Alec Baldwin Makes UNEXPECTED Statement About Charges Against Him


Alec Baldwin, as infuriating as he can be with his ridiculous anti-2A rants, is kind of like Joe Biden in some ways in that he is (sometimes) the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, he says infuriating stuff, but he sometimes (like in today’s story) says stuff that, on face value, seems plain absurd.

You may be aware that Baldwin seems to believe himself to be some kind of expert on guns and gun violence. We know that he’s not (no matter how often he says otherwise), or else he wouldn’t hold the ridiculous positions on private gun ownership that he does.

Now, though, it seems that Baldwin also thinks that he’s a constitutional scholar (again, in spite of pushing for policies that clearly violate the Second Amendment). But is it as silly a statement as you or I probably think? From The Associated Press:


Alec Baldwin on Friday asked a judge in New Mexico to dismiss a five-year firearm sentencing enhancement in the charges against him, saying it is unconstitutionally based on a law passed after the shooting on the set of the film “Rust.”

“The prosecutors committed a basic legal error by charging Mr. Baldwin under a version of the firearm-enhancement statute that did not exist on the date of the accident,” a court filing from Baldwin’s attorneys said.

I hate to say it, but, if this is the case, Baldwin may actually have a point about this particular charge. Or, if we’re being honest, he’s paid enough to have a lawyer who has a clue working on this part of the case for him.

So, maybe Baldwin did actually make a logical legal request to dismiss this particular charge in the case against him.

That’s what makes it so unexpected: it makes sense.

But, like you, I’m sure, I fully expect Baldwin to say lots of ridiculous things during his trial, too, and some of those are likely to be downright funny because they’re that absurd. So, this trial may be entertaining to watch just for the comedy factor from Baldwin, if for no other reason.



  1. Alec Baldwin should go to Gail for at least 5 years! His arrogance and ignorance of guns cause him to take a young woman’s life! LOCK HIM UP!

  2. Alec baldwitt is an incompetent idiot! He’s guilty of the charges brought against him! Just another hollywierd idiot trying to get away with murder! He can’t buy his way out of this one! Have fun in prison bitch!

  3. When I was 5 yrs old I shot my mother through both thighs. Not on purpose of course, but the trigger on a .38 Special work’s the same way as a .45 cal pistol. No pull, no shot. Alec Baldwin, no case.

  4. He PULLED the Trigger on the gun even though it is a prop gun, you should treat any gun/weapon with extreme Safety especially if you had not checked it out before pointing it at anyone or anything and pulling the Trigger. Never point a gun at someone unless it is your intention to kill them.

  5. Alex pointed the gun. Ignor his inability to accept it went OFF. He held it…He pointed it, someone has died – Convict!!

  6. Hang the Son of a Bitch to the fullest extent of the Law in imprison him with the Biggest Badist Inmate their is……

  7. Actually he is right on that particular point, Laws, Statutes\, and Ordinances cannot be used to retroactively charge someone.

  8. That enhancements act has been on the books for over 40 years. And used a gun period . Period . Let the chips fall where they may . Since they accessed he did in fact pull the trigger. And wasn’t a slip accident from the firearm. Since the only way it went off was by pulling the trigger. This is why he is being charge . He’s lucky he wasn’t charged with murder . Personally I think he did it on purpose.

  9. Sentence him to the MAX, he is an ass and doesn’t want to listen to the truth about firearms and learn the proper rules of handling and usage of them. So give him the MAX with a twist, force him to do 5 years of firearms training classes, 8 hours a day every day, SAFETY classes AND the breakdown, cleaning, reassembly, sighting in and test firing, on every hand gun and rifle they can dig up. BURN firearms safety into his head, like nothing has been burned into it before…then test him on every everything he learned. If he fails more than one test, he does another 5 years of the same stuff…till he gets it all perfect !

    • no, i just want rastas’s big black dick burned into his guts 24 hours a day! he needs to suffer just like the bitch he is!!! fuck that anti 2A bitch in his ass untill he dies from anal blasting overdose!

  10. Ignorance is no defense. He should serve just time in prison and then never be allowed to touch another firearm, or even work with firearms, as long as he is alive. Wouldn’t hurt if he was ordered to give all profits made from Rush to charity also.

  11. Let’s hope that the court gives justice for the victim. He needs to be accountable for his arrogance in denying he pulled the trigger.

  12. I’ve been handling weapons (guns) since I was 10 years old. It is common sense if you are handed a pistol your obligation is to render it safe. The person handing you the weapon should handed it to you with the barrel open, slide retractor open, so on

  13. He is guilty! You never point a gun at anyone unless you intend to use it. Granted, they were making a movie but did he actually check it to see if it was loaded? If yes, then it,s murder! If no then it,s negligible homicide! That anti gun fuc— as-ho belongs in jail on the football team! He will start out as a “tight end”
    then when the black coaches take over he will be playing “wide receiver” Have fun Baldwin, it couldn,t happen to a nicer guy!

  14. All I have to say is he’s guilty and he doesn’t know anything about gun safety. That’s funny about the comment up there at 5 years old I learned gun safety and how to shoot at 4 years old

  15. All you have to do is show the jury how the gun functions. Simple. Then Baldwin can make his bs to the jury. The more he tries to deny he didn’t pull the trigger, the deeper he falls. His he just that stupid!!!

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