essentially, everything with them seems to come down to “find a way to take guns out of the hands of legal gun owners.”

So, they’ve tried gun buybacks, mandatory turning in of firearms, banning firearms sales, and variations on those few things in their failed efforts to actually reduce gun violence.

Now, one municipality has taken the idea of gun buybacks (which never actually impacts gun violence rates) and, instead of giving big box store gift cards in exchange for guns, these bureaucrats are trying a slightly different approach. Juliette Fairley writes,


In an effort to curb shootings, California’s San Luis Obispo has set aside $12,000 in gift cards for the city’s first “Groceries for Guns” event, which is planned for this Saturday, Oct. 1, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Californians dropping off “assault rifles” will receive a $200 grocery store gift card while other rifles, handguns, and shotguns are worth $100 cards.

Non-operating guns will garner a $50 grocery store gift card.

The event is designed to clear the streets of unwanted guns that are not in use and inherited firearms that residents would like to discard but don’t know where or how to do so.

Now, to give these folks the benefit of a doubt, let’s assume that they actually have good intentions and just want to get guns out of the hands of people who have them illegally.

Even if that’s true, this program doesn’t stop those illegal gun owners from getting guns from the black market again (or stealing more) which is probably how they got their hands on firearms in the first place.

In other words, this government will have paid out $12,000 for no change in their situation.

Until anti-2A people focus on actually dealing with the reasons that people commit gun violence against other people (instead of focusing on the guns, which are never the problem), programs like these will simply continue to waste taxpayers’s money.



  1. I want to know when the last actual shooting was committed with a non functional firearm? As for the value of the gift certificates, what a joke! If a person has a functioning fire arm, isn’t that more useful in the long run if a person is hungry, by simply going out in the country and harvesting a meal? At least that’s how I see it, if I’m that destitute I would be either getting social assistance or simply get out of the city its garbage and live independently off the land somehow somewhere, but then in Calif. that’s a pretty tough thing to do anymore. Time to get out of Calif. I did a long time ago. And it’s definitely far worse there now then it was when I got out. So that comes to the next part, did anyone hear about the multiple stabbing assault recently? I suppose next these ID10t’s will start putting up buy backs for knives and swords and anything else that can cut. Then it will be screw drivers because someone stabbed someone with one of those. Wow, wouldn’t a perfect world be a welcome item, at least it would for some but those people that are against whatever will be no longer useful as if they were useful with things as they are. That joke about what to call 170,000 lawyers in the sea, a good start applies to people that can’t mind their own business just as well. Send them all out to sea in a sinking boat, at least the sharks will be well fed. Maybe they will leave the beach go’ers alone for a while. I sure the sea lions and seals and anything else would benefit from these people being there.

  2. These Idiots have No Answer Except to Blame the Gun since According to Them Criminals are Not at Fault when They Commit Crimes!

    • Is it strange that a weapon of any kind is completely inert without a person to utilize it? Removing one type of weapon only encourages people to utilize another. The disarmed peasantry of China and Japan made farming tools into effective lethal weapons, and a common walking stick is an incredible means of attack or defense with minimal training.

  3. The liberals/socialists firmly believe that just ONE more law WILL finally cause all guns to just VANISH! This would be in ADDITION to the myriad numbers of laws (many redundant) already on the books! And, incredulously, they REFUSE to realize that criminals*, plus many ‘survivalists/loners’ will NEVER voluntarily relinquish arms, nor those who believe in the 2nd Amendment clause makes government confiscatons of them ILLEGAL! Sadly, only law-OBEYERS may relinquish theirs, making them ever so MUCH more vulnerable to criminals WITH guns!

    *these DISOBEY gun laws, which is why they are called “lawbreakers”, and for a REASON!

  4. As long as Liberals continue to condemn the object used to commit crimes, rather than condemn the criminals themselves, they’ll never really address the root cause of the crime. Between Municipal, State and Federal governments, there are over 20,000 Gun Laws on the books, and none of those Laws have achieved the object of their goal, to reduce crime committed with a gun. Yet with ever crime in which a gun is used, Liberals break out the same Song and Dance.
    I tell them that until they come up with a solution that doesn’t disarm me, they can go F**k off.

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