Hi-Point Has A 9mm Carbine Perfect For Hiding In The Woods

Image courtesy Hi-Point Firearms.

While not everyone who regularly reads this site is a hunter, there’s no question that a large number of firearms enthusiasts are hunters. And another large portion of the gun rights movement are interested in being prepared for disaster situations or other situations in which hiding out from the rest of society and protecting yourself from looters and attackers is a necessity.

But there are also economic situations to take into consideration. With many states in the U.S. (and many countries around the world) still locking down, many people are finding it more difficult to have the extra funds to be able to buy a nice rifle.

So, for hunters, preppers, and the budget conscious, it looks like Hi-Point has you in mind with a 9mm carbine that they released in a camouflage pattern. Proofhouse writes,


The 995 TS WC is an entirely American-­made blowback-­operated carbine that is easy to shoot. While it can be found selling for less than $300, it is not poorly made. Its blowback operation is one of the reasons that this firearm so inexpensive. The bolt is larger and heavier than what is commonly found because there are no locking lugs to hold it in place when chamber pressure drops. Instead, the bolt’s mass keeps it stationary long enough for pressure to drop before the action safely cycles. The absence of bolt lugs and lug abutments in the receiver minimizes the need for precision machining, which saves time and production costs. These savings are passed along to the consumer.

Proofhouse goes on to praise the 7 pound, 8 ounce trigger and the metal sights, noting that they are “easy to use and adjust” and that they are “well protected.”

Now, some hunters may complain that they want a higher caliber rifle or a shotgun for their preferred hunts, but, keep in mind that not every caliber is appropriate for every hunt.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a carbine in a common caliber with a street price point that can be under $300, the Hi-Point TS WC may be worth considering.