This May Be The FUNNIEST Self-Defense Shooting Ever


Let’s start this off by saying up front: Someone getting shot isn’t funny. Pain, injury, and (not in this case, fortunately) death are awful things. Having said that, if no one is seriously injured, there is a human tendency to laugh when the “bad guy” gets instant karma.

That’s the case with today’s story.

Yes, it’s awful that the alleged criminal did this terrible thing and that a self-defense shooting had to happen. Those aren’t the funny parts. When you read the details of the story, though, you’ll probably laugh, too


Like I did. Dave Urbanski writes,

A man allegedly broke into an Ohio home in the middle of night this week, after which the homeowner opened fire and hit the suspect in the buttocks, WXIX-TV reported.

Franklin police were dispatched to the residence on Park Avenue at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday, the station said.

Jeffrey Carl, 36, of Franklin, allegedly broke into the home, after which the homeowner shot him in the buttocks, Lt. Brian Pacifico confirmed to WXIX.

Police told the station Carl fled on foot, after a K-9 found him hiding in a shed in a different yard.

Carl was taken to Atrium Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries and is being charged with burglary, Pacifico added to WXIX.

That’s right, Carl, after breaking in to a house, was shot in his backside. I guess this bit of criminal activity bit him back, and he’ll have some trouble sitting down for a while.

It’s hard to have any sympathy for him, though. He is, after all, alleged to have broken into someone’s house which most people would take as threatening.

To paraphrase a common phrase today, I guess that he messed around and found out.

Here’s the thing that most anti-2A politicians don’t seem to get, though: Carl is fortunate to have survived this situation, and it seems rather likely that Carl may try to find a different line of work once he recovers and is done with the legal system. That new line of work may not be legal either, but it seems pretty likely that it won’t be a line of work in which he’s likely to get shot again.

So, in that way, this homeowner may have done all of us a favor.



  1. My concern is that in a lot of places the fact that someone shot in the buttocks was likely facing AWAY from the shooter, and that a prosecutor might make the argument that the shooter wasn’t in danger of their lives being threatened, or as the phrase goes “in fear of my life”. Most places have the rule that you can only shoot to defend against imminent threats to life and limb, or serious injury.

    • Move to Okla. if he breaks into your house you are allowed to use deadly force whether he is armed or not. We also have a stand your ground law, with constitutional carry!

    • The guy had amazing reflexes. I tried to shoot him in the balls but as I pulled the trigger he spun around so fast the bullet hit him in the ass instead.

    • Scottie
      With all due respect, never shoot to kill! You are shooting to stop the threat. If you say you shot to kill, you’ll get prosecuted. But if you shoot to stop the perp and he just happens to die, it will he considered self defense and the law will recognize his death as an acceptable outcome.

  2. While it is acceptable for people to protect their home and loved ones, it is a shame that shooting someone in the back side of their body can raise some self defense eyebrows. If they are trespassing, they should be fair game to defend against. They had to be facing the homeowner when he entered.

  3. That’s those new booties-buster rounds! Perfect for shooting that ass breaking into your home! All the cops need to do to find the per is follow the “hershey” highway!

  4. Knew a guy in OKC, who was a thief. It is what he did. He had gone to the pen twice for burglary and breaking and entering. An older man about 70 – 75 had a small truck tire shop. It was getting broken into; he was even on local TV and stated he might have to sleep in his shop! All of a sudden Mike was trying to sell a couple of truck tires. i asked him “are you breaking into that old mans shop? Because he will shoot you. OH NO Mike said not me. I told him BS I hope he does shoot you.”! 2 weeks later Mike broke into his shop and the old man shot him twice with a 30-30, one in the hip and once in the upper back actually his back shoulder. He lived but was messed up pretty good. mike said he shot him the 2nd time in the back while he was down and had gave up. The old man said he couldn’t remember and just remembers firing twice and he was let go with no charges. I actually believe Mike but he asked for it, Mike just couldn’t understand. I asked where he bought his jeans, at Wal-Mart for 20 bucks? Now you can buy the same jeans at Rothschilds for 50 you just went to the wrong store. Now you break into my friends house and he catches you and holds you for police. That is Wal-Mart charging you 5 years of your life for breaking into his house. You break into my home I will put a 45 bullet in your head probably more than 1. I am Rothschild store so you pay may price! You just broke into the wrong house!

    • And there’s the case of the lady in Fla. that was working at a late night closing Diner. She was outside waiting for the last running bus for that night with her weekly pay in her purse. This scum bag comes up behind her and grabs her purse which she had a CCW in a special place with her hand on it. The guy got the purse from her and ran off but she still had the revolver in her hand. She fired all 6 rounds in the guys back killing him. In court the Judge asked here why she shot him 6 times? Her answer was because when she pulled the trigger the 7th time the gun only went CLICK ! The Judge ordered the case dismissed !

  5. Some states have castle laws that are more lax about shooting intruders into your home. Hopefully this state is like that.

  6. I think that in many places, you can shoot to protect property and you cannot know that someone in your house will not take someone’s life, what are you supposed to do, wait to see if they kill someone first?

    If the laws of your state or city would prosecute you for shooting someone who entered, uninvited, your home in the middle of the night, it is way past time to move to another state or city.

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