Parkland Shooter Sentenced: Here’s What Will Happen To Him


Four years ago, at the time of this writing, Nicholas Cruz walked into Marjorie Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida and murdered numerous people and injuring many more. Most of the victims were students at the school.

It was a horrible, evil thing to do.

Cruz plead guilty to seventeen murder charges and seventeen attempted murder charges.


Now, he’s been sentenced. Prosecutors sought the death penalty for him which is no surprise given how horrible his crimes were. Cruz’s defense team sought leniency for him saying that he suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome for which he had never received proper treatment.

So, what happened? Christ Pandolfo gives us the details:

A Florida jury has unanimously recommended that Nikolas Cruz be sentenced to life in prison for the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

Cruz, 24, pleaded guilty last year to the murders of 14 students and three staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and 17 charges of attempted murder. The mass shooting was among the deadliest in United States history.

Now, you may wonder why Cruz didn’t get the death penalty considering how horrible his crimes were and given that Florida law allows the death penalty (I certainly did). Pandalfo mentions that Florida law requires that the jury unanimously agree on the death penalty for that to be applied in a case. Apparently, at least one juror held out and would not go along with the death penalty for Cruz.

Still, it looks like Cruz may never get out of prison which, considering his crimes, is the very least that we could hope for from this trial.

Now, what the families of the victims in this tragic situation can do is work to continue their lives and put back together the remaining pieces, and what the rest of us can do is to try to figure out how to minimize the death toll in situations like this in the future and, if possible, prevent them from happening in the first place (you can find out more about how to minimize the death toll in active shootings here with an analysis of the Parkland shooting in particular).



  1. I can think of a much better sentence. Release him after airing his departure time and place. Then withhold Law enforcement from intervening in the outcome. Let old school Justice take care of him!

  2. I’m surprised he was found guilty if that trial was set in Broward county, since 90% of the people that live there are Boot Licking Communist DemonRats.

  3. He should be airlifted t a deserted island and see how long he lasts.
    Why do we have to support him for the rest of his life? Food? Medical? Lodging? etc etc etc


  4. He deserves a horrible, suffering death, not life in prison. There needs to be strong disincentive to the next animal that decides to kill children. Hang him naked in the public square.

    • No, No, No. Publcy, on television, use the French guillotine. That would scare most of the people into NOT copying his actions. People who don’t want to see such a horrible justice, turn off the television.

  5. That means the people of Florida will have to pay for his prison time!

  6. The more we see such violence reported, the more victims, the more Progressives release criminals back into the public domaine and the more Progressives fail to control invasion by illegal aliens, the more the Left wants to disarm law abiding citizen, the only element I mention who will obey laws, who will consequently not be armed to protect themselves, family members, children. The Leftist support for criminal violence is in the news every day. How does disarming the law abiding reduce violence? It only protects the criminals who cause it.

  7. I believe NOBODY has the right to take a life, except for in the true self-defense situation ! However, for what this sicko did, I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION TO MY BELIEFS !!! terminate THE DUDE SO HE CAN NEVER COMMIT ANOTHER MURDER, SHOULD HE SOME HOW GET RELEASED !!! IT’S NOT WORTH JEAPORDIZING ANOTHER HUMAN’S LIFE !!! end of story !

  8. As a FIRST GEN. AMERICAN ”SICILIAN” be advised that AMERICAN JUSTICE does not Work for the TAX PAYING VICTIMS!! He gets life in jail and TO WHOM GETS the TAX PAID BILL!! Also, to whom PROFITS?! “”” SICILIAN JUSTICE, 22/32 to the BACK of the HEAD!! PENNYS, not TAX PAID MILLIONS, PAID by the VICTIMS!!!! EVER See a POOR LAYWER/ELECTED/JUDJE????????????????????????

    • Only if he is put in general prison population. Like Jeffrey Dahmer. Then a round about justice.

  9. I have a video about the shooting and a news interview with a blonde girl student who said she was walking with Cruz in another part of the school, indicating the official story is a lie. The same video has news interviews with several other students in the school parking lot that day who all said there was at least 3 shooters. Death penalty? Dig a little. Pro 2A people, of all people, should see through this BS.

    • people make up stories like that all the time. david hogg said he was at the school during the shooting and his family stated no he was at home that morning.

    • Your right but you have no idea how big that operation was. It was the only H.S. in the country that had ever had an “Active Shooter Drill” and just weeks prior to the “event”. How did the FBI put 100+/- agents there in less than 30 minutes? Where were they waiting and with what equipment. There are literally dozens of pieces that DO NOT FIT in this picture. Three shooters were seen by multiple students and staff. Who was the shooter meeting with in the weeks and months prior to the actual shooting. Who and what put David Hogg in the center of it and who’s parents from that school are CIA connected. How deep do you want to dive in?

      • The article above here states that this man…… CRUZ, PLEAD “”GUILTY “” TO ALL 17 MURDERS + 17 MORE ATTEMORED MURDERS !!! THAT MEANS THAT HE SHOT (( 34 )) PEOPLE AT THAT SCHOOL THAT HORRIFIC DAY ! BY this guy pleading GUILTY to 17 counts of MURDER, THAT MAKES THIS A “”DONE DEAL”” !!! AN EYE FOR AN EY !

  10. I am so sick and tired of these Leftist anti 2A trouble makers! You all need to get a life and realize what you are trying to do is Un-American!

  11. I’m sure the life sentence Cruz is worse than the death penalty. Every day he will be raped and beaten until someone finally kills him, or he kills himself!

  12. Let’s be honest it’d take 20 years for him to receive the death penalty. I think they should bring back public execution.

  13. As long as he is alive there’s a possibility he could again be out roaming the streets again some day. What happens if there’s a CME or an EMP. As long as there are children of Satan running this country who hate America and everything it stands for that possibilty will remain. The tree of liberty is dying and must be refreshed or it will die.

    • Not to mention the fact that in case of a natural disaster, prisons are one of the first places to be evacuated!

  14. The other prisoners will finish the job. Child molesters are not well liked in prison. Even as a sex toy.

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